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No ground wire required

By Kress   


The KR236 Mission Mega from Kress is instructed by the Kress RTKN network. It navigates the lawn with centimeter-level accuracy. No need for boundary wire nor fixed-reference antenna to be installed in the lawn. Operated by Mowing Action Plan technology, the mower works in parallel lines as an experienced landscaper would. It efficiently manicures lawns up to nine acres. It uses a large cutting capacity 35-centimeter blade system to cover large areas with less passes and a double-layer blade system for high-density and slightly overgrown grass. TeamWork technology allows operating more than one robot inside the same working area.

the Mission Mega follows the shortest possible route to and from the charging station. An auto-leveling blade system adapts to terrain unevenness. In-Hub encoded gearless drive motors deliver smooth delivery of torque and quiet operation. other features include an obstacle avoidance system; auto-leveling of the cutting disc; a regenerative brake system; theft protection; electronic cutting height adjustment; an in-hub drive motor with all-terrain wheels; and a washable underbody.

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