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Software Showcase – October 2013

By Canadian Rental Association   


Mobile WorkForce from Point-of-Rental empowers workers on a jobsite as well as in the rental yard, capitalizing on their mobility.


Empowering mobile workers
Mobile WorkForce from Point-of-Rental empowers workers on a jobsite as well as in the rental yard, capitalizing on their mobility. Many rental employees don’t work behind the counter or have access to electronic information or computer systems. Mobile WorkForce is designed to allow those employees to update contract-related information in real-time from their mobile device or tablet. For example, a driver delivering a high-reach lift to a jobsite can open the contract from that site and take a photo of the item delivered as well as have the customer sign for it right on the device. The signature capture is instantly reflected in the contract, eliminating the need for paper to be delivered back to the office and filed. Similarly, if an employee is sent out to survey a site for delivery and setup, notes can be added to the contract or reservation, detailing the surface and size of the area or any other number of logistical elements. A web-based application rather than a device-specific app, Mobile WorkForce can be used with any mobile device, be it a smart phone, tablet or even a laptop. With options to add call logs, photos, signatures, arrival, departed and on the way notifications, Mobile WorkForce offers possibilities to enhance a rental store’s success.


Information on demand
Unique Business Systems has introduced CR2 rental, sales and service software for heavy construction and light equipment rentals. With accurate data that your business can depend on, CR2 is the product of choice of over 450 companies worldwide. The system is configurable to your business workflow, easy to learn and use, stable and scalable. Users have the option of customizing quotes and contracts that will delight customers with their easy read and professional look. Quotes can have multiple versions with date, time and employee name capture and users can add attachments to all comments throughout. Pricing and discount structures are very flexible and can be per location and per customer. Availability, status and location of equipment and parts is always at the user’s fingertips. All re-orders and purchase orders are tied to jobs for accurate gross margins. Preventive and corrective repairs are tracked with warranty and segmentation. Users have the ability to manage yard dispatch with trucks, drivers and route tracking. Companies with multiple branches can see real time equipment and parts availability and create transfers or drop ship orders to meet customers’ needs. CR2 enables users to create their own reports and to export report data to Excel also. IPhone, Android and BlackBerry mobile apps offer equipment and parts availability information on demand. CR2 comes with comprehensive product training including best-practice consulting and 24-hour, six-days-per-week customer support.



Delivered on the cloud
Flex Rental Solutions has introduced rental management software on an elegant and intuitive web-based platform, becoming an industry leading provider of rental software in three short years. Requiring nothing more than an Internet connection, it natively supports users on Windows, Mac, Linux and Google Chrome OS platforms.  Flex 4 is available as a monthly service (SaaS – Software as a Service), delivered via cloud hosting which dramatically reduces up-front costs. Key innovations include drag-and-drop inventory management, phonetic search, single click conflict resolution and integration with Quickbooks and Quickbooks Online, Google Calendars, Facebook Events, and Production Exchange.


Online feedback
C3 Feedback is an online feedback community where customers can rate their experiences with your company. It is designed to help consumers connect with companies at the level they want, and for companies to get critical feedback on what their customers are thinking and wanting. Using C3 is free to the consumer with no ties or connections. There are no ads, making navigation much easier with no distractions. The consumers connects at the level they choose on their terms, and can join a rewards program to encourage them to shop local. Consumers can view posted feedback submissions from companies and see a company’s level of customer satisfaction, if posted. For businesses, C3 Feedback collects high response volumes and accurate results while consuming little money or time. Companies get exposure on a fair and equitable website with no advertising to draw visitors to competitors. C3 generates an independent, real-time level of customer satisfaction for your company.  Listed companies can post their location, contact info and a link to their website as part of the base package.


Flexible field-mapping
Juniper Systems has introduced a new release of its field mapping software, Juniper Aspect 1.2. The new release builds upon and adds to its previous strengths as an easy-to-use, versatile mapping tool. Juniper Aspect is field mapping software designed to boost efficiency and productivity, while being simple enough that anyone can quickly learn how to use it. Simple, yet powerful, it places the capabilities of GPS and GIS in the hands of field workers, resulting in more streamlined processes. Used for any job that requires locating, documenting, and inspecting assets, Juniper Aspect is a flexible solution for many different lines of work. Aspect version 1.2 offers many improvements upon its predecessor, including a number of new features that further boost worker efficiency and user-friendliness. With a new feature to more extensively filter and organize data, and an ability to more easily import large amounts of data into Excel, Aspect 1.2 offers greater benefits in time savings and ease of use. Furthermore, the software appeals to a very broad audience, as it will now operate on most devices running Windows Mobile 6.0 or higher. Current Juniper Aspect customers will automatically receive the new upgrade simply by checking for new updates in their current software version. New customers can contact Juniper Systems to learn more about Juniper Aspect 1.2.


Just for party rentals
Unique Business Systems brings you industry leading rental software for the past 30 years. With accurate data that your business can absolutely depend on, our software is the product of choice of over 450 companies worldwide. R2 is flexible and scalable so it adapts and grows as your business grows. R2 has been designed with feedback from companies worldwide and is very easy to learn and use by employees.

