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Frost Fighter is introducing several new products for the 2012/13 heating season.


New and upgraded
Frost Fighter is introducing several new products for the 2012/13 heating season. The IHS700GT self-contained trailer unit includes dual axle wheels with a 190-gallon fuel tank, and either a nine- or a 12-kilowatt generator. The 12-kilowatt generator is capable of running two IHS700s. These units are suitable for remote jobsites with inadequate or an unavailable power supplies.

The IDF200 has the same superior performance of the OHV200, but with a number of new features, such as a full steel frame for stacking and forklift mobility and a 26-gallon tank and tires for easy mobility that can be easily removed. Like the IDF350 and 500, the IDF200 includes the Genysis control with an LED display for easy service and troubleshooting ability. It is equipped with a fully insulated jacket, which provides greater efficiency, temperature rise and safety. The IDF350 and 500 series are now available with a larger fuel tank option for longer run times.


Sun-like heat
Construction Equipment Solutions is a one-stop supplier of heating equipment to the Canadian rental industry. The staff of CES understand the heating business and know what it takes to be successful in it. It carries a full line of heaters and accessories as well as parts for everything it sells. CES has products to suit a wide range of heating requirements, including electric, natural gas fired, propane fired and diesel units. It represents such familiar heater brands as Enerco, Mr. Heater, Marley Electric heaters, CES Torch Kits and Val6 Infrared units.

Val6 radiant heat penetrates evenly and directly into surfaces just like the sun. Val6 performance is unique in outdoor applications and superior to forced air heaters, which lose heat from the wind and cold air. The Val6 generates straightforward infrared heat that is unaffected by air flow, thus creating a comfortable, quiet and dust-free environment. The state-of-the-art combustion chamber enables virtually 100 per cent fuel-to-energy conversion. Val6 combustion system produces no odour and no smoke while running. It is suited to a variety of heating applications such as temporary factory heat, outdoor projects, construction sites, and drying paints and drywall. The new Val6 model KBE5L two-step features two-step heat output control, allowing the user to choose between high or low output, making it very economical to operate. The new Val6 KBE5L also features a fuel preheater. As ambient temperatures decrease, the fuel’s viscosity increases. To counterbalance this effect, a heater is built into the fuel line to keep the fuel moving smoothly. CES sells and services three Val6 models: the Daystar, the KBE5S and the KBE5L. All Val6 units operate on kerosene as well as diesel fuel.



Safety and power
Quest Portable Climate Control Equipment has added portability to its Power Electric Heat product line with its compact 20,000 BTU electric heater, the Quest Power Electric Heat EHS 20. Designed to deliver powerful, safe BTUs anywhere, the EHS 20 comes in a 13- by 12.5- by 26-inch durable stainless steel cabinet to operate virtually anywhere heat may be needed, even in the most remote, hard-to-reach places. Whether users need temporary or emergency heat for occupant comfort on the jobsite or supplemental heat to speed up any drying or construction process, the EHS 20 is suitable for the job.

The Quest EHS 20 portable electric heater features multiple power receptacles for connection to common 120-volt AC outlets. At maximum heat (four 12-amp circuits at 5,000 BTUs each), the EHS 20 produces 20,000 BTUs with a 250-cubic-feet-per-minute air flow and a 70 F temperature rise. Like all Quest electric heaters, internal temperature cutouts prevent the Quest EHS 20 from overheating an area.

The EHS 20 offers multiple heating, ducting and electrical options for on-demand heating from inside or outside the jobsite or workplace. The Quest EHS 20 will operate freestanding or with six-inch flex duct on the inlet and/or outlet to distribute the heat precisely where you need it. The Quest EHS 20 boasts many of the same features as its larger counterparts, the EHS 31 and the EHS 62, including full NEC compliance for continuous operation, shielded heating elements within a double-walled and screened enclosure and an automatic pressure switch to disable the heating elements if intake or exhaust ducts become blocked or airflow is cut off for any reason.


Jet fueled option
Initially developed for U.S. military as the “H1 Type Heater,” the BT400 series quickly became ubiquitously known worldwide as the “Herman Nelson” or, as it is still fondly called in some aviation circles, “the Hermie.”

The original Hermie was an ingenious and efficient way of providing a massive amount (400,000 BTUs) of breathable, off-grid heat in environments where electric power just wasn’t an option – places like McMurdo Station in the Antarctic. To this end, the company that produces the heater recently (August 2012) sent a custom-ordered batch of heaters to the Antarctic with skis where you would normally find wheels on an axle.

That the BT400 has endured over the years and continued to evolve throughout its decades of service is a testament to its original design and top-of-the-line quality of build. Today, it is a modern piece of heating equipment boasting solid-state electronics and controls that satisfy not only the military (there’s an NSN version) but also O-TL, UL and CSA safety certifications. While still a favourite of the Air Force and commercial aviation sectors, today you are just as likely to find a Herman Nelson heater in the Alberta oil patch, in a Chinese shipping yard or on a construction site in Anchorage.

