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The 4069 ERT/RT Series is MEC’s newest offering in the mid-sized rough terrain scissor class. Building on the success on earlier models, the 4069 Series offers versatility in both 48V electric and Kubota diesel powered options.


Convenience for the user
The 4069 ERT/RT Series is MEC’s newest offering in the mid-sized rough terrain scissor class. Building on the success on earlier models, the 4069 Series offers versatility in both 48V electric and Kubota diesel powered options. With powerful four-wheel-drive performance, a tight 79-inch inside turning radius and gradability of 40 per cent, the MEC 4069 can handle the roughest terrain on the toughest job sites. Optional outriggers increase rough-terrain usability. Smooth proportional lift and drive functions and full-height drivability make this a machine user-friendly. Total lift capacity is 900 lbs and includes 300 lbs loaded on the patent-pending integrated sheet materials rack. The 51-inch platform entry height, a full two steps lower than other machines, facilitates safer entry and exit. Coupled with a platform height of 40 feet and standard roll-out deck extension, the MEC 4069 helps users get the job done faster.


Baskets for most knucklebooms
Diversified Products now offers its single man baskets with the ability to attach to any knuckleboom that meets ASME standard B30.23. Thanks to specialized adapters, the baskets install easily and quickly to extend the capabilities of knuckleboom trucks. Eliminating the need to use ladders or climb on equipment, they also provide fall arrest and fall protection. With the ability to hold up to 350 lbs, Diversified’s single man basket contains a large, open work area to allow maximum productivity. The full-sized floor is 30 inches wide by 30 inches deep, and it contains slots for water drainage, as well as upset holes for skid resistance. Additionally, the basket includes a tilt angle indicator and a low-maintenance disc brake. To meet the high demands of any access application, the baskets are constructed from heavy-duty steel and fabricated with laser-produced parts, which are keyed together and then welded into place. The entire assembly is designed using solid modeling and finite element analysis, and the finished product meets or exceeds industry standards. In addition to the single man basket, Diversified offers the ability to attach any of its baskets to knucklebooms, including its larger units with capacities up to 1,200 lbs.


Boom lubricators

Beka-Lube Products has introduced three new lines of professional-grade pneumatic spray grease gun systems depending upon the amount of surfaces that need to be covered. Service technicians have more options with a cleaner, cost effective and more efficient way to maintain proper lubrication on telescoping booms and other large or chain-type surfaces. The LubeJet-Eco system, the PneuMATO55-Static and the PneuMATO55-Mobile have been designed to lubricate large surfaces of machines, vehicle gears, ropes, chains and telescoping booms. The LubeJet-Eco system works with the same refillable, efficient and economical screw-type cartridges that keeps reloads fast, simple and clean. Easily portable and ideal for field service applications, it simplifies the job. The PneuMATO55-Static and -Mobile systems are identical in principle to the LubeJet-Eco system. The grease gun connects to a unique sheath-wrapped twin hose. This hose arrangement has been developed to manage both the grease and a high-pressure air supply. The system can be matched to grease kegs from a 25 kg pail to a 200 kg barrel on a trolley. The spray pistol can handle greases up to NLGI 2. Developed for in-shop usage, these economical and efficient spray grease systems are ideal for applications where large surfaces need to be maintained.



Elevated workspace

With their huge decks and platform heights up to 60 feet, MEC’s Titan Boom Series truly stands apart in the world of high-capacity boom lifts. The combined platform load of up to 4,000 lbs takes tools and materials to the where the work is actually getting done. Three steering modes, 40 per cent gradability and smooth proportional controls make moving the machine and positioning the platform easy and trouble-free, while stabilizer support and 10 degrees of frame leveling per side give the MEC Titan Booms the ability to work on the roughest jobsite.

The innovative wire rope lanyard anchors allow workers full platform mobility, and the capacity and size of the platform enables users to create an actual elevated workshop customized to the task at hand. Optional platform accessories include pipe racks, glazier frames, sheet material racks and a large material cradle. When your customers need large capacity, large workspace and the ability to operate in even the most unimproved job sites, the MEC Titan Boom is a suitable solution.


Zero-turn capability
Custom Equipment has unveiled three prototype scissor lifts. The three models are the HB-P527, HB-830, and HB-1230. Justin Kissinger, marketing manager, says, “These new prototypes will extend Hy-Brid Lifts offering in the lightweight, low-level access category of lifts. We are very excited about the recently developed products and feel they have quite a few innovative features that set them apart from the other lifts.”
The first model HB-P527 is a 5ft platform height push-around lift. This machine extends the push-around product line which includes an eight-foot platform height lift, HB-P830. The HB-830 and HB-1230 lifts are eight- and 12-foot platform height lifts respectfully, with an innovative zero-turn drive system. The controls for zero turn system now incorporate a full-size, multi-axis joystick with a built-in enable switch for the most precise movement of the lift. This new system allows access to areas previously inaccessible by scissor lifts. The HB-1230 is comparable to 12-foot mast machines but provides a larger working platform with a more solid platform feel provided by the rigid scissors.

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