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Fast concrete curing

By Powerblanket   


powerblanketIn a test, Powerblanket Multi-Duty heating blankets cured concrete 2.8 times faster than concrete covered with a standard curing blanket. After 72 hours, concrete under the MD heating blanket achieved 3,925 PSI, compared to 2,162 PSI under the standard curing blanket.

The test, conducted in February 2011 at an actual construction site,
measured how concrete cured under three scenarios: the Powerblanket MD
heated blanket with the power on, the Powerblanket MD heated blanket
with the power off, and a standard curing blanket.

A sensor embedded in the slab found that the concrete under the MD blanket with the power on cured almost
three times faster than the concrete under the standard curing blanket. The concrete under the MD heated blanket with the power off still cured 1.5 times faster than a standard curing blanket.

The test took place with ambient air temperatures from 22.3 F to 38.6 F,
which is consistent with "cold weather concreting” as defined by ACI

In addition to providing heat and preventing freezing on concrete curing
projects, the MD blankets retain moisture throughout the natural
hydration process to create a wet cure environment that protects against
cracking and rapid drying.


Featuring patented GreenHeat technology, which uniformly distributes an
insulated barrier of heat while consuming low levels of energy, the MD
heating blanket provides an environmentally friendly solution for curing
concrete, thawing frozen ground and protecting construction materials
and machinery from freezing.

The blankets achieve desired PSI levels quicker, speeding up curing time
by almost three times. This enables contractors to advance projects
faster and save labor costs for bridge decks, tilt-up, precast, block
walls, footings, flatwork, and other concrete construction jobs. The MD
blankets can also typically thaw frozen ground to a depth of 24 inches.

The MD heating blankets are offered in several standard sizes ranging
from two by two feet to 11 by 23 feet, and custom sizes are available by
request. Standard blankets are rated to -10 F  while Arctic
versions are rated to perform in temperatures as low as -40 F.

Built with a durable outer shell that is winter-proof and water
resistant, blankets are powered by 120 V electricity, thereby eliminating
the open flames and hazardous waste associated with common heating
products. Non-horizontal versions of the blankets are certified to
UL/CSA/ETL safety standards.

Powerblanket provides superior heating solutions for a multitude of
applications, including ground thawing, concrete curing, industrial and
manufacturing temperature control, oil field services and many more.

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3 Comments » for Fast concrete curing
  1. Bob Parry says:

    Looking to rent a curing blanket to thaw my frozen water pipe.
    I am in Chilliwack BC do you have any stores nearby?
    If so what is the cost to rent a blanket? Area that I think I need to heat is going to be about 10 x 12 ft.

  2. Ghasem says:

    I am looking for concrete Blanket for fresh concrete foundation in Cambridge Ontario. Do you Have representative her in Cambridge?

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