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Enlighten software for Enfinity system on Windows.

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26aOnline analytical processing Solutions by Computer has introduced Enlighten software for its Enfinity system on Windows.

Online analytical processing
Solutions by Computer has introduced Enlighten software for its Enfinity system on Windows.
Enlighten is a new software module that uses the power of the Enfinity system to provide rental operators with virtually limitless, online analytical processing capabilities.


With Enlighten, customer, inventory and transaction data appear in a dynamic, multi-dimensional presentation that makes it easy to spot relationships and trends. The user can drag, drop and rearrange elements in the display to achieve any objective, and will see the results in absolute real-time. Data appears in numerical or graphical form to suit the user’s preference.

The company says one of Enlighten’s key advantages is that its capabilities are extremely rental-savvy. For example, the history of a product group can be analyzed as to revenue trends by postal code, specifying the ‘use at’ job site address associated with the transactions to give an accurate analysis of geographic utilization.

As another example: Enlighten can instantly conceptualize a high-level presentation of revenue
for any time period by major rental product group; then drill down to the various components of that group; and then further analyze the data to uncover revenue trends by the type of customer renting those specific products.


Solutions introduced Enfinity in 2005 as the new flagship system for the rental industry. It is the second comprehensive management system brought to market by the company, and the third successful system created by Solutions’ award-winning development team. -end-
Contact Solutions by Computer at:(800) 950-2221,


Seamless integration
Xgensoft has introduced Rental Manager 3, the newest edition to its Windows based, cost effective rental software. Built on Xgensoft’s solid pre-existing platform, Rental Manager 3 includes kitting, cyclical billing and maintenance tracking. The Deluxe edition has a seamless integration to QuickBooks. Rental Manager 3 is suitable for small to mid-size equipment and party/event rental businesses.

Xgensoft has continued to focus on the integration of practical technology in the Rental Manager 3 software. The following options are now available with either the Standard or the Deluxe edition.

Protect your assets and minimize your data entry at the same time by scanning customer driver’s license information and picture into Rental Manager 3. The id-scanner from Card Scanning Solutions plugs into your USB port and is linked directly to the software. You can quickly populate or refresh your customer’s contact information from the scan. The software captures and saves the information and picture on a separate screen as well.

Simplify your inventory and sales operations through the use of bar code scanning. Rental Manager 3 provides a choice of bar code label types, fonts and organization to easily print labels for the inventory items that you would like to be able to scan. The software on each workstation can be set to accept bar codes in the most efficient way for that location. Rental operations can speed up the front counter service by scanning inventory directly into the order one line at a time. Back office orders can be put together by remotely scanning the entire inventory into the open order and then entering quantities and other pertinent information. You may also set up orders by scanning directly from a shadow book.

Simplify and speed up your payment processing. Send credit/debit card information, either keyed or scanned, directly through Rental Manager 3 to a secure payment processing web site for verification. The payment is processed in seconds. -end-
Contact Xgensoft at: (877) 895-6410,


Management solutions
Sirius Pro is a Canadian made rental and inventory management solution with many functions that improve business processes through better tracking and less redundancy.

In 2007, Orion improved on its best-of-breed software product by offering new features such as a customer relationship module, an online web module, preventative maintenance module, electronic signature scanning and direct credit card processing, as well as adding improved functionality to Sirius Pro. These new modules and options allow rental companies to increase the benefits they receive from Sirius Pro, and were designed to manage new aspects of their business or to provide new opportunities in the computerization of rental operations.

Standard features include a drill down calendar to see the availability of specific items, more than 100 different reports to help analyze and improve operations, bar coding (reading and printing), equipment reservations management, item and client picture integration, e-mail/fax capability, lost rental tracking, transaction history, automatic periodic billing, partial item and partial quantity, staff management, maintenance tracking, kit and accessories management, project management, integrated point-of-sale, serialized inventory management, real-time multi-branch functionality and many other features.

Orion Software has a high level of expertise in doing business from a distance that has resulted in more than 600 systems implemented remotely across North America and the world, with installations in 14 different countries across four continents. Their customers are equipment rental corporations, audio/visual suppliers, party goods centres, medical equipment and institutions, such as universities, for internal lending.

