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February 29, 2016 - Terex now offers the right compact excavator solution for all equipment and performance requirements in North America with four ‘rental-ready’ models.

These are the Terex® TC16-2, TC22-2, TC35-2 and TC35R-2 compact excavators. All four units incorporate the Schaeff heritage, conventional design, Knickmatik™ cylinder and top-mounted cylinder, features popular with the previous generation of Terex compact excavators. These models were developed with the company’s new platform strategy, which emphasizes cost-savings to customers. A variety of different models and equipment lines for various applications and target markets are built on uniform base modules. The technical innovations Terex has realized are usable throughout the entire model series, enabling the company to take advantage of powerful, brand-name components and new technologies. New exterior design, operator-focused workstation and modern excavator controls are also highlights of these new excavators. The results are in these machines’ digging performance, workstation features and productive operation.

Digging performance

Results of performance tests carried out by Terex show that the new models offer up to 20 percent more work performance on average (faster trench digging times) compared to other models available in the market. The new Terex compact excavators are equipped with LUDV hydraulics (load-independent flow distribution), the technology offered in very few models in this size class. The LUDV enables power to be transferred to the attachment the operator is using as needed. Even when working with hard soils, the bucket offers outstanding ground penetration. Its conventional design ensures that the machine remains stable even on rough terrains. For the precise control of attachment tools such as hammers or cutters, the second auxiliary circuit is operated with electrically proportional control, a standard feature offered on the Terex TC22-2 and larger models, optional in the TC16-2 model. The operator will enjoy precise joystick control (Terex Fingertip Control), a feature which is usually implemented in higher-ton class excavators. Furthermore, an extra-large diesel fuel tank on the TC35-2 and TC35-2R models enables many hours of uninterrupted work. The new Terex TC35-2R model also incorporates a short-tail design, allowing for excavation adjacent to walls and other obstacles.

Workstation Features

The new Terex TC16-2 and TC22-2 compact excavator models offer a cabin with second door on the right for additional entry/exit, an advantage for road construction and good for direct communication and visibility. For quick entry, the console can be raised for more space to get in the cab. The large foot pedal offers additional space for larger shoe sizes. In general, the workstation can be conveniently adjusted to the operators’ preferences. The large glass surface offers an excellent view of the attachment tool and working environment, and the track below, on the right, is particularly easy to see.


User-friendly Operation

The combination of intuitive control and safe working environment makes these new Terex machines user-friendly. Thanks to specific design features Terex has incorporated into its compact excavators, the risk of damage to the machine during operation is reduced. For instance, the top-mounted cylinder cannot be damaged when loading onto a truck, as the cylinder doesn’t come into contact with the loading edge. Also, the Knickmatik™ cylinder is prevented from being damaged due to its position on the left. This allows the boom to swing to both sides at full digging depth. The automatic swing brake enables locking of the upper carriage so it cannot be forgotten during transport. The machine is controlled with Terex Fingertip Control, providing additional control for work attachments, including buckets, grabs, hydraulic hammers, cutting wheels and augers. Particular focus was placed on enhanced ergonomics in these new Terex models to keep operators productive during the workday. For example, all models are equipped with pilot-operated controls that provide both easy operation and changeable control patterns to best suit the operator’s preference. And, the blade lever offers an integrated travel speed controller hence making it easy to level and dig.


Easy access and combined service points are key elements for saving time on daily servicing. The engine hood opens wide, the daily inspections are directly accessible and fluid level can be monitored through gauge glasses. Direct fueling from canisters without a hose is carried out quickly, as the filling port is conveniently accessible. The result is reduced downtime and service costs for the end customer.


Terex knows that what the rental market really needs are reliable compact excavators that are cost-effective to maintain, with a low acquisition cost, easy to operate and delivers a superior return on invested capital to the rental houses. The company focused its development of these new compact excavators to be competitively priced without sacrificing the quality and features its products are known for. The Terex TC16-2, TC22-2, TC35-2 and TC35R-2 models are configured to give rental business owners a more immediate return on investment by enhancing jobsite productivity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, while allowing operators to work with precision and power. And thanks to their productive horsepower and fuel-efficient Tier 4 Final engines, these compact excavators allow operators to dig deep, reach far and lift heavy loads at a low cost of operation, further increasing return-on-investment.

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