The current iteration of the heater, the BT400 NEX (NEXt Generation), was first made available in 2010, when it replaced the stalwart but aging BT400-45 and 46 series. Like those BT400s the newer NEX comes in two flavours: a heavier-framed diesel version (the BT400-NEX-D), which also runs on the more exotic naphtha-kerosene blends of jet fuel (JP4, JP5, JP8) and a slightly more compact gasoline model (BT400-NEX-G), which has an optional MA-1 trailer.

The BT400 series has been in continuous production for the last 40 years by Aerotech Herman Nelson International from its 10,000-square-foot manufacturing facility based in Winnipeg, where winter temperatures drop as low as – 47.8 C. “To know heat you must also know cold,” says CEO Fran P. Koch.


THREE new models
Campo Equipment has introduced three new 2012 heater models: the Blaze 2000 D/G, the Blaze 150 E, and the Blaze 9E. 

The Blaze 2000 D/G comes with a high/low fire burner, able to fire anywhere from one to two million BTUs.  It has a compact footprint at 144 by 33.5 by 67 inches.  This indirect-fired space heater can fit through a standard 36-inch door. The Blaze 2000 D/G is 88 per cent efficient which allows for significant cost savings in fuel. It pushes up to 6.5 inches of static pressure, 200 feet of ducting and up to 16,000 cubic feet per minute. It can be wired for three- or single-phase power without any modification. The Blaze 2000 D/G has no inrush due to an onboard VFD.  It has a temperature controller with tempered air mode for LEED construction and three fan speeds to control your heat rise. The unit is stackable for storage, has lifting eyes and forklift pockets from all sides. It comes with a plug and play burner kit (natural gas/propane or diesel), which can easily be converted from diesel to natural gas or propane. Designed to be one of the most efficient heaters in today’s market, this two-million-BTU unit is one of the largest indirect-fired heaters available in Canada.

The Blaze 150 E is a 150-kilowatt (512,000-BTU) electric portable heater with three banks (60, 90, and 150 kilowatts) that is available in 600-volt, three-phase and 480 volt, three-phase versions. It pushes 14,500 cubic feet per minute with 6.5 inches of static pressure and 200 feet of ducting. It has an emergency shutdown button plus indicator lamps for power on, heat on, and over temperature. It meters for all three stages and includes a digital temperature controller with remote thermostat capabilities. There is a fan manual override and tempered air mode for LEED construction. The Blaze 150 E has a maximum outlet temperature of 300 F and is able to fit through a standard 36-inch door (its footprint is 60 by 31.5 by 56 inches).  It is stackable, has forklift pockets, lifting eyes and removable casters.

The Blaze 9 E is a nine-kilowatt electric portable heater prepared for 240-volt, single-phase power. It pushes 700 cubic feet per minute and has a maximum outlet temperature of 300 F.


All-around heating
The Workman 225 Plus convection heater from L.B. White features adjustable output control delivering from 225,000 down to 40,000 BTUs per hour to save fuel. It has a unique top design for superior heat distribution. The LP heater provides 360-degree heating and does not require electricity, making it ideal for initial stages of construction or any time electricity is not available. The unit is North American-made and comes with regulator and 15-inch gas hose as standard. The Workman 100N Plus is available when using natural gas is desired.

 Other features include reliable piezo pilot ignition, an enclosed stainless steel burner providing superior wind resistance and a one-piece barrel, meaning no assembly required. This rugged yet lightweight unit is easy to move and transport and is 99.97 per cent fuel-efficient. Workman heaters are built contractor tough, and are CSA-certified, meeting or exceeding all ANSI standards for portable heaters.  


Rugged heat
Flagro Industries has introduced the new FV-750 series indirect fired heaters as the newest addition to its construction heater lineup. The FV-750 series heaters are offered as the FVNP-750 dual-fuel propane/natural gas model or FVO-750 oil-fired model.  The powerful reverse-inclined blower and Riello burners provide a 130 F temperature rise at 7,000 cubic feet per minute. The return air duct inlet allows for recirculation of warm inside air and/or pressurization of the building as desired. Single-phase or three-phase power supply options are built in as standard equipment. Built with the same quality as the rest of the Flagro heater fleet, the FV-750 series heaters include fully welded frames, powder coated, insulated panels, lifting points and pockets. Proven Flagro heat exchanger design using 304 series stainless steel construction ensures the FV-750 will stand up to the most brutal winters North America offers. Certified for indoor and outdoor applications. Optional Hitex ducting and thermostat kits are also available.


Keep it warm
Powerblanket’s line of flexible, wrap-around tote heaters are ideal for warming IBC totes and other portable bulk containers. Utilizing patented GreenHeat technology, the tote wraps create a barrier of heat around the tote to insulate and protect a wide variety of temperature-sensitive materials.

