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Toro Expands Ultra Mix Product Line with Polyethylene Drum

By Toro   


March 12, 2018 - Toro announced the introduction of a polyethylene drum option for the popular UltraMix™ mortar mixer line.

The new drum material was integrated primarily to maximize drum durability and simplify cleaning, making this an ideal option for rental stores and their customers.

Available in two sizes — 6 cubic feet and 8 cubic feet — the polyethylene drum is made from a high-density, ½-inch-thick, polyethylene resin, which provides an extremely durable solution for mixing applications. The new polyethylene drums are both easy to transport and simple to clean.

The UltraMix lineup delivers the ultimate in mixing performance, thanks to an exclusive symmetrical drum and patented paddle configuration. The unique design boasts more paddle and drum contact with the mortar, and the Toro-exclusive paddle design moves mix horizontally, as well as in the circular motion. This ultimately maximizes productivity for busy masonry contractors by providing an ideal mixture while reducing mixing time. The polyethylene UltraMix is powered by a KOHLER® engine.

“What we’ve done is take a great product, in the Toro UltraMix, and made adjustments to enhance its utility in the rental market,” said Kaitlyn Wearn, Toro marketing associate. “The integration of the new polyethylene drum provides an ideal balance between durability and portability that rental stores and their customers will really appreciate.”


In addition to producing an outstanding mortar blend, the new UltraMix line features rugged and reliable components that are designed with durability in mind. The reinforced paddle rubber features two layers of woven fabric for added strength, minimizing tearing and increasing overall paddle life. Additionally, the UltraMix line is also equipped with solid steel dump handles and a high-strength telescoping axle. This feature allows the wheels to adjust from a towing width to under 36 inches, allowing the unit to easily pass through a door or gate opening.

For more information on the UltraMix lineup or other Toro products, visit Toro’s website.

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