Integrated Windows-based software for small to mid-sized rental businesses.

July 27, 2017
By X-gensoft
July 27, 2017 - Rental Manager is an integrated Windows-based software designed for small- to mid-size rental businesses. 

Use it on a single workstation or in a networked environment with multiple users. It is a cost-effective software that has everything you need to run your rental business smoothly!

Rental Manager 2  (from $799)  was released in 2005 and has been updated in each successive year.  It is a sturdy, reliable program for  party/event or small equipment rentals. 

Major features:
  • Quotes, orders, invoices, payments
    • PDF's can be emailed
    • Orders, Invoices can be batch-printed
  • Inventory control/tracking
    • Real-time inventory availability
    • Overbooking notifications and reports
    • Calendar schedule
  • Contact management tools
  • Comprehensive reports -- track all aspects of your business!
    • Menu for Favorite Reports
  • Online maps
  • Barcode inventory scanning
  • Simple accounting via one-button-click export to QuickBooks
    • Batch-send invoices, payments to QB
Rental Manager 3   (from $1399) was released in 2007 as a response to customer demand for added functionality.

Major features:

  • All Rental Manager 2 functions (see list above)
  • Your company QR code can be displayed on orders
  • Inventory
    • serial #'s can be scanned into orders
    • Returns can be batch-scanned back in by serial # (even if you don't know the order #)
    • Kitting
      • prevents overbooking kit components
    • Scan inventory by QR code (or bar code)
    • Inventory maintenance scheduling, tracking
  • Cycle billing
  • Optional paintball features
  • Drivers' License scanning (Scanshell peripheral available separately)
  • Recent features!           
    • Truck Loading screen   
    • Group Payment screen
    • Subrentals
    • Inventory Purchase Orders
  • Online Payment Processing -- state-of-the art one-button-click, fully compliant with current EMV standards (U.S.)
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