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Finning partners with Thermal Intelligence to offer greener jobsite solutions

By Finning International   

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Companies are continuously facing the challenge to make operations more efficient and less carbon intensive, and advancements in green technology are helping them take significant strides.

Jobsite efficiencies have come a long way with new equipment and telematics, but heating, lighting and power generation continue to be major emissions contributors. Thermal Intelligence’s BASECAMP product line is working to reduce heat, power and lighting-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Finning recently announced a partnership with Thermal Intelligence for distributing BASECAMP through its The Cat Rental Store network.

BASECAMP is an award-winning 3-in-1 heater, light tower, and generator. By combining three products into a single ultra-efficient platform, it can help reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions by as much as 69%.


The product line is green-certified and delivers a 97% efficiency rating, which is achieved by simultaneously converting fuel into usable heat, continuous power, and 360° LED worksite lighting.

“Finning is committed to environmental responsibility and working towards a low-carbon future. New and innovative products like BASECAMP are important to providing our customers a wider range of choices to enhance sustainability in their operations,” says Nik Jackman, SVP, Construction Industries and Aftermarket.

With longer service intervals, up to 2,500-hours, and 24/7 remote monitoring and control, it is more cost effective to operate. Equipment that requires less human power to monitor, maintain, and service is something that customers are specifically looking for.

“This agreement between Finning and Thermal Intelligence provides a sustainable solution that addresses the need for cost-effective equipment while meeting customer demand for green technology,” says Keenan Wellwood, Director of Fleet & Purchasing, Finning The Cat® Rental Store.

Finning’s The Cat® Rental Store offers both the BASECAMP and BASECAMP XL models for rent. One BASECAMP unit replaces two indirect flamed heaters (700,000 BTU total) and one light tower/generator, providing 27 kW of continuous power and illuminates a 200′ diameter. Oner BASECAMP XL unit replaces three indirect flamed heaters (1,000,000 BTU total) and one light tower/generator, providing 40 kW of continuous power and illuminates a 200′ diameter.

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