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Chicago Pneumatic Introduces New Compaction

March 11, 2015 - Chicago Pneumatic has intruduced two new tampers, the MS595 and MS695, that offer more power with less noise. The MS595 includes a new 6-in. foot version, along with the traditional 9-in. and 11-in. models. Built with a large fuel tank for longer runtime, the tampers use Honda's new 3.6 hp, 4-stroke GX R120 engines.

March 11, 2015
By Chicago Pneumatic

Tailor-made for tampers, the engines provide power and fuel economy, feature a dedicated lubrication system, overhead camshaft design, and a Chicago Pneumatic – designed compact muffler so the tampers operate quietly and with fewer emissions,  With the tampers’ slim build and narrow handles, operators can get closer to trench walls and obstacles and work in confined spaces. The tampers also are lighter for better maneuverability with less operator effort. 

For longevity and serviceability, the machines include a new LED indicator to warn of low oil levels. The system prevents the tamper from starting before oil is added. A 3- position throttle and engine control lever let operators switch to idle with one hand. A high-capacity air filter, easy to reach and clean without any tools, helps protect the engine and is easy to service.

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