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The new Bobcat M-Series skidsteer and compact track loaders feature the most significant design changes undertaken by the company since it first introduced the skidsteer more than 50 years ago.

Significant design change


The new Bobcat M-Series skidsteer and compact track loaders feature the most significant design changes undertaken by the company since it first introduced the skidsteer more than 50 years ago.

The first M-Series models are the S630 skidsteer loader and the T630 compact track loader.

The S630 has a rated operating capacity (ROC) of 2,180 pounds and an operating weight of 7,707 pounds. The S650 has a ROC of 2,690 pounds and an operating weight of 8,327 pounds. The T630 has a ROC of 2,230 pounds and an operating weight of 9,015 pounds. The T650 has a ROC of 2,570 pounds and an operating weight of 9,440 pounds.


Bobcat has increased the performance of the hydraulics on M-Series loaders.
The hydraulic systems have been engineered for higher standard flow and pressure that give attachments more power to work faster. Hydraulic horsepower has been increased more than 15 per cent and the standard auxiliary hydraulic flow is now 23 gallons per minute at 3,500 pound per square inch and an optional high flow reaches 30.5 gallons per minute for maximum attachment performance.
A new, removable hydraulic hose guide makes changing attachments.

Solid traction


Three models of compact track loaders, the 279C, 289C and 299C, are the newest additions to the Caterpillar line of rubber-track loaders. The new loaders feature durable, steel embedded track and steel undercarriage components for maximum life in aggressive applications. The tracked machines deliver solid traction and reduced wear on sites with sticky, rocky soils.

The loaders combine a freshly engineered suspension-type undercarriage, designed and built by Caterpillar, with the chassis of their multi terrain loader counterparts, the 277C, 287C and 297C. The fully suspended undercarriage employs four independent torsion axles for a superior ride and excellent bucket load retention. Class leading track-on-ground of almost 70 inches (1767 mm) provides good flotation and traction, low ground pressure and long track life.
All three models feature two-speed drive systems, with a maximum speed of 8.5 miles per hour, for fast movement around large sites. The electro-hydraulic joystick control of the drive motors delivers straight-line tracking, and electronic torque management optimizes productivity. Caterpillar exclusive drive motor seal guards extend the lives of seals and final drives. 

The new models have rated operating capacities of 3,200, 3,850 and 4,150 pounds (1451, 1746 and 1882 kg), at 50 per cent of tipping load. Net-horsepower ratings are 82 (61 kW) for the 279C and 289C, and 90 (67 kW) for the 299C.

Lift-arm-path design is radial for the 279C and vertical for the 289C and 299C.

Extended reach and lift height


Gehl Company has introduced the all-new model V270 Skidsteer Loader. With a powerful 84- horsepower Yanmar turbo-diesel engine and a rated operating capacity of 2,700 lbs, the V270 Skidsteer  Loader achieves vertical lift with a state-of-the-art lift arm design that provides extended reach and lift height for easy truck and material loading.

It has more than 130 inches of lift height and the lift arm design provides optimal views to the sides of the loader and a direct line-of-sight to the bucket cutting edge. Thick steel plating braces the lift arm, providing additional strength and substantial forward reach.

The V270’s Yanmar 84-horsepower turbocharged diesel engine provides 215 lbf-ft. peak torque. Horsepower and torque are enhanced with a high-performance drive train. Equipped with an electronic engine control and a foot throttle, the V270 can be operated at part throttle for lower sound levels and reduced fuel consumption.
Superior comfort is provided in an all-new, ergonomic cab design. The optional, pressurized sealed cab enclosure provides a cleaner and quieter operating environment.

Serviceability on the new V270 is simple. The large engine cover is hinged and positioned by gas-springs to assist lifting and holding it in place, and easily returns to the closed/operating position. The large rear door opens on hinges on the right side, allowing full access to regular maintenance points. The entire ROPS/FOPS assembly on the V270 tips rearward on a hydraulic lift for easy internal service access.

Nothing mini about its productivity


Vermeer Canada says there is nothing mini about the productivity of its S600/S600TX Mini Skidsteer.

