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For the rental market: February 2009

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Kubota Canada has made improvements to the smallest member of its zero tail swing excavator. The U15, introduced last year, is now called the U17 to reflect the upgrades.

Small and mighty gets bigger


Kubota Canada has made improvements to the smallest member of its zero tail swing excavator. The U15, introduced last year, is now called the U17 to reflect the upgrades.

With its larger 17-horsepower engine and larger hydraulic pumps, the U17 provides enhanced performance and faster cycle times. More travel motor power increases its traction force; travel motor hoses are now totally enclosed for protection.

Balance and stability have been improved, a critical factor with zero tail swing machines. The short pitch rubber tracks reduce vibration and ground pressure. The U17 also now includes Kubota’s informative digital instrument panel.


This 3,700-pound excavator complements the KX41-3 standard tail swing model and gives customers a choice in the one to two ton class. For its size, the U17 has a surprisingly large operator area and is perfect for rental companies because of its ability to access tight work areas.

With Kubota’s renowned engineering and reliability, the U17 rivals any comparable excavator for power, performance and value.
Kubota Canada, 1-905-294-7477,

Compact excavators mark major expansion
Wacker Neuson has introduced a line of five new compact track excavators marking a major expansion in product offerings to the landscape, rental and construction contractor markets.

The company says this line of compact track excavators offers state-of-the-art technology and proven performance on job sites offered in a wide variety of choices in sizes and capacities.

Model 1404
The 1404 is a mini-excavator that will deliver big machine performance in tight spaces. The Wacker Neuson 1404 is a 1.4-ton machine with a maximum digging depth of seven feet/four inches, features a comfortable work platform with great visibility and a canopy compliant with FOPS, TOPS and ROPS regulations. Two models are available with a choice of standard or long dippersticks. Other features include an economical Yanmar three-cylinder 17.7-horsepower diesel engine and a telescopic undercarriage that provides superior lifting power and stability. Standard equipment includes rubber track, dozer blade, boom-mounted working light and a control pattern selection system.

Model 3503
The Wacker Neuson 3503 is a 3.5-ton mid-range machine with a maximum digging depth of 10 feet/seven inches that features one of the smoothest and most powerful hydraulic systems available. Canopy or full cab work platforms offer both comfort and visibility with choice of standard or long dippersticks. Powered by an economical Yanmar four-cylinder 32.3-horsepower diesel engine, the 3503 is the most powerful unit in its class, creating excellent breakout force and stability. Rubber tracks, dozer blades, boom-mounted working lights and the control pattern selection system are standard.


Model 38Z3
The Wacker Neuson 38Z3 is a 3.5-ton unit that features true zero tail swing with a tail that stays within the tracks for greater visibility and performance in tight work areas. It features a tilting cab for superior serviceability. Powered by an economical Yanmar three-cylinder, 36.8-horsepower engine and a maximum digging depth of 10 feet/two inches, the 38Z3 is the perfect mid-range zero tail swing machine for top performance and economical operation. Available with comfortable ergonomically designed canopy or full cab work platforms with standard or long dippersticks. Air conditioning is standard on cab models. All units include rubber tracks, dozer blades, boom-mounted working lights and a control pattern selection system.

Model 50Z3
The Wacker Neuson 50Z3 is a 5.0-ton machine that features true zero tail swing with a tail that stays within the tracks for greater visibility and safer operation. Engine and cab are separated, keeping heat and noise out of the cab for more operator comfort and productivity. Powered by an economical Yanmar four-cylinder, 48-horsepower diesel engine and a maximum digging depth of 10 feet/six inches the 50Z3 is the perfect machine for bigger digging jobs. Available with canopy or full cab work stations, the 50Z3 features the biggest cab in its class and air conditioning is standard on full cab versions. All units include rubber tracks, dozer blades, boom-mounted working lights and a control pattern selection system.


Model 8003
The Wacker Neuson 8003 short tail swing compact excavator is the largest and most powerful in the new lineup. An 8.0-ton machine powered by an economical Yanmar four-cylinder, 69.5-horsepower diesel engine and is available with a full cab work platform with air conditioning. The 8003 has a maximum digging depth of 14 feet/one inch. Standard features include high output hydraulics, rubber tracks, dozer blades, boom-mounted working lights and a control pattern selection system.