R2 is a comprehensive rental, sales and service software solution. Customizable quotes make a favorable first impression on your customers.  Multiple quote versions with a date, time and employee name capture give you audit trail and you can add attachments to all comments throughout R2. Pricing and discount structures can be per customer. Availability, status and location of rental and sale equipment is always at your fingertips. Sub-rental purchase orders are tied to jobs for accurate job costing. Preventive and corrective repairs are tracked with great detail on product ROI. Warehouse shipping and management of trucks, drivers and routes is easy and task based. R2 is a real time, multi-site software where you can transfer inventory between your sites and also drop ship to a customer Location. The ability to rename any field in the software to match your workplace requirements and to create user definable fields to capture additional data offers maximum flexibility. Reports are user customizable and data is exportable to Excel.

We offer comprehensive product training including industry best practice consulting. 24 X 6 customer support.


Making it simple
Xgensoft’s Rental Manager handles both rental and sales and addresses the time management challenges of smaller and expanding rental business owners.  It is a Windows-based order entry and inventory management system that allows an unlimited number of customers, inventory and orders.  It interfaces with Excel, Outlook, and QuickBooks®.

Rental Manager integrates all the rental, inventory tracking, and customer information into reports and organizational tools.  Functions such as secure on-line payment processing, cycle billing, a seamless export of invoices and payments to QuickBooks® and extensive reporting provide the financial tools for daily fiscal management.  The new Favourite Reports screen provides quick and easy access to “key” reports.

Your busy rental staff can easily handle quotes, reservations, and orders from one screen aided by real-time inventory availability, an overbooking monitor, a schedule calendar, email, and bar code scan-in.   Inventory management includes kit organization (inventory can be included in a kit and/or rented separately), equipment usage tracking, and maintenance scheduling. 

The Truck Load Planner expedites delivery scheduling.   The Rental Return screen makes inventory control easy when returning multiple items with serial numbers.

Contact management functions provide sales staff with easy access to customer history information and tools for marketing campaigns and sales strategies.

Run Rental Manager as a single or networked system on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/8 Professional for either 32- or 64-bit machines.

Currently Xgensoft Rental Manager meets the needs of small-/mid-size party, event, tent, tool, and equipment rental businesses.  It improves control from inventory to money management, thus providing a great ROI.  Targeted future directions include Cloud Hosting with apps for, and access from, mobile devices.

Visit us at to download a free demo. Call us for an on-line demo: 877-895-6410!


Gather business intelligence
Propel your business into the fast lane with an equipment rental solution from Open Door Technology built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the most flexible accounting system in the world with nearly 100,000 customers.  The Open Door Rental Software solution offers a full suite of modules including equipment rentals, service management, preventative maintenance, inventory, financials, sales order, purchase order, manufacturing, HR, payroll, and fixed assets. The system is built in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which was developed to conform to and enhance your business processes while ensuring you have the necessary functionality to operate all the divisions of your business. 

Our software has all of the usual rental functionality including the ability to rent or sell either fixed assets or inventory items, groups for managing customer demand, rental kits, availability checking, dispatch, service integration, preventative maintenance, flexible rental terms and periods, and specific pricing for customer or customer groups.  The powerful toolkit allows your company to quickly add business processes to enable you to gain a competitive advantage and stay on top of your competitors.  Business intelligence modules allow you to analyze your information and quickly determine whether you are meeting your financial and operating objectives.

Purchase a software license and install it in-house or at a hosting center or take advantage of monthly subscription pricing to convert capital expenditures to a monthly operating charge.  Either way you are protecting your investment by signing up for Microsoft’s most popular accounting/ERP system.


Prevents distracted driving
Azuga, a leading instant-install cloud-based GPS fleet tracking and driver behavior solution, has announced the launch of Azuga DriveSafe – a service that implements mobile device policies for fleet customers. The new offering is powered by the world’s leading technology to stop distracted driving, CellcontrolTM. With Azuga DriveSafe, employees’ phones are put in do-not-disturb mode, blocking disruptive emails and texts when vehicles are in motion.

The Automotive Fleet and Leasing Association estimates 20 percent of all fleet vehicles are involved in a crash each year, and the National Safety Council predicts each crash costs an average of more than $25,000.  Azuga DriveSafe is immediately available to Azuga’s vehicle tracking subscription customers for a low initial offering price.

“Azuga DriveSafe is a must-have for fleet operators of any size” said Chris Parisis, president of CG Appliances and an Azuga customer. “While we use Azuga for tracking driver behavior, this now moves it up a notch since it can almost eliminate all driver distraction.”

“Distracted driving is not only part of the national conversation today, it’s the law. Talking or texting while driving is a huge liability for our fleet customers” said Ananth Rani, vice president and general manager of Azuga. “The launch of Azuga DriveSafe demonstrates our commitment to our customers and to public safety.”

“The launch of Azuga DriveSafe is a great example of how quickly Cellcontrol’s technology can be integrated into services offered by our partners,” said Joe Breaux, chief technology officer of Cellcontrol. “Our simple triggering methodology, mobile device application, management console and suite of API’s allow partners like Azuga to instantly integrate Cellcontrol distracted driving technology.”