The company says the skidsteer was designed based from customer feedback and that it is an ideal tool for landscape contractors to do-it-yourselfers, helping them save time, reduce labour and save money while increasing productivity.

The Vermeer mini skidsteer is a machine built for multiple applications and is backed by a strong dealer network. Suitable for a wide range of applications, these mini skidsteers manoeuvre easily around tough worksites and reduce workloads in the process.

The company offers a wide range of attachment options that include: land leveler, tree forks, forged forks, standard bucket, tooth bucket, rock bucket, 4-in-1 bucket, sweeper bucket, scrap grapple bucket, brush grapple, log grapple, dozer blade, power shovel, auger drive, high-speed, high torque, auger accessories, standard trencher, vibratory plow, tiller and power rake.

Dedicated to compact equipment line


Terex Construction has introduced a dedicated compact equipment line for North America. The compact equipment line includes both Terex-branded compact track loaders, featuring the ASV patented Posi-Track undercarriage technology, and a broad portfolio of offerings from Terex, including compact excavators, compact wheel loaders, site dumpers, tractor loader backhoes, light towers, telehandlers, power buggies, and tandem asphalt rollers. The compact equipment line will focus exclusively on the needs of this key market segment.

With more than 45 unique product models, the Terex compact equipment line offers one of the widest ranges of compact equipment available from a single manufacturer. In addition, Terex parts and service, and Terex Financial Services, are available to customers who purchase Terex equipment.

Dealers who distribute ASV products only, will continue to offer these machines under the ASV brand. All current ASV products will also be branded “Terex” and will join the North American Terex compact equipment line.

 “By combining Terex Construction’s broad line-up of compact products and services with our innovative compact track loaders featuring our patented Posi-Track undercarriage system, we are able to provide an exceptional ownership experience,” says Del Carver, area director, Terex North America Compact Equipment.

Narrow loader width


Mustang, a 121-year-old name in the compact equipment, agriculture and construction markets, has introduced the all-new model 2056 Skidsteer Loader.
The skidsteer has a new compact chassis that allows a narrow 59.7-inch loader width (without bucket) when equipped with optional offset wheel/tire package. The width is 62 inches with a standard wheel/tire package.

It is powered by a 62-hp Deutz TD2009 Series Tier III-certified turbo-diesel engine supplies extra power when needed while providing a smooth and quiet operation.
Lift heights are up to 120 inches with standard 10.00 HD tires, and up to 122 inches with optional 12.00 HD tires. It has a rated operating capacity of 1,900 lbs., 2,050 lbs., when equipped with optional counterweight.

Standard joystick controls are on moveable towers with full adjustment forward/reverse to match operator size and preferences and a new “open-view” lift arm design allows for ease of entry and exit out of the cab, as well as superior front view of bucket and attachment.

Factory-installed options include deluxe cab enclosure with air-conditioning/heater system, two-speed drive and Power-A-Tach hydraulic quick-attach system.

Proportional auxiliary hydraulics controlled through thumb switch provides variable speed for any attachment.

Added torque for increased digging


The Toro Company has unveiled the latest additions to its Dingo compact utility loader family with the narrow and wide track TX 427 models. Both TX 427 loaders feature a robust 27-hp Kohler engine that delivers added torque for increased pulling and digging force. These models also come standard with a heavy-duty two-stage air cleaner that offers superior dust and dirt filtration, even when the engine is working in the harshest environments.

TX 427 compact utility loaders are the successors to Toro’s popular TX 420 and TX 425 models.

Featuring four independent hydraulic pumps, TX 427 compact utility loaders deliver 16.9 gallons per minute (gpm) of flow to each track, 11.4 gpm to the auxiliary hydraulics, and 6 gpm to the loader arm. The auxiliary hydraulics on the TX 427 models pump 19 hp flow to the attachment for increased productivity in ground-engaging applications.

Both TX 427 units are compatible with Toro’s multitude of compact utility loader attachments making them well suited to dig, haul, plant or build almost anything.

