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Doosan opens new parts depot in Ontario

By Doosan   


July 21, 2015 - Doosan heavy equipment dealers can now fulfill urgent parts needs from a new 10,000-square-foot Canadian parts depot, located in Mississauga, Ontario, to serve Eastern Canadian provinces.

The new Doosan parts depot in Mississauga is designed to supplement the company’s parts warehouse in Chicago, helping to improve delivery speed for critical parts, reduce wait times and enhance customer service.

The depot has an inventory of key parts material to support stocking, replenishing and distributing urgent parts for customers in Eastern Canada, featuring exclusive carrier rights through Purolator, Inc. Employees at the facility will also facilitate cross-docking of weekly Doosan stock order shipments to expedite essential dealer parts stock. Cross-docking is a logistics practice of unloading materials, such as parts, from an incoming truck or railroad car and loading the parts directly into an outbound transportation method (e.g., loading parts onto an airplane). It minimizes the time parts are stored at a facility before they are delivered to the end user. This process will initially apply to Doosan heavy equipment dealers in Ontario and Canadian provinces to the east. As the implementation evolves, Doosan will continue to evaluate next steps for similar cross-docking support of dealer locations in the remaining provinces.

“Customer and dealer satisfaction is important to our company,” says Laura Ness Owens, director of communication for Doosan. “By establishing a Canadian parts depot, Doosan dealers and customers can easily and quickly receive the urgent parts they need to minimize downtime and to maintain their production schedules.”

Clay Caldwell, Doosan parts director, adds that by establishing a Canadian-based depot, it will help reduce delivery delays associated with carrier handoffs and customs operation.


“Originating parts from Ontario creates a launching pad for faster and more affordable delivery, all while elevating the Doosan brand in the Canadian market,” he says. “It also demonstrates our commitment to our Doosan heavy equipment customers in this important market.”

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