GreenHeat technology is a proprietary heat-spreading system that is designed to provide highly efficient and uniform distribution of heat while only consuming low levels of energy in a multitude of applications. The technology allows totes to be rapidly and consistently warmed without creating the hot and cold spots common with competitive products.

These lightweight blankets are easily secured with adjustable nylon straps that provide a snug fit to maximize heating performance. Powerblanket tote heaters are safe to use on both metal and plastic containers, and help maintain flow, viscosity and workability. Each blanket’s durable outer shell is winter-proof and water resistant.

The tote heaters are manufactured and certified to UL/CSA safety standards, as well as GreenHeat technology environmental standards. Two available sizes, 275 and 330 gallons, fit most industry standard totes. Custom sizes are also available upon request. Each tote heater is powered by 120-volt electricity and includes an adjustable thermostat controller.


Toasted dirt
Serious Thermal Products introduces the new Serious Toaster ground-thawing machine. Using patented infrared technology, the Toaster thaws frozen ground more than three times faster than similar competitive units, and is CSA-approved.

Ideal for underground installations, each Toaster thaws up to 1.6 inches deep per hour in a two- by 10-foot area. Multiple units can be placed together in a series or any other configuration to accommodate larger applications. The Toasters are controlled by a solid-state electronic system, and they are fuelled by clean-burning propane, making them an environmentally friendly choice. Furthermore, they do not produce open flames, so they can be safely placed next to buildings and
utility pedestals.

Weighing only 345 pounds each, Toasters fit in standard pickup beds and can be easily moved by two men. The units can be placed in many hard-to-reach areas, and they do not require the surface to be cleared of snow and ice prior to use.

The Toaster is built for use in extreme conditions. Every component is tested to perform in temperatures as low as negative 40 F. Downtime is kept to a minimum because the products contain few moving parts, and the electronic control boxes are designed for easy replacement in the rare occurrence of failure. Additionally, the product is backed by a one-year limited warranty.


Proven workhorses
Efficient and versatile, the Cub 200 and Cub 300HD portable indirect fired air heaters from Wacker Neuson Climate Technology deliver clean, dry heat for restoration projects. With the flame fully enclosed inside a combustion chamber, these units do not produce noxious emissions or moisture inside the job site. A 100-per cent stainless-steel fire box design delivers long-lasting durability and safe operation. Boasting heating efficiencies greater than 80 per cent, these heaters offer a run time of more than 24 hours at full load without refueling.

The latest addition to the Wacker Neuson light-duty air heater line, the Cub 300HD lowers operating costs by producing more heat from fuel consumed. Boasting 81-per cent net heater efficiency, it offers a maximum heat input of 302,000 BTU per hour for drying up to 156,000-cubic-foot spaces. Producing strong, 0.8-inch WC static pressure, this powerful Cub generates an airflow rating of 2,600 cubic feet per minute. The Cub 300 HD’s unique design offers two air outlets which support two, 12-inch-diameter ducts, affording contractors more flexibility by directing the heat to where it is needed.

The versatile heater runs on kerosene No. 1, No. 2 or winter blend diesel, and its stingy 2.1-gallon-per-hour fuel consumption at full load enables contractors to realize dramatic fuel savings. This lightweight, heavy-duty heater features a durable, single-center lifting point and a tie-down to chain or strap the heater to a flat deck truck. The C-channel frame acts as a side bumper for impacts, increasing the rugged heater’s longevity. Even with its heavy-duty construction, the Cub 300HD still fits through most standard doorways.

A proven workhorse of the Wacker Neuson light-duty line of indirect fired air heaters, the Cub 200 delivers an air output temperature of 200 F, providing the heat necessary to quickly dry spaces of up to 78,000 cubic feet volume. With 81.5 per cent heater efficiency, the Cub 200 offers a 180,000 BTU-per-hour fuel input. It develops a 0.5-inch WC static pressure and provides a 1,300 cubic-feet-per-minute airflow. When it comes to fuel, the Cub 200 is also light on the wallet, since it consumes only 1.28 gallons of diesel per hour.


Extra safety
 The new IX410 indirect industrial heater by Sure Flame is designed to be safe, tough and reliable. With four safety shutdown controls, a high limit switch, exhaust limit switch, air switch and a flame rod, it offers users a high degree of safety. The new IX410 is designed to operate in the most extreme conditions. The robust exoskeleton, stainless steel heat exchanger, lifting hook and forklift pockets make this unit ready to withstand even the most trying environments. An adjustable handle and 16-inch, puncture-proof wheels add to the durability and make for easy maneuverability. The IX410 operates on natural gas or propane with the switch of a single lever (no orifice to change). It also is designed to allow for recirculation, increasing efficiency and reducing fuel consumption while still maintaining constant, clean dry heat. The IX410 is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Duct size not an issue as the IX 410 comes able to accept two 12-inch or one 16-inch duct with an optional transition allowing a one-18-inch-duct scenario.

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