A full line of attachment tools are available for all new compact excavators in the new Wacker line.

Wacker Neuson’s new lineup of compact class equipment also includes six new compact wheel loaders and three new dumpers. Future plans include additional compact equipment introductions to complement the line.
Wacker Neuson, 1-262-257-4131,

Superior power, compact design


The Allmand TLB-220 heavy-duty compact tractor loader backhoe tackles many jobs typically reserved for larger TLBs, maneuvres easily in tight areas and can be towed on a trailer behind a pickup truck.

The 3,115-pound TLB features a Subaru EH65D air-cooled gasoline engine generating 20.5 horsepower at 3,600 rpm. An optional Kohler 20-horsepower air-cooled engine is also available.

The industrial-class backhoe features a 2,875-pound digging force as well as an eight-foot/four-inch digging depth. The backhoe’s dual cylinder, 180-degree hydraulic cushioned swing allows precise work in tight areas. Joystick controls
and hydrostatic drive provide a smooth, easy-to-operate loader backhoe.

The unit’s loader has a maximum lift capacity of 1,700 pounds and a 2,600-pound breakout force. With a maximum loading height of 90 inches, the 1/3-cubic-yard loader bucket is able to dump loads where other compact tractors cannot reach.

A load-sensing hydraulic steering system ensures hydraulic flow is used only when the operator is turning the steering wheel. This system increases productivity and enhances performance by providing the maximum available hydraulic power to the backhoe or loader.

Oversized tie rods and front axle assembly enable the TLB-220 to handle rough terrain. Other standard features include a heavy-duty front-end bumper, rounded fibreglass hood, float control on the front-end loader bucket, easily-accessible service ports and high flotation, low ground pressure tires.

Optional equipment includes work lights, turf tires, a canopy and various backhoe bucket sizes. With the universal quick-attach hitch option on the loader, the unit can accept many non-powered skidsteer attachments such as pallet forks.

The TLB-220’s operator area minimizes fatigue through ergonomic controls and a custom-designed dual operator seat. The backhoe’s seat is elevated to provide optimum visibility and ample legroom. Four-post ROPS and seatbelt are standard.
Allmand Bros. Inc., 1-800-562-1373,

Expanding zero-tail swing


Designed for trenching and excavating in space-restrictive applications, Terex has introduced the TC50 compact crawler excavator, the newest addition to the company’s zero-tail swing lineup.

Offering a stable, zero-tail swing platform, the new TC50 excels in constricted work environments. It is designed to turn within its tracks, guaranteeing that the rear of the machine does not swing into nearby structures or landscaping or out into oncoming traffic during operation. In addition, the offset boom allows for working in close proximity next to buildings and foundations.

Ideal for landscape, plumbing, septic, electrical and utility installations, the TC50 is designed with a 39.4-horsepower (29 kW) Yanmar 4TNV88 engine and load-sensing and load-independent flow division hydraulics system that are matched to the machine’s size. This gives operators a greater power ratio and smooth, simultaneous operation for maximum worksite production.

The company says the TC50 is going to be popular with operators who need to dig deep, reach far and lift heavy loads on jobsites where space is at a premium because this machine offers some of the same capabilities as a conventional heavy excavator, but in a smaller package. Because it is a good all-around machine, it is ideal for rental company owners who need to maximize their equipment acquisition costs.

The TC50 boasts a light footprint without sacrificing performance. It weighs in at 11,067 pounds (5.0 tons), and it offers a maximum dig depth of 12 feet/one inch (3.7 metres) and a maximum reach of 20 feet/four inches (6.2 metres). The optional quick-attach coupler system allows for easy bucket and attachment changes, offering contractors versatility for multiple jobsite applications with one machine.

It is able to handle 70- to 374-litre bucket capacities and it is ideal for
using a hydraulic hammer. The 78-inch-wide dozer blade is independently controlled from the track drive for uninterrupted operation and with a simple flip of a switch, operators can change from ISO to SAE controls to suit personal preference.

Built for consistent, reliable jobsite performance, the TC50 is manufactured with top-mounted, inverted boom cylinders and spherical bearings. The inverted boom helps to prevent the cylinder seals and the hoses from dirt buildup and offer protection from the elements.