The company expects Azuga DriveSafe customers will benefit from fewer rear-end crashes – saving costs, minimizing liability and keeping drivers safe.  Visit the website to learn more about this distracted driving business solution.

San Jose-based Azuga is shaking up the traditional GPS vehicle tracking market with industry-first price points, easy-install hardware, lifetime warranties and no contract terms. The company’s cloud-based Azuga G2TM technology can begin tracking fleets in as little as 22 seconds and for just 70 cents per day per vehicle. Azuga is a subsidiary of Danlaw, Inc. whose 300+ engineering professionals have been providing cloud-based, connected vehicle telematics solutions and embedded electronics to OEM’s and their Tier-1 supply base for more than 29 years. For more information, visit and follow @Azuga_GPS on Twitter.

Established in 2009, CellcontrolTM is the world’s leading technology to stop distracted driving for vehicles ranging from passenger to commercial trucks. The company’s patented non-pairing Bluetooth signaling technology integrates directly with a vehicle’s onboard electronics, and eliminates a driver’s ability to talk, text, email and browse on mobile devices while the vehicle is in motion. Cellcontrol’s technology has been recognized by the Consumer Electronics Show and the National Traffic Safety Institute, and is used by families and Fortune 500 companies. For more information on the Baton Rouge, La.-based company, visit and follow @Cellcontrol.


Barcode tracking
RentalPoint Software recently released the RentalPointToGo bar code tracking app.

RentalPointToGo is a barcode scanning App that integrates with RentalPoint to enable users to track equipment as it leaves and returns to their warehouse, plus it offers a host of supporting features such as rack and road case support. The app establishes a real time connection to the database server so that warehouse staff can get immediate feedback when they scan equipment. The app has generated phenomenal interest from an established RentalPoint user base which is spread over 21 countries from North America, to Asia, Australia, South Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

The app which runs on iPhones from 3rd to 5th generation, plus iPods and iPads, can scan barcodes using the built-in camera or using an attached barcode scanner such as the Linea Pro™ from Infinite Peripherals. The advantage of developing for the iPhone/iPod base is that everyone (that has an iPhone or iPod), knows how to use them.  For example, to delete a barcode, the user only needs to swipe the touch screen with their finger in much the same way a message is deleted on an iPhone. Plus the app is easy to download and install.

RentalPoint’s premium desktop based system can run from a cloud server or a traditional Windows desktop, and can be obtained as a Purchase, Rental or Cloud version.

E-mail the company for a Live Interactive demonstration at and we will contact you to arrange an online meeting.


Ties it all together
Are you a traveling salesperson, an operator at a remote site or an on-field maintenance engineer? Or you could be a Chief Executive or Senior Manager who likes to transact business from anywhere, anytime without being wired to any device. Ramco Equipment Rental Solution helps you with world-class mobile solutions that are available on iPads and are compatible with iphone, Android & Windows based systems as well. 

A completely integrated, industry-specific solution with broad and deep functionalities for managing the end-to-end business functions of a rental company, Ramco’s Equipment Rental Management Solution provides real-time tracking of the entire fleet by interfacing with GPS-based devices. The centralized Rental & Lease module is integrated to Asset Life Cycle Management (Maintenance), Supply Chain Management (Inventory, Procurement, Sales), Financials and Human Resources modules. Powerful dashboard portals help monitor rental metrics and a pre-built Rental Analytics solution (BI) ensures complete real-time visibility and intuitive analysis of rental operations.  Benefits include fleet-wise tracking of revenue and expenses, real-time analysis of business performance, higher rental rates, better fleet utilization, improved asset life and strict adherence to safety compliance. “We settled for Ramco ERP which was flexible and scalable to fit all our needs. The system is truly commendable and has rich out of the box features,” avows Al Faris, an equipment rental company in Dubai.


Cloud-based rental management
Orion Software is presenting its entirely new application: Sirius e. Based on the best practices of rental operations, Sirius e was designed from its inception, to be a complete rental, distribution and service application by combining a Windows application, a web portal with mobility through the cloud. Sirius e is a complete new rental software developed with the newest technology and an SQL database.

With its integrated web portal, Sirius e stands apart from competitors by offering a very flexible e commerce solution. Client can use it as a full shopping cart for the general public or by offering it to specific customers who are regularly doing business with them or simply as a portal for clients to view their transactions. The web cart is fully integrated and configurable to the point that each customers can have a different experience when they log in.

Sirius e provides powerful tools to manage availability, resolve conflicts and transfer equipment between branches. With its graphics interface and new “Drawer” concept, users can pull a graph on a need basis directly in the transaction screen and resolve conflict with just a few clicks.

From its inception Sirius e was also designed to be used on touch screen and eliminate the mouse entirely at the point of sale and in the field. It’s so versatile that users who access it at the counter or on the cloud can get a mobile interface with tiles to select items and view transactions. Transactions can be completed in just few touches by selecting tiles. The application deployed is the same whether users access it from a computer or a mobile device, making it cost-effective and low maintenance.

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