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SHOWCASE: Electric and battery-powered construction equipment

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Now with AC drives

Skyjack has announced the launch of a new range of DC electric scissors featuring AC brushless electric drive motors and other significant design changes. The simply electric range has been launched globally replacing the current hydraulic drive models. The innovative drive system provides exceptional duty cycles and fully proportional controls, which offer a superior drive experience. The new range boasts improved efficiency, controllability, and torque. This means that productivity is boosted with an improvement of up to 20 percent in runtime per charge. E-Drive provides consistent power, traction and torque, with over 25 percent gradeability, so that climbing loading ramps is easy and all-round job site performance is achieved. All major service points are easily accessible, enabling straightforward troubleshooting and repair. The sealed drive motor is maintenance-free. The motors’ improved efficiency reduces charge time and power consumption, which saves costs and in turn reduces battery maintenance. The drive motors have no oil leakage potential and an optimized hydraulic lift and steer manifold reduces hydraulic connections by 70 percent, further reducing the potential for ground contamination and associated clean-up costs. An optional leak containment system (Ecotray) provides further peace of mind. The new models will feature a new designation carrying “E” to signify E-Drive, for example “SJ3219 E.” In addition, the new range will carry Skyjack’s Eco mark as rental companies and major contractors face increasing demands for sustainability information. With E-Drive, Skyjack has also introduced a new CAN bus-based operating system. While Skyjack’s standard colour-coded and numbered wiring remains, it now combines with an externally visible diagnostic system display. This means that no plug-in tools are necessary for day-to-day troubleshooting. With the diagnostic display outboard facing, the system can be accessed without the need to open service trays. It provides real-time data and easy to understand machine faults, written in plain and simple language. In addition, the new models see a revised emergency lowering location. A single location, single step, valve actuated emergency lowering toggle switch is integrated on the outside rear of the machine with the other base controls.

Compact footprint

The CL36EV compact wheel loader is designed to deliver all the benefits of electrification in a machine with a small footprint that will excel in applications such as supply yards, large-scale building renovations and construction where indoor operation may be required, and any other operation that may require less noise and no emissions. The dynamic compact loader will help simplify maintenance and lower lifetime total cost of ownership through the elimination of the diesel engine.

“A loader of this footprint, especially one used in yard applications where it stays there and has regular access to primary power, is the perfect application for electrification,” says Andrew Dargatz, product manager for Case Construction Equipment. “The CL36EV delivers the same power and performance as comparably sized diesel-powered loaders and can be matched with a full range of attachments for additional versatility.”

The CL36EV is a 3.6 metric ton machine with a hinge pin height of over 10 feet. Additional product information and commercial availability at Case dealers in North America for the CL36EV will be announced at a later date.

Great ground clearance

The Leonardo HD from Bravi is an innovative lift able to fully replace scaffoldings, ladders and traditional level access systems. It is the second generation of the tried and tested Leonardo platform, increased in strength and robustness. Working height is five meters. The all-steel chassis and hood grants maximum protection to the components and the integrated forklift pockets make transportation easy. A wide LCD screen located on the control panel shows the state of the vehicle through a battery indicator.
Load capacity is 180 kilograms. The ultra-compact size (1,200 by 760 by 1,747 millimeters) allows for an exceptional
manoeuverability even in difficult working conditions. A pothole protection mechanism provides unique ground clearance. The Leonardo HD easily overcomes a 35 percent gradient and with the help of ramps it can also overtake obstacles such as steps and staircases. The innovative lifting mast system is guaranteed for 10 years. Machine weight is 530 kilograms for the indoor version and of 560 kilograms for the outdoor one. With a 17-degree break-over angle, Leonardo HD can be loaded even on small vans, making the transportation easy and convenient. It fits regular elevators to reach also the highest floors of a building. Leonardo HD has a drive speed of three kilometers per hour while stowed and 0.6 kilometers per hour with the platform elevated.

Superior versatility

Toro has made a major step into the electric-powered equipment marketplace with the introduction of the new Toro e-Dingo 500 compact utility loader. The e-Dingo allows end users to realize all the benefits and power of a standard compact utility loader with no fuel costs and zero exhaust emissions. Ideal for indoor construction jobs that require fast completion times and reduced overall costs, the new e-Dingo is available through Toro’s extensive network of trusted dealers and rental partners. Greater efficiency and reliable performance set the e-Dingo apart. It’s powered by lithium-ion battery technology designed for tasks that require heavy or continuous operation for indoor applications. The maximum operating capacity of 515 pounds reduces labour and hauling time. Versatility is also a hallmark of the new e-Dingo thanks to Toro’s 4-Paw independent four-wheel drive system and true spin-turn performance. Plus, several existing Dingo attachments are compatible with the new e-Dingo models, including:

  • Standard bucket
  • Narrow bucket
  • Light materials bucket
  • Adjustable forks
  • Multi-purpose tool
  • Hydraulic breaker
  • Grapple
  • Leveler
  • Utility blade
  • Auger

“We are truly excited to introduce the new e-Dingo, a compact utility loader that provides an unprecedented combination of power, versatility and durability with zero exhaust emissions, designed for indoor construction,” said Jay Thaker, marketing manager at Toro. “These reliable machines are game-changers for indoor contractors in the compact utility loader category to help reduce overall costs and speed up completion. With the ability to use common attachments that work with all Dingo models, operators will be able to handle a wide variety of tasks with greater efficiency.”

