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Dewatering equipment powers your business through the spring thaw. Here’s the latest from top suppliers.

Withstands abuse
Tsurumi TE3-50HA series engine-powered centrifugal pumps are constructed for maximum durability in a compact and easy handling design. The TE3-50HA design is constructed with two-inch suction and discharge ports. Delivering 140 U.S. gallons per minute with a capacity to discharge up to 120 feet makes this unit the ideal dewatering pump for a jobsite. Utilizing superior features and materials, the Tsurumi TE3 series provides an affordable high-quality pump line designed to withstand the toughest dewatering applications. The complete series is powered by the compact and reliable Honda GX series gas engine. The hardness of the silicone carbide mechanical seal provides extreme resistance even in the most abrasive applications. Built-in high-grade cast iron, the impeller and volute casing are constructed to last no matter how harsh the conditions. This premium pump package sits nicely on rubber isolation pads to reduce noise and any vibration on structural parts such as the volute and seals. The complete unit is protected by a durable rolled steel full frame designed to withstand maximum abuse.

Three sizes
Chicago Pneumatic Power Technique CPP vacuum prime centrifugal pumps are available in 4, 6 and 8-inch models. Efficient and versatile, these medium-flow pumps are suitable for many industries, including construction, general dewatering and emergency applications, such as flood clean up. The pump system consists of a centrifugal pump and an air and water separator, which enables air to be separated from the liquid and be sucked by a vacuum pump — making automatic priming possible. Even with suction heights of several meters, the machine rapidly evacuates the air from the suction pipe and starts to pump. Furthermore, a semi-open impeller allows the CPP range to pump liquids with solids in suspension. All three sizes feature rapid dry priming up to a height of 27.5 feet and a high resistance to abrasive liquids and sandy waters.

Compact and light
Atlas Copco Power Technique has added two new electric submersible pumps to its Weda lineup. Weda pumps provide users a fast and effective dewatering solution. The pumps are compact, lightweight and easy to maintain, making them ideal for many industries, including construction and rental. The new pumps are built with the same established characteristics of the Weda lineup. They are 15 to 30 per cent lighter than comparable models and up to 15 per cent more compact. They are better built with rotation and phase failure protection; an efficient motor covering a wide range of voltages; a high-quality chrome clog-free impeller; reinforced cable entry; adjustable wear-resistant rubber diffusors; and a built-in starter and motor protection system. They are designed for simple service with adjustable discharge connections; an external plug for lubrication filling and higher corrosion resistance due to their improved aluminum alloy construction. Weda pumps consume up to 20 per cent less energy than comparable models. The Weda S30 and S60 sludge pumps can handle thick, soft, wet mud in addition to other similarly viscous mixtures of liquids and solids, especially the product of an industrial or refining process.


Handling pumped liquid pH values from five to eight, particles and debris of up to two inches can pass through the pump housing with minimal wear. The robust design of the pump base ensures stability while enabling passage of large solids. The Weda S range also includes improved cable sealing for protection against water leakage from cable entry. An improved rib design offers external cooling to the motor for extended running time. The Weda S30 features a rated power of three horsepower with a weight of 55 pounds. The pump has a discharge of three inches. The WEDA S60 has a rated power of 9.2 horsepower with a weight of 143 pounds. It has a discharge of four inches.

Easy priming
Kodiak PWP3SMD water pumps feature 65 gallons-per-minute dischard with 25 feet of suction lift powerd by a 5.5 horsepower Honda GX160 engine. They treat solids up to on inch diameter. The positive displacement design makes priming quick and easy and the heavy-duty cast aluminum pump body includes a tubular steel full protective cage for use on tough jobsites.
Four anti-vibration rubber feet are positioned underneath base to protect the pump assembly.
The rubber diaphragm and check valve are easy to replace for reduced down time and maintenance. Made in Japan.

Built here
The Patron WPT-4 four-inch trash pump handles up to one-inch solids. It uses four-inch inlet/outlet MNPT fittings and a heavy-duty cast-iron impeller. A full roll-cage with vibration isolators protects the internal components. Patron pumps have a low oil alert and come with a two-year warranty on the pump and a three-year warranty on the Honda engine. Assembled in Canada.

Can run dry
MCP5515-1 diaphragm water pumps from Generac are a durable and reliable solution for removing water in a variety of shallow and muddy applications, including ponds, trenches, ditches and foundations. Diaphragm pumps don’t have an impeller shaft or seal that can be damaged by sand or silt. And, because they are self-priming, these pumps will keep running dry even after all water has been removed, then continue pumping when water pools up again. Available in two- and three-inch diameter pumps; in gas, electric and diesel engine models. Users can choose from skid-mount or wheel mount.

Gorman-Rupp Ultra V Series engine-driven, self-priming centrifugal pumps are designed for heavy-duty solids handling, high-head applications. Advanced features allow for easy access during maintenance. Built upon the foundation of the Super T Series, Gorman-Rupp’s Ultra V Series pumps excel in high-head applications where traditional self-priming trash pumps fall short. They come in three, four and six-inch sizes. Maximum capacity is 2,050 gallons per minute with 175 feet lift. It can handle solids up to three inches. Construction is all cast iron and the engine produces 115.9 horsepower.

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