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McCourt Manufacturing, maker of rental-grade event furniture, announces its newest product: Ovation Dance Floor.


Portable dance floor

McCourt Manufacturing, maker of rental-grade event furniture, announces its newest product: Ovation Dance Floor. Precision construction combines beautiful laminate flooring with the easy cam-lock system for a luxurious, durable and safe indoor/outdoor portable dance floor. The Ovation portable dance floor features GatorBack for worry-free indoor and outdoor use. Panel backs are spray sealed with an exclusive backing adding two enhancements: excellent traction to guard against panel slippage and moisture resistance for protection against outdoor elements. The Ovation dance floor also offers virtually unlimited colour options as well as in-stock options, Windsor Oak, Light Oak, Black and White. The precisely squared three-by-three-foot panels feature tongue and groove panel trim embedded into the ¾-inch solid plywood core. Panel trim is precision-formed, anodized, extruded aluminum. Maintenance-free and easy-to-clean premium luxury vinyl laminate is bonded to core with environmentally compatible commercial grade adhesive. All panels are exactly the same and interchangeable for fast, easy floor assembly. The 4.25-inch-wide perimeter is ribbed and features an 11-degree slope allowing safe and easy access to the floor surface. The provided T-handle hex key wrench is used to lock and unlock the panel cam-locks and perimeter trim for maximum safety.


Bottled water alternative

Introducing the Quench Buggy with solar option – a mobile water-dispensing unit designed for municipal events and festivals. By raising awareness of water conservation at the community level, the Quench Buggy strives to reduce dependence on single-use bottled water at public events everywhere. The Quench buggy is a mobile water-dispensing unit with multiple fountains and spigots. Equipped with user-friendly controls, hooking up to various public water sources is quick and simple. Once set up, the Quench Buggy can supply endless amounts of municipal tap water. Quench Buggy’s on-board water carrying capability can be effectively used with its rapid-fill fitting. The unit can be quickly filled at a municipal water source and then easily towed to the desired event location. Once situated on-site, the Quench Buggy’s leveling jacks can be deployed to ensure a stable basis for water distribution. Filtration units and solar power are also available. Providing patrons with direct access to clean tap water diminishes the need for single-use bottles and the associated costs of cleanup, making The Quench Buggy a logical choice for personal hydration distribution needs from both environmental and financial perspectives


Powerful inverter generator

Subaru Inverter Generators feature the latest in inverter generator technology. Models in the line include the RG3200iS at 3,200 watts, and the RG4300iS, a 4,300-watt inverter generator. The Inverter Series is covered under Subaru’s new five-year limited warranty, which includes both the engine and generator. The advanced inverter technology significantly reduces running sound. Conventional generator designs run the engine at full speed regardless of the amount of power being used. Subaru inverter generators run the engine at a slower speed for low power use and automatically increase speed as more electrical power is required. Further sound reduction is achieved through the advanced reverse-cooling design. This allows the generators to be fully enclosed in a sound-absorbing poly-resin enclosure for near silent operation.

Producing clean power for the most sensitive electronic equipment, the R1700i is powered by Subaru’s EH09-2 OHV (overhead valve) gasoline engine, while the RG3200iS and RG4300iS models are powered by Subaru’s EX OHC (overhead cam) gasoline engines. Voltage and frequency are electronically controlled to maintain accuracy through the full power range. Compared to previous generator designs, inverter technology allows for a much lighter machine. The use of advanced electronics and compact multi-phase alternators increase efficiency, reduce size and lower weight. Additionally, the RG3200iS and RG4300iS models come with a four-wheel rolling kit for further convenience.


New tent generation

Fiesta’s new generation of tents, the Legacy Series, is now offered in 40- to 50-foot-wide sizes. With its curved lines, the Legacy Series boasts aerodynamic qualities and an innovative look that is sure to draw the eye of everyone at the event. Combining the advantages of frame tents and clear-span structures, this product will add value to anyone’s tent rental inventory. Features include kedered roofs and walls, a curved steel crown, rigid connectors and a frame assembly without any nuts or bolts. Recently added to the 40- to 50-foot range is a bigger and sturdier frame and a newly designed swivel base plate that allows for easier raising of the arches.


Stainless steel barbeCue

Flagro Industries offers the Silver Giant barbecue trailer series to the Canadian rental industry. These trailers may be equipped with one or two 48-inch Silver Giant grills, storage compartments and/or built-in, custom-fabricated, ice chests. The body, cabinets and cutting surfaces are made with 304 series stainless steel. The trailer design will secure two 30- or 40-pound propane cylinders and includes enough room to store a full six-foot folding table. Lights, signals, tongue jack and DOT/TC approvals are standard equipment. These trailers are ideal for catering, tailgate parties and corporate events.


