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Getting power from here to there – keys to success in temporary power rentals

By Michael Frey, rental operations manager for Finning Canada   

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A knowledgeable rental store can help generate more than just power.

Helping customers power their jobsites requires a significant understanding of the business.

The equipment rental industry is growing. More contractors than ever are looking to rental as an affordable solution to meet temporary power requirements. 

The increase in market activity and capital investment, combined with supply chain constraints, is positioning rentals as a viable option for contractors looking to meet equipment needs. 

By offering customers the right solutions for the job — including equipment, maintenance, service and support — stores are better prepared to meet this growing demand. 

Helping customers keep their job sites powered-up and running is not an easy task. It involves a deep understanding of the business and power needs – from sizing, voltage and transport, to fuel, maintenance and repair requirements. By supporting a customer’s business needs, rental operations can help improve a customers’ profitability and productivity while guaranteeing future success for their own rental operation.  


Understanding business goals
Choosing the right rental dealer is an important part of a contractor’s success. For contractors that have a short-term power need, the most cost-effective solution is often rental. Even when it comes to long-term temporary power, contractors may need to rent to fill the gap while waiting for new equipment to arrive. When a rental dealer is engaged from the beginning of a project, they can be prepared to provide end-to-end support and offer solutions that work for each application. 

As well, a store can support customers by understanding the job, type of equipment required and any service, delivery or technology needs. As a dealer you can help the customer select the exact generator size needed, assessing load and fuel consumption to ensure it runs effectively and efficiently. This is especially important with Tier 4 engines, as sizing is critical for optimum performance. Working with contractors on a solid rental strategy can also help them manage equipment while keeping costs down, by allowing contractors to get a replacement for a generator that’s out of service or help to meet an increase in demand. This also helps the customer minimize the associated risks of new purchase costs.  

Service focused
Reliable power is crucial for productivity and when a generator goes down one of the biggest challenges is having the parts and technicians available for repairs. To set themselves apart from the competition, dealers need to provide on-site service and offer agreements that cover maintenance and support from trained technicians. 

By understanding a customer’s unique business needs, dealers can establish a relationship with the customer and keep them coming back. The customer benefits by having a knowledgeable rental dealer with well-maintained equipment, reliable service and access to maintenance and repairs with parts that are stocked and ready for delivery. 

When a contractor owns a piece of equipment and it breaks down, they’re responsible for costs and scheduling the repair, which can often take days or weeks and result in significant downtime. With rental, service for breakdowns is included with no cost to the customer. Rental machines are also now equipped with GPS technology, which can track hours and other important data, so the dealer knows when the equipment requires maintenance, providing added peace of mind.

The right equipment at the right time
Flexible rental agreements allow contractors to get the right generator for the project, no matter the size or length of the job. If the scope of the job and power requirements change, dealers can negotiate exchanges for properly sized equipment. When dealers have a broad rental inventory, it gives customers assurance they will have access to the equipment they need, when they need it. 

Availability and utilization are key factors for contractors who have varying daily, weekly and monthly equipment needs. This is where rental can help. Having the right equipment available at the right time and the right price helps companies balance workflow, giving them the ability to scale up or down as needed. 

Staying tapped in
Power is critical to almost every construction and event site. When it comes to rental power, there is no one-size fits-all solution. Generator down-time can be devastating to the productivity of an operation, or the success of an event. Finding the right rental partner who can support power needs while understanding the demands of the project is crucial for success. As a dealer, you should be up to date on the latest equipment and technology and have effective processes for serving customers that go beyond simply providing equipment. 

The right rental company should offer the latest equipment that is safety compliant, well-maintained and can provide an immediate solution for repairs and maintenance at a fair cost. 

A rental store should be a one-stop-shop for temporary power solutions. When a dealer develops a reputation for exceptional service and support, it will set them apart from the competition, which is a win-win for both the rental dealership and the customer. 

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