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CD10P Carpet Dryer

By General Equipment   


February 25, 2016 - General Equipment Company’s CD10P Carpet Dryer is designed to accommodate a wide variety of carpet and surface drying needs.

The blower is built to withstand abuse, but is light enough to be easily carried. Its powerful, yet quiet fan accelerates the evaporation process of minor flooding events to help prevent the formation of mold and mildew.

Powered by a 1-horsepower, 3-speed motor, the CD10P can be plugged into a standard 115VAC outlet. At the highest speed setting it produces a maximum airflow rate of 3,800 CFM, while generating only 72 decibels of sound (quieter than a telephone dial tone). The blower can be positioned horizontally, vertically or at a 45-degree angle to yield the desired results. It is also stackable for either operational or storage purposes.

The CD10P’s housing is constructed from high-density, non-corrosive polyethylene, which is not only durable, but also light. The machine weighs just 42 pounds, and it includes a balanced handle for easy transport. The fan is constructed from galvanized steel, and the inlet screens are non-corrosive to endure damp environments. Other standard features include a 25-foot extension cord and a damage-resistant on/off switch.

Besides the CD10P, General Equipment offers a full line of portable ventilation blowers for use in both hazardous and nonhazardous locations.

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