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Booms, scissors, mast climbers, telehandlers...they are the core of your fleet. Here’s the latest technology.

Indoors and outdoors
Responding to increasing jobsite regulations and environmental needs, Genie is expanding the availability of its electric S-60 DC and hybrid S-60 FE boom lifts — lightweight, four-wheel drive electrified telescopic boom lifts in the 60-foot height class. With a working height of 65.1 feet and a 61-foot, two-inch platform height, the S-60 FE and S-60 DC rough-terrain electric boom lifts build on the success of Genie’s FE hybrid and DC electric technology to deliver clean, quiet jobsite performance in two versatile models that require less maintenance and have a lower total cost of ownership. With Genie’s hybrid technology, the S-60 FE offers all the performance benefits of a four-wheel-drive diesel machine but also delivers the benefits of a clean, quiet electric boom. The S-60 FE can be used indoors and outdoors and work more than one week on a single tank of fuel. Both the S-60 DC and the S-60 FE – when run in full electric mode – deliver a full day’s performance on a single battery charge. Additionally, the FE model’s intelligent control system keeps the batteries charged and the machine ready to work by using both regenerative braking technology and automatic engine start and stop. By charging the batteries while the boom works, jobsites can almost entirely eliminate downtime usually caused by plug-in charging. The S-60 DC model offers a low weight of 17,600 pounds and quiet operation for end users looking for a powerful, all-electric boom. The FE version weighs 17,750 pounds, just slightly more than the DC version, making either boom ideal for applications where floor loading must be managed. High-efficiency AC drive motors on all four wheels provide similar torque as hydraulic drive motors while using 30-40 percent less energy. Four-wheel drive plus electronic traction management and active oscillating axles enable outstanding performance on uneven terrain with 45 percent gradeability in rough terrain. A 24.8-horsepower DPF-free Stage V engine eliminates the need for after-treatment or low-sulphur fuel, reducing the time and expense of maintenance and repairs while offering instant performance — it takes just seconds to start the engine, delivering instant power and torque when needed. Additionally, maintenance needs are further reduced by a design that has 70 percent fewer hydraulic components and moving parts. Key specifications of the S-60 FE/DC include maximum platform height of 61 feet, two inches and a maximum outreach of 40 feet, six inches, as well as an unrestricted platform capacity of 660 pounds on a six-foot jib that delivers a 130-degree working range.

Now with AC drives
Skyjack has announced the launch of a new range of DC electric scissors featuring AC brushless electric drive motors and other significant design changes. The simply electric range has been launched globally replacing the current hydraulic drive models. The innovative drive system provides exceptional duty cycles and fully proportional controls, which offer a superior drive experience. The new range boasts improved efficiency, controllability, and torque. This means that productivity is boosted with an improvement of up to 20 percent in runtime per charge. E-Drive provides consistent power, traction and torque, with over 25 percent gradeability, so that climbing loading ramps is easy and all-round job site performance is achieved. All major service points are easily accessible, enabling straightforward troubleshooting and repair. The sealed drive motor is maintenance-free. The motors’ improved efficiency reduces charge time and power consumption, which saves costs and in turn reduces battery maintenance. The drive motors have no oil leakage potential and an optimized hydraulic lift and steer manifold reduces hydraulic connections by 70 percent, further reducing the potential for ground contamination and associated clean-up costs. An optional leak containment system (Ecotray) provides further peace of mind. The new models will feature a new designation carrying “E” to signify E-Drive, for example “SJ3219 E.” In addition, the new range will carry Skyjack’s Eco mark as rental companies and major contractors face increasing demands for sustainability information. With E-Drive, Skyjack has also introduced a new CAN bus-based operating system. While Skyjack’s standard colour-coded and numbered wiring remains, it now combines with an externally visible diagnostic system display. This means that no plug-in tools are necessary for day-to-day troubleshooting. With the diagnostic display outboard facing, the system can be accessed without the need to open service trays. It provides real-time data and easy-to-understand machine faults, written in plain and simple language. In addition, the new models see a revised emergency lowering location. A single location, single step, valve actuated emergency lowering toggle switch is integrated on the outside rear of the machine with the other base controls.

