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Stärke Material introduces Continuous Stability System

By Starke Material Handling Group   


Feb. 21, 2017 -  Stärke Material Handling Group has introduced its Continuous Stability System as a standard feature across its LiftMaxx line of industrial lift equipment. This system improves load balance and counteracts the destabilizing influences of uneven surfaces, small debris and lateral momentum to reduce incidences of tipping and product damage.

“The Continuous Stability System reinforces our motto, Stärke is Strength, by providing value and peace of mind over our competitors. We’ve recognized the inherent value of this system, both in terms of safety and productivity, and made it a standard feature in our LiftMaxx line of industrial lift equipment,” said Jim Chesla, Vice President of Stärke Material Handling Group.

Replacing standardized fixed supports commonly found in other models, the CSS allows Stärke’s LiftMaxx equipment to operate in a smooth and balanced manner in a variety of work environments. The added stability provided by the Continuous Stability System is achieved by a fixed drive wheel supported by two cantilevered, spring-loaded casters in constant contact with the ground. As a result, Stärke’s CSS substantially improves the stability of the lift truck and its load, particularly on uneven surfaces and while making a turn.

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