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Subaru’s high-pressure pump combines a powerful overhead-cam engine with high-pressure capabilities and heavy-duty construction to deliver the performance needed for a variety of applications.


Efficient overhead cam

Subaru’s high-pressure pump combines a powerful overhead-cam engine with high-pressure capabilities and heavy-duty construction to deliver the performance needed for a variety of applications. Powered by a six-horsepower Subaru EX17 engine, the two-inch PKX201H offers a lift height of up to 275 feet and a maximum delivery volume of 127 gallons per minute. The pump employs a large diameter impeller with shallow veins to attain the high pressure needed for applications such as lawn and garden sprinkler systems, water transfer to high places and secondary firefighting support. The high-pressure pump utilizes heavy-duty, high quality materials to offer the durability needed for demanding applications. A hardened cast-iron volute effectively withstands suspended particles and small solids sucked through the strainer, while an abrasion-resistant, cast-iron, three-blade impeller and a replaceable wear plate ensure long life and low maintenance.


High-pressure jet pump

Thompson’s JSC Series solids-handling Enviroprime System pump is designed for the rental industry with its heavy-duty, cast-iron construction and ability to dry-prime and re-prime automatically. The portable JSC Series features pumps that range in size from three to 18 inches, are designed for high flows (up to 11,000 gallons per minute) and have maximum heads up to 330 feet. The end-suction centrifugal pump ends can handle solids up to four inches in diameter and are available coupled to the latest environmentally compliant engines or premium efficiency electric motors.

Unlike others, the Enviroprime System compressor-assisted dry priming system prevents blow-by, such as sewage and waste, from discharging onto the ground, making this unit environmentally safe. The sturdy, weather resistant, sound attenuated Silent Knight canopy is also available on Thompson’s JSC Series Pumps and allows the pumps to operate at or below 70 decibels.



Rugged engine-driven pumps

Koshin is a large global manufacturer of engine-driven pumps. Its pumps are used in over 160 countries. From raw materials through finished products, Koshin handles all manufacturing in-house including plastic and aluminum die-casting and robotic assembly. Koshin produces over 1,000 engine driven pumps every day. Koshin trash pumps use the newest technologies in the portable pump industry. The silicon carbide mechanical seals have more resistance to abrasion than standard ceramic seals. The pumps include high-chrome cast impellers for longer life and durability than regular cast and ductile impellers. Volutes are cast from spheroidal graphite ductile iron within such high specifications that a wear plate is not necessary. A heavy-duty wraparound roll cage protects the pump during transportation and job site use. Koshin gives the same attention to detail on its entire line of products, keeping Koshin on the jobsite pumping more with
less downtime.


Towable six-inch pump

The Kodiak TWP6JS-DP dry-prime is also available with a wet-prime option. It features a cast-iron casing and brackets for added durability, a semi-open ductile cast-iron impeller for large diameter solids and a tungsten carbide mechanical seal with Viton elastomers to run dry on high vacuum. The pump has a large prime chamber for easier priming and an oil resistant nitrile rubber priming valve for longer wear. The drain inspection cover is easily removed without tools. The exclusive Enviroprime System evacuates the air from the suction line for easier dry-prime startup on the TWP6JS-DP. Other features include the easily replaceable ductile iron wear ring and the easily replaceable wear plates with oil-abrasion-resistant rubber facings on the TWP6HT-WP. Kodiak pumps are made in the United States. Deutz or John Deere engines are available.


Submersible U-pump

Designed for heavy-duty drainage applications, these CSA-approved, 115-volt electric pumps from Con X have been serving the rental industry for almost 30 years. Featuring extremely low amperage draw, all units are equipped with built-in Texas Instruments auto-cut thermal protection, silicon carbide mechanical seals for longer life, and oil-filled shaft seals for periods of dry running.

They are available in half-horsepower, two-inch or one-horsepower, three-inch discharge models. The trash capabilities come from larger strainer holes and wider impeller clearance, which allow for bigger solids to be pumped without clogging.

The two-inch US40A pumps up to 3,600 gallons per hour with a maximum head of 35 feet, while the three-inch US75A is rated at 5,700 GPH with a 60-foot maximum head. Many rental companies can already attest to their excellent longevity in their rental fleets, with claims of pumps up to 15 years old having generated in excess of $10,000 in rental revenue with minimal expense on repairs. Featuring a rugged, cast-iron body and unique horizontal as well as vertical discharge capabilities, this workhorse of the rental industry since 1974 boasts a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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