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Event planners love to talk online about what they think is going to be the next big thing. Let’s listen in.

Event planners love to talk online about what they think is going to be the next big thing. Let’s listen in.

 “The mint color was huge on the runway this year and will be incorporated in many weddings in 2013. The mint color is very refreshing, delicate and can be mixed with many other colors for a beautiful wedding palette. Mint can be incorporated just into anything in your 2013 weddings – bridesmaid dresses, shoes, jewelry, centerpieces, wedding cake, invitations, decor, flowers, wedding favors, and even transportation. Use your imagination!” – Anastasia Shezheyeva,

“’2013 is putting on the glitz! “It’s a move towards sophistication,’ says Alyssa Brown of Alison Events in San Francisco, the planners behind Seth Rogen’s recent nuptials. ‘For example, we’re planning an outdoor event right now, but there’s crystal on the table, and gold silverware and chargers,’ Alyssa explains. ‘And black tie is playing a huge role right now. It’s full-length gowns for everybody!’ Tara Guérard of Soirée in Charleston agrees. She looks for modern ways to interpret the classic feel, like cream suede table linens edged with pink welting. ‘The welting gives a tailored look and makes the table skirt flow out like a ballgown. And the suede just feels ultra luxurious.’ The palette that pairs with the new formal wedding? Neutral, neutral, neutral. ‘I see grey and taupe with pops of black,’ says Alyssa. Tara predicts that layers of blush will be big.’” – Rachel Griffiths,

“Another big trend to follow in 2013 is the use of feathers. Feathers are a very dynamic accessory, peacock feathers are already commonplace in fashion and event decor, but there are also white feathers, which will be very popular in weddings. Prepare to see the trend in many wedding dresses, bouquets, hair accessories and even on wedding cakes!” – Mabel Palomino,


‘While around 200 million people attended 1.8 million events at a direct cost of $263 billion in 2011, only around 25 per cent of companies actually look at what they spend against their budgets. ‘In 2013, we expect to see more organizations choosing event technology that helps them increase efficiency, extend engagement and grow their business across various types of events in their portfolio,’ said J.R. Sherman, senior vice-president of business solutions at Active Network. “We anticipate there will be an increased demand for technology solutions that ensure “smart events” from the top down—and the bottom up.’” – Geoff Simon,

“Photo booths applications and services are popping up all over the place. With the popularity of services such as Instagram, the opportunities of streamlining pictures of an event all over the web are quite significant. The integration between photo booths and smart badges is an even more powerful trend.” – Julius Solaris,

“Last year’s trend towards eschewing events that only seem to occur ‘because it’s time’ in favor of unique events revolving around a clear purpose will continue to gain popularity amongst savvy baby boomers looking to communicate with a less traditional, more individuality- and creativity-oriented generation. There will be an increase in, for instance, team building activities, which are thought to be suited to millennials.” – Lesley Anomaly,
“Really get creative with your lighting this year! Have fun with it and come up with out-of-the-box ideas to light the party.

Put glowsticks in balloons to light a walkway, create a chandelier from a hula hoop and Christmas lights, put garden stakes underneath tables to create beautiful uplighting underneath the tables, or create chandeliers from wine bottles. There are really creative ideas out there and most you can do yourself.” – Kelly Curtis,

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