Always on the cutting edge, Orion Software invests more than $150,000 annually to add new features and functionality to Sirius Pro so that rental operators will always have a product that meets their changing needs. -end-
Contact Orion Software at: (877) 755-2012,

Manages complex demands


Genisys Software offers a high level computer systems and management software for rental, sales and service business. Many single and multi-store operations are using AlphaRENTAL throughout North America.

The system is easy to learn and to use, and it is ideal for the rental industry as it provides a comprehensive system that can manage all areas of a rental business. The simple format and logical design of AlphaRENTAL allows rental operators to process transactions quickly and easily. The useful on-screen help enables employees to learn the basics of the software immediately.

The software has been designed to manage the most complex demands of a rental operation without the annoying limitations and short comings. It contains a flexible Store Set Up Menu which allows you to set up the system to fit a unique business such as a rental store of any size and structure.

An optional module is a complete, integrated system that can manage all of the company’s accounting needs. The system includes General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Cheque Writing, Financial Statements and much more. The fax software allows you to automatically fax invoices, contracts, Accounts Receivable statements and Purchase Orders directly to your customers and vendors from any work station.

Genisys also offers driver’s license and credit card magnetic stripe readers and software that enable you to add new customer information into the system, and to bring up existing customer information by simply swiping a driver’s license. The readers and software are also used for authorizing customer’s credit and debit card transactions. -end-
Contact Genisys Software at: (800) 233-4095,

Real-time data
Texada Software has released a new comprehensive business intelligence tool called Systematic Dashboard to its rental management software.


Management dashboards are the latest trend in analyzing key management information. Real-time data, intuitively displayed, gives progressive rental companies a whole new way to look at, monitor and manage their business.

Dashboard software allows progressive rental companies to monitor the health of their operations in real-time at a glance. This unparalleled access to information allows managers to focus on key success factors, monitor them closely and take immediate action before an issue develops.

Systematic Dashboard uses a wide selection of real-time, graphical displays, fully customizable to emphasize current, past and projected activities. Users monitor financial metrics, contract and customer volumes along with equipment and staffing utilization for a complete, instant picture of the overall business.

The company says its software will help rental businesses to profit by focussing on equipment utilization, maximizing customer service and minimizing equipment downtime.

Dashboard ensures that managers spend little time tracking down information, because it is right there in front of them all the time, so they can spend more time focussed on their customers and equipment and less time focussed on their business information.

Systematic Dashboard is available as an additional module to all Systematic clients using Systematic’s industry leading rental management software, SRM 6.0. -end-
Contact Texada Software at: (800) 361-1233,

Share data with field staff
WennSoft, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, has released updates to its MobileTEC and Customer Portal
product lines. MobileTEC helps WennSoft customers operate more effectively and efficiently by sharing critical information with their field staff. Customer Portal allows organizations to provide their customers with 24/7 access to their account information and submit service calls via the web.

WennSoft MobileTEC increases productivity by allowing field workers to update their schedules, add parts and track materials, record labour, expenses and mileage, send and receive e-mail and manage scheduled maintenance; eliminating the need for redundant data entry. A customer’s back office team provides field technicians the information they need to get the job done correctly and efficiently.

Most recent updates include: user ability to update equipment service records in the field, attaching photos to service calls and storing those attachments to the call, ability to create a composite document (including signature) that looks like a print order, ability to transmit attachments (.pdf, .jpg) from host to client and client to host, and more.

Used in conjunction with the WennSoft Service Management series, the WennSoft Customer Portal utilizes the latest technology and allows organizations to provide a secure interface where customers can submit service calls and access their open calls, service call history, equipment and equipment service history, maintenance contracts, notes and document attachments.

The latest version of Customer Portal features improvements to user account management, navigation, security, individual and group user settings. -end-
Contact WennSoft at: (262) 821-4100,

While Canadian Rental Service editors make every effort to be objective when reporting on new products, they cannot be held responsible for claims made by companies. Readers are encouraged to contact the companies for more details.

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