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Cooper Equipment Rentals staff pull together to implement new software system

By Cooper Equipment Rentals   


Sept. 5, 2017 - Cooper Equipment Rentals is tipping its hat  to a large group of our employees, who they have named “Team Smush”. An internal project was started to create a management system for our inventory groups and structures so we could better serve you, our customers.

Through the build process, our team really stepped it up and showed their dedication to improving our internal processes. The process spanned for months, but the motivation and commitment did not alter at any point before launch. Two of our team members, Ray and Brian stayed until 3:00 am last Friday evening to make sure that all branches would be able to work with minimum disruption when they arrived on Saturday morning. Joanna worked tirelessly testing and validating the platform. She even came back early from her holidays to make sure that everything went smoothly and that all unforeseen issues were addressed quickly. Reena, Ivonne and Corey tested and retested the data and uploads, and took all incoming calls to ensure any issues were addressed immediately. Rod, Cam and Pete spent days setting up the inventory groups and structures and making sure that the inventory was properly prepared and organized.

This resulted in managers and rental coordinators at all of our branches coming in Saturday morning to a fully functioning system, ready to be put to work. The dedication shown by so many members of team Cooper to improving our internal processes has truly set the tone for our company’’s future. You continue to allow us to provide The Cooper Difference for our customers through your hard work.

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