Tents for all needs
Is it time to replace your aging tent rental fleet? Impact instant canopies offer shade and shelter and so much more. Impact Canopies provides high-quality canopies with great after-sale service. From backyard parties and dry, shaded work areas, to weddings and other large events, Impact instant canopies have you covered. The canopy fabric is made with premium 500 denier polyester that is water-, mildew- and rot-resistant, 100 per cent UV-protected, and meets ULCS 109, CPAI 84 and NFPA 701 fire codes. Impact instant canopies are available in five standard colors: white, black, red, blue and green. Custom colours and/or custom-branded canopies, walls and rail skirts are also available. Impact canopy frames are available in a multitude of sizes and finishes. From lightweight traditional frames, powder coated or aluminum options or the heavy-duty M-Series, Impact has the frame to fit most needs. Not sure which frame is best for you? Product specialists are always available to answer any and all product inquiries.


Go-anywhere hand sinks

Crown Verity has announced a new line of economy hand sinks. The new sinks provide more than 300 hand washes. They offer an extra-large wash basin, soap and paper towel dispenser and hands-free foot pump operation. Simple to service thanks to easy-flow drainage, they come with roll and go wheels and a slim storage profile. A warm-water wash is available. Crown Verity hand sinks deliver nearly 300 uses on a single, 17-gallon fill up. The drain hose is included for a hassle-free quick cleanout. The large basin allows for full forearm immersion. The sinks are compliant with U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Association standards. Crown Verity also offers a large selection of commercial stainless steel outdoor portable cooking equipment and accessories across North America. The product line includes portable, mobile, built-in, and towable gas grills in addition to many other products and accessories.


Innovative tank coupling
Line-Safety says its Tank-Away propane hose tidy is cheap and simple, and should have been invented years ago. Designed similar to the outlet of a propane tank, Line-Safety patterned it as a hose tidy in impact resistant nylon. It fixes to where the propane tank normally sits, and when the tank is away it shields the hose coupling from contamination and saves the hose from drag, snag, and strain damage. In addition to giving extra life to the fittings, it aids a perfect reconnect every time. The new Tank-Away can improve on the drop-and-forget attitude that some customers have towards propane fittings. The low cost of under a dollar for the Tank-Away makes it attractive in terms of savings and in terms of the security it offers. The product offers retail opportunities, as Line-Safety has versions with enhanced safety features in attractive POS blister packs.


Problem-solving tent fan

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment of Sauk Rapids, Minn., has announced the release of a new tent fan. The new fan, model number VK12TF-SPM-W, features an all white, pre-wired motor; a  longer cord at nine inches instead of five and an on/off switch on the cord. The new tent fan addresses many of the concerns brought up by some customers in the past couple of years. The motor is a heavy duty and high quality, built for rental use. Schaefer holds this fan in such high regard that it is offering an extended warranty. Both models, old and new, will be available throughout the year. The plan is to evaluate customer reaction to the new tent fan and make a determination whether or not to completely switch to one over the other.


Convenient weight bags

Ergodyne has announced the expansion of the Shax portable work shelter series to include Shax 6094 tent weight bags. These new tent weight bags feature a patent-pending funnel design, allowing workers to easily fill the wide opening with up to 40 pounds of sand or dirt using any jobsite shovel. Other tent weight bags feature hook and loop closures which can collect sand and dirt, becoming unusable over time. Ergodyne’s new bags use a differentiating drawstring for a secure closure and an effective no-fuss solution. Additionally, the tent weight bags feature a handle at the top for easy worker transport once filled. “These new tent weight bags are essential for environments braving brutal, windy conditions and workzones where staking the tent to the ground is not an option,” said Tom Votel, president and CEO of Ergodyne. Key features include a funnel design that offers a wide opening to fit any shovel to easily fill with dirt or sand, a drawstring closing mechanism,  400- by 400-mm denier black polyester bags with PU backing to provide protection against rain,
210D poly binding on the easy-to-carry handle and a hook-and-loop that wraps around the tent leg for a secure fit. Capacity is up to 40 pounds per weight. The design is patent-pending.


Easy-assembling staging

Supported by more than 50 years of staging innovation, Wenger Corporation’s new StageTek staging offers numerous advantages. Handling is improved with fast, intuitive and instruction-free setup that maximizes labour efficiency. StageTek staging assembles quickly without tools, folding frames or other cumbersome understructure. The innovative decks are 20 per cent lighter than comparably sized Wenger Versalite decks and feature integrated hand grips that require 40 per cent less grip strength to handle. Standard deck sizes include three by three, three by six, three by eight, four by four, four by six and four by eight feet. Custom deck sizes are also available. Because StageTek legs store compactly inside the decks, the storage footprint is up to 50 per cent less than conventional staging and carts.

Enhanced flexibility comes from StageTek staging’s round plug-and-play legs – both fixed-height and adjustable – that reduce assembly time by 20 per cent compared to Z-frame systems. For creative options, StageTek staging provides great versatility for all events, from complex multi-level stages for concerts to simple platforms for ceremonies and other activities. A variety of deck surface options are available.

Wenger’s engineering advances ensure that StageTek staging can safely support heavier loads while satisfying three critical load requirements – uniform, point and dynamic. The leg-and-deck design of StageTek staging provides 70 per cent more open storage space underneath than with typical Z-frame systems. StageTek staging features field-repairable components and a 10-year warranty; patents are pending.


