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Lift showcase: Lift and access

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Take your business up and over the top with these new aerial products. Aerial work platforms are the iconic rental store offering. Here are some of the latest offerings from top suppliers.

No need to climb the rails
Skyjack’s XStep work platform accessory offers additional reach for maximum productivity in hard-to-access places. It has been commonplace to see operators standing on railings to gain a little more height to access small areas, for example, standing on the railings to obtain access through suspended ceiling tiles. Using Skyjack’s XStep helps eliminate this dangerous practice and maximizes reach and productivity by providing operators with safe, increased access into and around tight, restricted spaces and avoids the elevated risk of falling from the platform. XStep is mounted on the mid-rail of the scissor lift and creates an additional 19 inches of working height. The top railing design and height provide operators with the same degree of security as a conventional platform. Other notable features include extra flexibility – the XStepcan be moved from machine to machine with ease. Installation is a one-person process and no tools are required. The swing-down base maximizes the machine platform area when the XStep is not in use. XStep is retrofittable to previous Skyjack models and available as a factory-fit or field-install option. XStep is the latest addition to Skyjack’s Accessoryzers line that is designed to add functionality and convenience for operators. It can be ordered from the factory for new models and ordered from Skyjack’s parts department for older models like the SJIII series and the current SJ3219 machines. 

Indoor and outdoor
The ability to work indoors and outdoors and on rugged terrain makes the Genie Z-45 FE hybrid articulating boom lift an environmentally friendly solution for increased efficiency and low cost of ownership and operation. These versatile units also deliver high rental utilization because they can be used for the duration of a project — working outdoors in rough terrain at the start of construction and then continuing to operate indoors in all-electric mode. In all-electric mode, the Z-45 FE offers a full, standard workday of emissions-free run time on a single battery charge. In hybrid mode, the Z-45 FE can work a full work week on a single tank of fuel. Additionally, downtime for charging is eliminated because Genie’s FE hybrid technology charges the battery while the machine operates in hybrid mode. The system also allows for a rapid recharge in less than 2.5 hours for a bulk charge. Full-time oscillating axles maintain traction on rough terrain. Four-wheel-drive and 45-percent gradeability make the Z-45 FE a workhorse even on demanding outdoor jobsites. The Z-45 FE also has fewer maintenance needs and delivers a low total cost of ownership. High-efficiency AC motors are brushless and fully sealed against moisture and water. The machine’s 24-horsepower engine is mechanically controlled with no after-treatment or low-sulphur fuel requirements. The Z-45 FE reaches more than 51 feet at maximum height and has an up-and-over clearance of 7.5 meters. Dual parallelogram and fully proportional controls enable precise boom positioning and smooth performance. A 1.52-meter articulating jib with a 135-degree vertical rotation accurately positions workers, which is ideal when working in congested environments.  And with a 300-kilogram-capacity platform, the Z-45 FE is well equipped for most applications.

Lithium advanage
The Snorkel A46JRTE electric articulating boom lift combines superior manoeuverability with environmentally friendly engineering, all with a compact footprint. The articulating boom delivers a maximum working height of 52 feet, 11 inches and a horizontal reach of 24 feet, 11 inches with up-and-over capabilities to make confined spaces and awkward angles easily accessible. A four-section boom with zero tailswing and a five-foot jib join to create a larger working envelope for a versatile machine that can access the trickiest of work areas. Snorkel Guard comes standard and puts operator safety first. Upgraded with a lithium-ion battery, the A46JRTE offers zero emissions and quiet operation with up to 60 percent less noise compared to the diesel model. In addition, lithium-ion batteries are the better choice when compared to lead acid batteries, as lead acid batteries require regular maintenance for proper performance while both the battery pack and the electric motor on the A46JRTE are maintenance-free. This lithium-ion machine can also operate longer than a lead acid battery model before needing to be recharged. Depending on speed and amount of usage, a lithium-ion model can be operated for up to one work week between charges. Lithium-ion batteries can be fully charged in five to eight hours to maximize productivity and be top-up charged as needed. The A46JRTE also delivers improved performance in the form of higher torque, higher speeds and higher gradeability than a diesel machine, delivering powerful rough-terrain capabilities and greater overall efficiency on the job site. And quieter, zero-emission operation combined with non-marking foam-filled tires make this model truly ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. 

Adjusts to ground conditions
JLG has introduced the 670SJ self-leveling boom lift to North America. Equipped with JLG’s exclusive and patented self-leveling technology, the 670SJ is engineered to automatically adapt to terrain on slopes up to 10 degrees in any direction, while driving with full functionality at 67-foot platform height. The 670SJ’s self-leveling technology is designed to adjust the boom lift’s chassis to the ground conditions rather than having to adjust the ground conditions to the machine. This allows it to navigate uneven terrain while driving at height from one job to the other without lowering the boom, leading to significant productivity gains throughout the workday. The 670SJ also boasts three operating modes to maximize transportability on site or on the road. Self-leveling mode enables the machine to work at full height, with full functionality, on slopes up to 10 degrees. Travel mode can be used when the boom is stowed to move across the job site at a faster rate of speed. And shipping mode allows the entire machine to be lowered once in position on a truck, reducing its travel height. The JLG 670SJ self-leveling boom lift offers a 73-foot work height and 57 feet of horizontal reach, with 550-pound unrestricted and 750-pound restricted capacities. It also features JLG’s automatic, single sensor load sensing system with zero-load calibration. This functionality keeps the machine within the allowable work envelope by limiting range depending on the platform load. 


Convenient safety
Malta Dynamics announced the release of its new adjustable restraint lanyards, which offer convenience and flexibility for positioning and restraint on bucket trucks, lifts and similar applications to prevent the possibility of a fall. The new Malta Dynamics Restraint Lanyards meet OSHA 1926, OSHA 1910 and ANSI Z359.3 standards. The Malta Dynamics restraint lanyard easily adjusts from four to six feet. The restraint lanyard attaches via snap hook or carabiner to the back D-Ring on a full body harness or restraint belt and offers flexibility for use in work positioning or fall restraint. The durable one-inch polyester webbing has a tensile strength of 9,800 pounds, is UV-resistant and includes a durable label protector. 

High durability
Haulotte has upgraded its Compact range of electric scissor lifts. The five new models have been redesigned to ensure a maximum utilization rate, increased safety and simplified maintenance. They integrate the group’s high quality standards and meet all the requirements for working at heights from 20 to 39 feet on all types of stabilized ground. Load capacities span from 550 to 1,000 pounds with two frame widths to best fit the working environment. All models are suitable for Indoor and outdoor use, except for the 2632 E and 3947 E. All sensitive elements are protected in order to operate without difficulty in rough and dirty environments. At the front of the machine, the steering cylinder and the various sensors are positioned inside the chassis to avoid any damage. At the rear, the ladder, the asynchronous motors, the platform and charger sockets are fully built into the counterweight which serves as a bumper and prevents costly and time-consuming repairs. To simplify transport, lateral and longitudinal forklift pockets are available. On the scissor stack, the cable and hose routing have been carefully designed. The cross-brace tubes provide rigidity to the platform when working at height. The guardrails of the new Compact scissors have been reinforced using larger section tubes. Two vertical reinforcement bars help absorb impacts and limit deformation over time. All models are equipped with easily foldable guardrails as standard, which remain in the footprint of the chassis when folded. Compact scissors can climb slopes up to 25 percent and lift up to 1,000 pounds, depending on the model. Full-height travel is possible.  

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