The e-Dingo allows operators to utilize several power modes to conserve energy. The auto idle feature automatically conserves energy by powering off the motor after it’s been idle for a certain amount of time. The machine also shifts to low idle after five seconds of non-use and shuts off when not in use for over 30 seconds. The operator can then instantly restart the machine by simply double-tapping the traction control lever.

Game changer

Wacker Neuson’s battery-powered rammers and plates are real game changers. These zero-emission compaction products provide an alternative power source for indoor applications and job sites with noise and emission guidelines. Plus, the same battery system can be used to power all products across the two product lines. The heart of the AS50e and AS60e rammers, the AP1840e and AP1850e plate series is Wacker Neuson’s BP1000 lithium-ion battery. One system, including battery and charger, is designed to easily exchange between all products. The BP1000 can be inserted into any product without the need of special tools. No cords and no fumes mean the operator can move around the job site freely and is no longer exposed to heat, exhaust fumes and engine noise. The smart-battery technology is designed to recognize which product it is powering, providing for the most efficient operation.  Additionally, there is no liquid fuel source to spill during refueling, transportation and operation. Wacker Neuson’s BP1000 maintenance-free battery uses an easy push button start and provides constant power output over the entire discharge phase, providing full compaction performance from the first to last minute of work. Under typical working conditions, two batteries with a charger can fulfill the needs of a standard working day. Should the battery need to be changed, it can be easily removed without tools and replaced with a charged battery within a few simple steps. Wacker Neuson’s zero emission compaction products are an ideal solution for commercial interior construction or renovation projects; for use in poorly ventilated areas, including trenches and tunnels, or in sound-sensitive areas such as hospitals and schools. As the technological leader in the rammer industry, Wacker Neuson was able to take the best performance characteristics of the rammer, percussion system and ramming shoe and adapt it to the AS rammer series, allowing users to experience similar compaction results of the engine powered units, but with zero emissions. The battery-powered AP plate series is available with or without a water tank for soil and asphalt compaction. Like the rammer, the plates offer a new solution for contractors and rental centers looking for a cordless, emission-free plate compactor for a variety of applications. These are the only single-direction plates on the market without a V-belt. The virtually maintenance-free electric motor is mounted directly on the baseplate, which requires fewer wear parts and reduces service time when compared to a gas or diesel engine, contributing to the low total cost of ownership. Wacker Neuson has dominated the soil and asphalt compaction and markets in North America for 60 over years. With the newest innovative battery-powered, zero emission products the company is changing the way contractors can work indoors and outdoors, meeting stricter environmental guidelines while providing new opportunities for their business to grow.

Diesel, lithium and hybrid options

JLG has introduced its first straight-jib compact crawler boom lift, the X660SJ. With 65-feet, seven-inches of platform height and 500 pounds of capacity for up to two workers, 39 feett of horizontal reach and indoor/outdoor versatility, the new model is ideal for a wide range of applications, including arboriculture, painting, general maintenance, electrical, HVAC and window washing, on a variety of job sites, such as auditoriums, arenas, atriums and outdoor structures.

“The X660SJ is designed with several unique features that are key to efficiently accessing work at height,” says Angela Patterson, JLG boom lift product management lead. “For example, the architecture of this new straight-boom compact crawler boom lift enables operators to reach full height more efficiently, while it’s crawler-mounted design and 40-percent gradeability mean the X660SJ can climb slopes with ease compared to standard lifts. And, its two-foot, 11-inch profile and less than 7,400-pound footprint allow operators to go more places around the job site, such as through gates and standard doorways to work in yards and public buildings.”

Other performance-enhancing features the X660SJ is equipped with include:

  • Envelope tracking operation for work alongside buildings, walls and other infrastructure. With a single control function, operators can boom up/down, while also telescoping out/in, so that the platform travels a path perpendicular to the ground
  • Multiple position, one-touch self-leveling outriggers to provide flexibility to work in tight areas and to maximize the working envelope
  • “Go Home” and “Back to Work” functions for ease of returning to stowed or recorded work position. Software optimizes the path to the stowed or saved work position based on machine stability

The X660SJ comes standard with a Kubota diesel engine, but an environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery and AC drive system option is available, as is JLG’s new bi-energy option. This alternative equips the JLG compact crawler boom lift with two full-sized, independent power sources, combining an emissions-free lithium-ion battery pack with a dependable diesel engine, enabling operators to choose the best power source for the application — either the engine or the lithium-ion batteries. Common to all three power sources, all JLG compact crawler boom lifts available in North America, including the new X660SJ, come standard with fully synthetic biodegradable hydraulic fluid so it can be used with confidence in environmentally sensitive areas. Additionally, like JLG’s other compact crawler boom lift models, forklift pockets for loading and unloading for transportation are standard. Air/water/power lines to the platform, non-marking tracks for work on sensitive flooring, integrated front and rear LED lights for visibility and SkyGuard SkyLine enhanced control panel protection also come standard on the X660SJ. This new model also has similar components and serviceability features to JLG’s entire compact crawler boom lift product family, including the enclosed powertrack design, which protects machine components by reducing debris impact.



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