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ProBarrow – The Professional Grade Electric Powered Wheelbarrow

By ProBarrow   


January 12, 2017 - ProBarrow is a professional grade electric powered wheelbarrow that was designed, built and tested here in Canada.

The company was launched in January 2016 after the patent pending milestone. They have been on the market for one year and have a solid rental and consumer customer base.  

New for 2017 ProBarrow has added a line of attachments and accessories to make the product even more versatile. The additions include a large flat deck, a high volume mega drum, exchangeable battery packs, flat free tires and they are currently developing other value add attachments.

ProBarrow was created to fill a void in the market for a product that is easy to operate and capable of navigating today’s smaller and less accessible work sites. It was developed by contractors and tested by landscape professionals in real work scenarios. This process has resulted in a unique material handling device with the power of a machine yet the nimbleness and safe manoeuvrability of a manual wheelbarrow.

It was designed as an electric machine! The company understood the many benefits of electric power for both the environment and functionality. Electric power means always on, ready to work without the interruption of starting a noisy distracting gas engine. The electronic drivetrain also allows for unmatched control and intuitive use.


Key features:
500 lb Capacity
Nimble and Maneuverable
Climb inclines and rough terrain fully loaded
Built in Canada
3 Year Warranty

Tires    Dual / wide tread / 13” pneumatic turf
Motor    800w / 4 brush / high torque / 24v DC
Gearbox    Sealed / maintenance free / differential transaxle
Controller    70amp / fully programmable with an IP rating of X5
Braking    Active regenerative with controlled descent
Batteries    2x 12ah sealed / maintenance free pack
Charger    24v / 2.0 amp / 3 pin with led indicators
Speed    Variable / forward 0-4km / reverse 0-2.5
Run Time    A full 8 hr working day capacity
Capacity    9 cubic ft / 500 lbs
Features    One handed forward / reverse variable speed, fully programmable, 14g welded steel construction, easily transportable, controlled descent & sleep mode.
Options    Extra run battery pack, electronic E- brake, spare tires
Dimensions    Length 60″ / width 28″ / height 28″
Weight    136 lbs / 62 kg with battery pack

For more information or to see a video of the product in action:

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  1. Martin Lurtz says:

    Hi Do you sell this Electric wheel barrow ? I see it can cary 500lb.
    Thats great but if you have a smaller one say 200lb that’s good too.


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