Crystal-look chiavari chairs

New to National Event Supply, NES Crystal Chiavari Chairs are the next big thing for weddings and events. These chairs are not only beautiful, they are engineered to last for event after event. Constructed of a strong polycarbonate, these chairs are as strong as our steel-reinforced Resin Chiavari Chairs are without needing the steel reinforcements. These chairs are a wonder to behold and would be a strong selling point for any banquet hall or rental company that stocks them. When the event finishes, NES Crystal Chiavari Chairs can be stacked neatly away until they are needed again. Suitable for use indoors or outdoors, NES Crystal Chiavari Chairs are UV-protected to prevent discolouring or yellowing with time. These chairs are resistant to chipping and scratching, and ready to take the heaviest of loads. With use, you’ll find that NES Crystal Chiavari Chairs require virtually no maintenance, allowing you to quickly turn them around after an event finishes.


Quick table covers

The Kwik-Cover is a lightweight, fitted vinyl table cover with specially-designed elastic edging that holds the cover in place, even in the wind. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes to fit most banquet and round tables. All banquet Kwik-Covers include a four-inch self-adhesive tape strip along the length of each side for added support. Kwik-Covers are durable enough to be re-used, yet affordable enough to be disposed of after a single use making clean up a snap. Sizes available are 72 by 30, 96 by 30, 72 by 18, 72 by 24, 96 by 18, 96 by 24, 48 by 30, 72 by 36 and 96 by 36 inches.

Kwik-Covers fit most standard tables with edges from ¾ to two inches thick. The unique 48-inch diameter umbrella table Kwik-Cover comes packaged 100 to a carton and is available in red, white, blue, green and red gingham only. Colours available include red, white, royal blue, hunter green, black, gold, orange, purple, maroon, pink, lime green, red gingham, blue gingham, black and white check, zebra and leopard and stars-and-stripes. Not all colours may be available in all sizes.


Classic peak tent

With its ease of setup and light frame, the original Peak Marquee from Warner Shelter Supply is user-friendly as well as attractive for party or event. This model is a favourite tent for special events, fairs, trade shows, and food service use. It has a clearspan interior and guy ropes are not necessary under most conditions. Available in nine sizes ranging from 100 to 1,380 square feet, marquees can be linked together in many configurations and can also be joined with peak pole tents. Smooth graceful lines conceal a rental tough, durable, simple frame. Parts can be interchanged through all twelve sizes, streamlining rental inventory. The unique gutter system allows the tents to be joined in a variety of configurations. The flying centrepole supported by diagonal cables gives an obstruction-free spacious interior. Baton sliding walls slide and attach neatly to the post for an open side setup. The batons make carrying and installing walls quick and easy while reducing wear, tear and cleaning. The canopy is double curved for beauty and wind stability. Peak Marquee tents are fire retardant, satisfying ULC-S109 for the National Building Code. Constructed of 16-18-ounce vinyl polyester with a high-gloss self-cleaning finish, Peak Marquee comes in a variety of colours including white and opaque with a colour-coordinated top pennant. The tents include a protective fabric cover bag with convenient handles for carrying. The walls are made of a fire retardant, 14-ounce vinyl/polyester fabric. Sliding is can be added with batons or standard. Plain, mesh, clear vinyl, bay or french windows are available, as are zipper and framed doors. Warner Shelter  Supply’s exclusive downspout gutter joiner forms a seal between linked tents keeping rain and drafts out. The Peak Marquee uses a free-standing frame with anodized aluminum or electroplated steel interchangeable slip fit parts. No tools are needed for assembly and the tents come complete with all hardware and steel stakes.


Stylish patio flame

Creating the perfect outdoor get-together requires good food, friends and just the right atmosphere. “The Bellagio Patio Torch provides cozy mood lighting from an attractive single, luminous four-foot flame. The unique design meets the demands of today’s modern lifestyle and is a perfect accent for pools, decks and outdoor rooms that can be enjoyed 365 days of the year,” says David Coulson, national advertising manager with Napoleon Fireplaces and Grills. “Up to a four-foot natural flame with a 360-degree view is definitely an inspiring mix of art and design that brings your outdoor living space to life,” he adds. The Bellagio Patio Torch comes complete with battery-operated push-button ignition for ease of lighting, an easy-access door for the tank enclosure, a safety tip switch and a protective Safeguard screen. The Bellagio Patio Torch is approved for use on wooden decks, stone or brick patios and concrete and ideal for both residential and commercial applications. Also available is an optional commercial side shelf/bar table which creates a perfect space for holding drinks and h’oeurves.


Lucrative add-ons

A typical small party rental company which rents bounces for $150 and books 100 rentals a summer, added six games to its inventory at a cost of $600 each. It still booked 100 events, however 65 included game upsells, yielding an extra $100 each. That is $6,500 in additional revenue from a one-time investment of $3,600, just from upselling Twister Display games with bounce-houses. For 25 years, Twister Display has been a leading source of dunk tanks and games for all ages. Twister Display’s games are low liability, compact and easy to set up and use. Twister Display is introducing seven exciting and fun new games this year. Plus, to kick off the new season, Twister is offering a free frame game with the purchase of three.

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