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GlacierMax heated blankets from Norseman

By Norseman   


industrial_heati_4ef0f41f16d8eNorseman has introduced GlacierMax heated blankets for industrial heating applications to their construction product line. The GlacierMax heating product is aimed at increasing jobsite productivity, saving time and money. GlacierMax products are built for efficiency without sacrificing heat. Engineered for the world's coldest locations, GlacierMax heats, thaws, cures, insulates, and protects on contact.

Norseman`s GlacierMax line of products, are powered by the patented
GreenHeat technology, providing superior heating solutions in numerous
industries including construction, manufacturing, oil field service, road repair and pipeline.

Using aerospace heating designs, GreenHeat technology provides highly
efficient and uniform distribution of heat while consuming low levels of
energy. GlacierMax products are rated to -54 Celsius.

    •    Certified to UL/CSA safety standards
    •    Eliminates hot and cold spots which can damage curing concrete
    •    Spreads heat evenly horizontally and vertically across the entire surface
    •    Easy storage: rolls and folds to its original size every time
    •    Light weight for hanging, draping and wrapping
    •    Meets ACI Cold Weather Concrete specifications
    •    Multiple applications for each blanket
    •    Easily transported from job to job
    •    Environmentally friendly

    •    Ground thawing
    •    Concrete curing
    •    Pipe, valve and tube warming
    •    Tank and silo heating
    •    Snow and ice melting
    •    Drum heating
    •    Cylinder warming
    •    Frozen pipe thawing
    •    Underground utility thawing
    •    Concrete finishing
    •    Propane tank heating
    •    Snow and ice melting
    •    Equipment heating
    •    Water pump and well heating
    •    Temperature regulation


Norseman GlacierMax products are available on demand across Canada.

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