Made with the end-user in mind
Stellar has introduced the NXT52 Hooklift. This 52,000-pound capacity hoist is the latest telescopic hooklift in the NXT series. The NXT52 is a strong yet lightweight unit capable of loading, unloading and dumping various truck bodies. The hooklift features a Z-channel base design and industry-leading universal body latching system. This system emphasizes flexibility with outside locks that can be moved by loosening the clamp bolts, repositioning and bolting back down. This feature allows the operator to position the body locks in specific locations to accommodate body locks that may not be in the correct spot. The versatility of this system eliminates the need to cut locks off, re-weld or repaint. In addition to the universal latching system, the NXT52 features a universal hydraulic reservoir. The reservoir can be mounted in various positions on the unit to avoid any workaround needs in the instance that there are chassis items that may interfere with normal reservoir mounting. Similar to all Stellar hooklifts, the NXT52 is completely manufactured in the U.S. This unit has a 54/61.75-inch hook height and rectangular style secondary jib. With approximately a 10.5-inch lost load height, Stellar offers a low profile, providing a lower vertical centre of gravity and the ability to accommodate down to six-inch subframe heights. This hooklift was made with the end-user in mind, with many features built for timesaving convenience. In addition to the hydraulic reservoir, integrated speed enhancements and soft-stop features on the lift cylinder reduce the time needed for a full extend cycle by 75 percent and allows the body to be brought to a resting position gently on the body saddles. Additionally, the NXT52 comes equipped with either air controls or electronic radio remote controls for efficient operation of the hooklift. These control systems offer proportional control operation to allow for precise control in various situations. A feature of the NXT Series, the radio remote control, allows for unit operation in either the chassis cab or standing outside of the cab. 

Lift intelligence
JLG now offers standard ClearSky Smart Fleet connectively on most new JLG equipment. This Internet of Things technology launches with 25 unique features, including analyzers, telematics and productivity applications into a single connectivity beacon on JLG machines for seamless back-and-forth interaction through a comprehensive ClearSky mobile app, a user-friendly web portal or an advanced API. Equipment owners and operators can send a prompt to the beacon to identify a machine’s status or perform diagnostics wirelessly through the mobile app. The ClearSky Smart Fleet app provides a modern mobile experience to manage data and machine interaction, even when cellular data and Wi-Fi are not available. The “find my machine” feature activates audible and visual cues from the machine to make equipment identification and location effortless. Machine status indication produces visual cues from the machine to allow equipment owners and operators to wirelessly identify a machine’s status, such as active diagnostic trouble codes, battery or fuel level, ignition and more simply by looking at the colour of the beacon. The digital analyzer performs diagnostics wirelessly with built-in analyzer functionality that replaces the JLG wired handheld analyzer. Digitized information gives access to targeted information, such as parts and technical manuals, to help solve service issues without moving a step. The ClearSky Smart Fleet web portal delivers clear, efficient navigation and powerful features for immediate visibility into a fleet’s health and performance data.

Stronger than ever
Pettibone brings its X-Series telehandler lineup to the 15,000-pound lifting class for the first time with the introduction of the Extendo 1544X telehandler. The added load capacity is ideal for material handling tasks in highway construction, pipe yard applications and for extended load requirements on traditional building sites. The 1544X is powered by a 117-horsepower Cummins QSF 3.8 Tier IV Final turbo diesel engine. Mounted onto a side pod, the engine offers easy accessibility to components and daily service checks, while still allowing for exceptional curbside visibility and a ground clearance of 19 inches. The 30-gallon fuel tank provides ample volume for a full day’s work at 100-percent load. The telehandler comes standard with foam-filled tires. Built on Pettibone’s X-Series platform and featuring an advanced boom design, the 1544X offers a maximum lift height of 44 feet, a maximum forward reach of 29 feet, and a maximum load capacity of 15,000 pounds. Formed boom plates provide the boom structure with greater strength while reducing weight. The design also minimizes boom deflection for better control and accuracy when placing loads. Significant boom overlap provides smoother operation and reduces the contact forces on wear pads, thereby extending service life. An external, bottom-mounted extend cylinder further reduces the load on wear pads by up to 50 percent. The cylinder location provides improved service access to internal boom components. Fastener-less wear pads also simplify service, and extension chains help to ensure stable boom functions. 

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