The company says its design allows for maximum protection of the hydraulic hoses and boom cylinder from impact with the machine’s load. This reduces stress to the pins and bushings, reducing normal wear and tear during operation.


Operators and technicians are able to easily conduct daily inspections and regular maintenance procedures on the TC50. The design of this machine offers ground-level access to all of the critical machine components, including the engine, drive train and hydraulics. Preventive routine maintenance ensures optimum machine performance and reduces costly downtime.

The spacious, insulated steel cab is comfortable even for full-sized operators, reduces noise levels and provides excellent visibility. It is FOPS and TOPS certified for operator safety. The design incorporates a new dozer control lever, directly next to the joystick, which is more intuitive for the operators. Additionally, operators will enjoy the ability to adjust the height and tilt of the fabric-cushioned, hydraulically cushioned driver’s seat, and operator fatigue is minimized with standard armrests on both sides of the seat.

Tight site, no problem
The company also offers the Terex TX760B Tractor Loader Backhoe (TLB) which is ideal for contractors with applications requiring the versatility of a wheel loader and the functionality of an excavator, giving operators the best of both worlds in one powerful package. The dual functionality of the TX760B increases jobsite productivity and cuts operating costs.

The TX760B is designed to work in adverse conditions and deliver a smooth, reliable and cost-effective performance. Weighing in at 15,151 pounds, the TX760B offers a maximum digging depth of 19 feet/three inches and a standard lift capacity of 7,604 pounds. The 86-horsepower Perkins turbo induction engine and powershift transmission provides ultimate power and easy, clutch-less operation.

This machine comes standard with a front counterweight for greater fore and aft stability. The TX760B stabilizer legs feature lock-out valves in the circuit so they remain down during operation, providing better stability when operators are working 90 degrees of the side of the machine. The Terex loader backhoe bucket linkage design allows operators to drive into a pile and roll back 45 degrees. This machine is able to dump at 57 degrees for greater fill capacity and better discharge.

While the front loader-end of the TX760B provides proven mechanical controls, the backhoe end features advanced piloted controls. Piloted controls make this machine operate like an excavator. Its closed centre, sharing control valve gives operators a smooth, multi-function performance while ensuring fine control for accurate trenching and grading applications.

The ergonomically designed joystick with adjustable armrests increases operator comfort and visibility. Because the controls are set to either side of the seat, the operator has an unobstructed view of the work area. Another visibility-enhancing feature is a joystick override switch that allows operators to stand while operating the backhoe. This gives operators a clear view inside the trench. The joystick also includes a control pattern change valve that allows the operator to choose an SAE or ISO operating pattern without leaving the cab.
Terex Construction Americas, 1-662-393-1800,

Laser displays for excavators, backhoes


Rentquip Canada has introduced three new Machine Control Receivers by Spectra Precision Lasers. These new Machine Control Receivers are highly versatile, extremely rugged, and can be used on a wide variety machines that are designed to “cut to grade.” The LR Series Receivers can be used with virtually any rotating laser on the market and is an especially attractive complement to the GL412/422 Grade Lasers or LL300/400/500 Laser Levels.

The LR30 is for use on a wide range of machines, including dozers, excavators, skidsteer loaders, and trenchers.The LR30 features 360 degree receiving capability, seven inch vertical capture height, five channels of grade information, directional out-of-beam indicators, and selectable accuracies to meet job tolerances from rough grading to final finishing.

The LR50 is for use on a wide range of machines, including backhoes, excavators, dozers, graders, scrapers, and box blades. The LR50 has all the features of the LR30 PLUS built-in
blade “tilt” indication to help the operator keep the blade as well as “plumb” indication when used on the stick of a backhoe/excavator. The LR50 has the added ability to “offset the dead band,” which allows the operator to configure the seven-inch vertical receiving height to an equal reception range above grade as well as below, or the operator can “offset” the on-grade position so that two-thirds of the receiving range is utilized while in the “above grade” position.

The LR60 is for use on excavators, backhoes, and track hoes of all sizes. The LR60 features a patented “angle compensation of excavation” mode which automatically calculates and corrects the grade display when the angle of the dipper arm is out of plumb up to +/- 30 degrees allowing the operator to check grade as he is working even though the dipper arm stick may be out of plumb! Up to nine channels of grade information, directional out-of-beam indicators, and four selectable accuracies for each on-grade location make the LR60 the most versatile of the LR family.

