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April 10, 2015 - InTempo Software Inc. today announced that it has commenced operating with a mission of providing solutions to regional and local rental businesses.

The company focuses exclusively on helping independent rental operators leverage their trade area, asset mix and customer relationships through technology. InTempo’s vibrant user community includes hundreds of rental system users in the United States and Canada who rely on the company’s systems to manage single and multiple locations. Established by parent Volaris Group, InTempo combines Solutions by Computer with a segment of Wynne Systems to offer three of the rental industry’s most prominent business management technologies – RentalMan®, Enfinity® and CounterPro® – as desktop, mobile and cloud-based solutions. Users of these systems can leverage the insights of rental operators who, like themselves, serve regional and local markets and have developed best practices.  

Matt Hopp, General Manager of InTempo Software, said, “We’re excited by the opportunities that InTempo creates for our customers. We know that customers get the most benefit when we can work closely with them and help them make the best all-around decision for their needs. We’re leveraging our strengths, experience, and ability to build a community to deliver solutions that are optimal for each individual rental business.”

J.J. Shea, Director of Operations of InTempo Software, said, “InTempo is structured to give users and prospective users of RentalMan, Enfinity and CounterPro maximum value for their investment. Among the immediate benefits is an expanded knowledge base built on decades of experience serving countless unique rental operations.”

John Bureau, General Manager of Wynne Systems, said, “InTempo has created the industry’s most direct and diverse source for technology that specifically addresses the needs of regional and local rental businesses. Our primary focus at Wynne will be on serving national and multinational rental companies.”


About InTempo Software Inc.

InTempo Software Inc. is a leading provider of mission-critical technology solutions for equipment, tool, event and specialty rental businesses. The company’s portfolio of rental business management systems includes RentalMan®, Enfinity® and CounterPro® desktop, mobile and cloud-based applications with a choice of operating platforms, price points and development focus. In offering these choices, InTempo serves regional and local independent rental operators with the optimal technology for each customer’s current needs and future growth.

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