Deutz promotes Sauer to manager of technical training

November 14, 2017
By Deutz
Russell Sauer is DEUTZ Corporation’s new manager of technical training. Sauer will responsible for day-to-day training operations in the Americas, which includes coordinating and supporting training programs taught by 16 certified instructors at 15 different locations. Sauer will also develop training materials designed to address existing and future technological challenges in the diesel and natural gas engine industries.

Sauer started his DEUTZ career in 2006 as a warranty service technician. In 2011, he was promoted to the position of corporate trainer; in 2015, he became the supervisor of technical training.

“Russell spent many years working as a technician, which really helps him personally relate to the individuals attending our classes,” said Steven Corley, DEUTZ Corporation’s chief sales officer. “That experience, combined with his knowledge of training principles and course development make him the ideal person to manage our technical training department.”

DEUTZ Corporation’s unique approach to technical training provides attendees with the information and hand-on instruction they need to operate, understand and maintain their DEUTZ engines. The company’s “Train the Trainer” network is composed of 16 fully trained and certified instructors – now under the guidance of Russell Sauer – who are employed by key DEUTZ distributors. These instructors attend updated training seminars each year in addition to the core classes needed to maintain their certification levels. They provide training at three levels:
  • Level CC1 is intended for engine end users and includes maintenance, operation and overview coverage of the DEUTZ product line.
  • Level CC2 is for OEM customers, providing deeper coverage of key technologies including fuel and emissions systems.
  • Level CC3 is for the DEUTZ service network and addresses every aspect of DEUTZ engines from the perspective of the technicians who maintain and repair them.

“Our technical training program’s primary goal is to enable our service network to efficiently support our customers,” Sauer said. “However, I think there’s far more to be gained through our training initiatives. Training not only keeps end users, OEMs and service technicians up-to-speed on all the latest DEUTZ technology, but it also gives us a chance to regularly interact with our customers on various levels.

“As I begin this latest chapter in my DEUTZ career, I’m excited to find new ways to elevate our technical training program, making it as engaging and enlightening as possible. I plan to work closely with our certified trainers and our customers, using their feedback to improve and extend our training capabilities throughout the Americas.”

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