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The Big Event: The big ass rental show goes online

By Tara Jacobs   

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For over 30 years, the Canadian Rental Mart has been Canada’s biggest expo of rental-ready equipment for construction, homeowner DIY, landscaping and events. A walk down each carpeted aisle features shiny equipment and friendly faces, showcasing the newest products and technology rental store owners need to make their business succeed.

That’s the magic of an event. It’s those face-to-face connections that build trusting relationships between buyers and sellers that lead to problem-solving, new insights, and innovation that drives growth and efficiencies.

And just like that, the magic was gone. Rental Mart became one of many live events postponed well into the future.

With a name like “Canada’s Big Ass Rental Show,” there’s no way we were ready to fold in the cards. While we can’t replace a live, in-person event (I know, you’ll miss those cookies!) we can bring you a valuable experience that will facilitate networking with industry peers while browsing the latest trends and newest products your customers will be asking for.


Over the past nine months, we’ve learned that business must go on. Restaurants, for example, are adapting to pandemic restrictions, scooping up every last patio heater in sight. When forced to innovate, you try new things and learn in the process.

Rental Mart online is yet another tool to get the job done. Here’s a look at how Canada’s Big Ass Rental Show will help position your business for success into the new year.

Access from coast-to-coast: While touted a national show, Rental Mart attendees are typically from southern Ontario. It’s difficult for small business owners to leave their shop to join us without extra staff on hand. This year, we’re excited to open our trade show floor to an audience from coast-to-coast. Join us from the comfort of your home or business, when it’s convenient for you.

Killer content: While we expect you’ll spend a significant amount of time checking out the newest equipment and technology, we hope you’ll find our killer content just as valuable. Sessions will be live and recorded, giving you the flexibility to watch when you can. We’re currently working with a major rental chain executive who’ll join us live to discuss “The Changing Rental Calculation: Optimizing equipment usage and life cycle in the new environment.” Carrot dangled.

Virtual trade show and product demos: Not into fancy 3D booths with unrealistic avatars? Neither are we. Our platform makes it easy for vendors to share information about their company, products and services, with easy-to-use search features to help you find what you’re looking for.

In addition to standard booth listings, select sponsors and exhibitors will take you on a “virtual booth tour,” taking you inside their facility, with up-close demonstrations and live Q and A. Hosted by our editor, Patrick Flannery, these tours will offer access to places and processes you otherwise would never get to experience in a 10 by 10 space.

Network anywhere: We attend events, fundamentally, to meet people. You never know who that one person you’ll bump into is that will make the whole event experience worthwhile. This experience is what we’re striving to achieve at Rental Mart Online.

See who’s watching a session with you. Jump on a video call with an exhibitor or industry peer at the click of a button. Once your register for this free event, we’ll share more information about how you can make the most of your networking experience.

Canada’s Big Ass Rental Show will launch online March 24, 2021, for an afternoon of networking, trade show browsing and new product demos. Got an idea for a session? Looking for more information on how to get involved as a sponsor, exhibitor or attendee? Drop me an email at Hope to “see” you there!

Tara Jacobs is event director for Annex Business Media.

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