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The need for frequent and thorough disinfecting of work trucks like aerial devices and digger derricks is a new task for service managers. In response to questions from customers, Terex Utilities has released Tech Tip #140 to provide a reminder of the many surfaces on a piece of equipment that may have been touched by crew members.

“It’s a good idea to clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces at the beginning and end of each shift or crew change. Terex Utilities recommends using disinfectant wipes and following CDC guidelines for developing and implementing a cleaning plan,” said Jason Julius, Technical Support and Training. In addition, the EPA has compiled a list of disinfectant products that can be used against COVID-19.

Among the items on the list are keys, door handles, arm rests, steering wheel, engine start/stop button, mirrors, visors, seatbelts, and other controls and handles inside the cab. On the truck chassis and/or unit, doors and latches, outrigger controls, and upper/lower and radio controls, grab handles, and platform are some items to be cleaned. “And don’t forget your tools,” said Julius.

Refer to Tech Tip #140 for a full list of components to disinfect. This and other technical support documents are available online at the Technical Support tab at, or users can sign up to receive email notifications at

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