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ProBarrow introduces new 500lb. capacity work horse

By ProBarrow   


Feb. 20, 2018 - ProBarrow is a professional grade electric powered wheelbarrow that is designed, built and tested here in Canada.

ProBarrow has a 500 lb. capacity, a full-working day run time, variable speed control and heavy gauge steel construction. ProBarrow was designed to combine the power of a machine with the maneuverability and ease of use of manual wheelbarrow.

Electric power means instant on- always ready to work without the noise, fumes and hassle of starting a loud distracting gas engine. The electronic drivetrain gives you one touch variable forward and reverse without problematic clutches and transmissions and is considerably less maintenance than any gas engine alternative. Unlike gas material movers, ProBarrow is as maneuverable and easy to use as a typical wheel barrow and at only 136 lbs it can be easily lifted into vans or trucks.

ProBarrow has a 9 cuft oversized drum and services the rental industry with Flat Free tires and full-day runtime battery packs. These durable features set the ProBarrow aside as a machine – not just a wheelbarrow and makes ProBarrow a reliable asset in the rental fleet.

ProBarrow also has a line of attachments and accessories to make the product even more versatile. Attachments include a large flat deck, a high volume mega-drum, exchangeable battery packs, flat free tires and is currently developing other value-add attachments to further multiply your investment!

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