Weighing just 2,006 lbs. with a standard bucket, the TX 427 narrow track loader has a rated operating capacity of 535 lbs. (35 per cent of tip capacity). Its overall length of 92 inches including bucket and width of 33.7 inches allow it to work in the tightest places and easily pass through a standard 36-inch gate. Also, the 5.9-inch (wide) tracks on the TX 427 narrow track model distribute a mere 5.1 psi of ground pressure, so operators can get the traction they need without tearing up turf during operation.

For low auxiliary hydraulic system flow rates


General Equipment Co.’s Model 471 DIG-R-TACH Hydraulically-Powered Earth Drilling Attachment System is specifically designed for use with lower-auxiliary hydraulic system flow rates found on popular models of compact loader backhoes, mini-excavators and compact utility loaders.

The 471 DIG-R-TACH system enhances the versatility of compact loader backhoes and mini-excavators by allowing them to become practical and productive options for many hole-digging projects. The system features a universal mounting bracket that readily conforms to a wide variety of loader bucket configurations. Mounted quickly and easily by one person, the 471 DIG-R-TACH requires no special tools, drilling or welding as the supplied bracket grips tightly with a positive locking system. 

Now featuring an industry standard two-inch hexagon auger drive connection, the 471 DIG-R-TACH is better able to accommodate existing augers found in most equipment fleets. The 471 DIG-R-TACH can utilize the same 4400 Series earth augers that are used with the General Equipment 310 and 330 Series portable hole diggers. The popular 4400 Series features time-proven heavy-duty construction and Pengo-type boring head configurations.

Augers are available from two to 24-inch diameters. When used with the 471 DIG-R-TACH, the augers produce a clean, usable 4-foot deep hole. To increase drilling depth, a full line of flighted and non-flighted earth auger extensions is available.

The mounting bracket allows the 471 DIG-R-TACH to be centre mounted on the bucket, providing unequaled operator visibility while drilling. Additionally, the centre-mount configuration distributes drilling stress to the loader arms more effectively than competitive side-mount alternatives.

Non-breakable tool


Allied Construction Products, LLC has announced the addition of the Rammer in-Series hydraulic impact hammer to its full-product line.

The in-Series hammers are built to meet the growing demands of the rental market and to offer contractors the most up-to-date hammer technology. The most distinctive feature of the in-Series hydraulic hammers is a massive trapezoidal tool that offers considerable benefits over traditional small hammer tools. This non-breakable tool provides extended service-life combined with superior productivity.

The in-Series hammers feature:

A massive, trapezoidal tool that is unbreakable; minimal maintenance (no greasing); no tie-rods or tie-bolts or side-bolts; no steel tool bushings (one bushing made of composite wear-resistant material); compact design for narrow work areas, no day-to-day nitrogen-gas checking or charging and an innovative mounting bracket (two brackets in one).

The in-Series hammers which are available in four models—the Model 8, Model 11, Model 15 and Model 22— range (depending on the model) from a working weight of 152 pounds to 453 pounds, operating pressures from 2,030 psi to 2,175 psi, oil flows from three gpm to 18 gpm and blows per minute from 1,800 to 2,100.

Mounted on mini-excavators, mini-skidsteers (walk-along or ride-on), skidsteers and backhoes, the in-Series hydraulic impact hammers are built for the demolition of concrete structures, building foundations and pavement.

Attachments for any job


The EDGE Land Clearing Attachment by CEAttachments Inc. is tough enough to clear just about anything in its path! Use it on a high flow skidsteer loader for brush clearing and stump removal. 

Features include an inline planetary gearbox for high torque and a piston type hydraulic motor for maximum efficiency. There are no belts to tighten or bearings to grease; minimizing maintenance on this machine. The 52 carbide tipped teeth can penetrate up to three inches into the ground, and hitting rocks will not damage this powerful attachment.

The EDGE High-Reach Tree clipper can cut hardwoods up to eight inches in diameter with the EDGE Hi-Reach Tree Clipper from CEAttachments Inc. This unit is designed for skidsteer loaders and its long reach and standard power tilt systems allow easy access for removal of trees, branches and brush from overrun in pastures, fields and fence rows.  The cutting head is hydraulically controlled from the operator’s compartment and rotates 180 degrees.

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