The RD10 Remote Display mounts in the cab, connects to the laser receive, and displays grade information to the operator right in the cab. This helps to keep focus on the work and not on the receiver for greater productivity.

Upgrade rental machines by adding the Machine Control Receivers and Remote Display to increase revenues and utilization of rented equipment.


Laser de précision
Rentquip Canada présenter trois nouveaux contrôleurs
de machineries de l’un des leaders mondial du laser de précision, Spectra. Ces nouveaux récepteurs très polyvalents et extrêmement robustes peuvent être utilisés sur une large gamme de machineries conçus pour la préparation de chantier. La série de récepteurs LR peut être utilisée sur la quasi-totalité des lasers rotatifs sur le marché et est particulièrement prisée pour être utiliser avec la gamme de laser de nivellement GL412/422 ainsi que la gamme LL300/400/500.

Le récepteur LR30 est idéal pour une panoplie de machines incluant les chargeuses, excavatrices, bulldozers et les creuses-tranchées. Le LR30 a une capacité de réception sur 360 deg, sept po. de captation vertical, cinq canaux d’informations, des indicateurs directionnels hors champs et ajustement de la précision pour se conformer aux tolérances requises des différents travaux.

Le récepteur LR50 est idéal pour plusieurs machines incluant les pelles mécaniques, excavatrices, bulldozers et lames tractées. Le LR50 a toutes les commodités du LR30 en plus de l’indicateur d’inclinaison de la lame pour aider l’opérateur à conserver l’angle en plus du « plomb » de la manette de la pelle ou de l’excavatrice. Le LR50 a l’habilité de déplacer la bande de captation de sept po, au dessus et en dessous de la ligne de nivellement ou jusqu’au 2/3 au dessus de la bande de nivellement.

Le LR60 est idéal pour les être utilisé sur les pelles hydrauliques, tractopelles, lames tractées et bulldozer. L’indicateur d’aplomb intégré permet un contrôle rapide et précis de l’altimétrie jusqu’à +/- 30 degrés, permettant à l’opérateur de vérifier le nivellement tout en travaillant même si le bras de la pelle n’est pas au plomb. Jusqu’à neuf canaux d’information de nivellement et un indicateur directionnel de perte de faisceau et quatre choix de précision de faisceau pour chaque position à la cote en font le plus polyvalent des systèmes de guidage de la famille LR.

Vous pouvez en tant qu’accessoire le récepteur RD10. Fixé dans la cabine, il se connecte au récepteur laser et fournit à l’opérateur les informations de niveau. L’opérateur peut rester concentré sur son travail plutôt que sur le récepteur, lui permettant d’augmenter sa productivité.

Mettez à jour vos machineries de location avec l’un des récepteurs contrôleur, augmentez vos revenus en fournissant des niveaux laser avec les systèmes de guidage.

Rentquip Canada, Eastern Canada 1-866-360-6616, Quebec 1-877-664-1515, Western Canada 1-800 818-1199,

Powered from carriers


Atlas Copco Construction and Mining Canada is now offering a new line of hydraulic handheld tools introduced by Chicago Pneumatic. These tools are configured to operate with the CP range of hydraulic power packs, or can be run from the hydraulic system of a suitable carrier such as mini-excavators, skidsteers, backhoe loaders.

The line-up includes: petrol and diesel driven power packs, a 25-pound pick hammer, breakers ranging from 40 to 75 pounds, a 14-inch and 16-inch cut-off saw, two sizes of core drills and submersible pumps.

Handheld hydraulics are the perfect choice for small, quick jobs. They are easy to transport – a power pack together with a breaker, or another tool depending on the job that needs to be done, are so small that they fit in the back of a van. The power packs are equipped with wheels and a foldable handle that make them handy to move around on worksites.

Another advantage with hydraulics is that they work in a closed circuit, preventing dust and dirt to enter the tools, and they are always lubricated. This leads to very low maintenance need. The thermostatic controlled oil cooler gives fast warm-up and a correct working temperature within minutes. This helps avoid freeze-up in the system during the winter.

Atlas Copco Construction and Mining Canada, 1-416-518-4500,

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