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2023 Construction Heat Showcase

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Heater technology marches on, with each year bringing products that are more powerful, efficient and reliable.

More power in the same package
The new IHS1000 from Frost Fighter provides 900,000 BTU with the same physical footprint as the IHS700, but with more BTU, CFM and static pressure. It’s available in both oil and liquid propane/natural gas versions, with advanced PLC operation for easy troubleshooting and simplified maintenance. Options include a status beacon indicator and a 175-gallon oil tank for the diesel models. The backward-incline fan produces up to 8,000 CFM and five inches of static pressure, with multiple different voltage options. The fan is controlled by a variable speed drive with two selectable fan speeds and reduced start-up requirements. Standard duct configuration is a two-by-16-inch inlet and outlet on the same side for easier connections on the jobsite. The IHS1000 is available with a complete lifting and stacking frame and forklift pockets. Approved by CSA.

Big heat made simple
L.B. White recently introduced a new indirect heater called the Journeyman 360. The target user is someone looking for simplified big heat in the 250-500,000 BTU range. The anticipation is that the Journeyman 360 fills that gap. The value proposition is simplification. It presents this through very simple straightforward controls. There is a basic selector switch for either the fan to circulate the air or toggle the selector for heat. It is built to last with a rugged frame. Optional fork pockets are available, too. Even though simplified it does come in a dual-fuel version, which means you simply change fuel types to either propane or natural gas using a selector valve. There is also a diesel fuel option with an on-board 40-gallon tank. Keeping the electrical requirements simple allows for a 120V power requirement. While the product can function in manual mode, there is a thermostat option offered as an accessory to provide flexibility to tether the thermostat closer to a work area. When looking for big heat and simplification the Journeyman 360 is ideal.

The rental store’s friend
Construction Equipment Solutions continues to provide quality heating products as well as service parts and technical assistance to the Canadian rental industry. CES carries a complete line of heating products for all heating applications and fuel choices, including propane, natural gas, electric and oil-fired units. As well, it supplies units that are direct-fired, indirect-fired and infrared as well as convection. The Val 6 heaters are designed with the highest quality and dependability in mind. Val 6 radiant heat is able to heat an object without heating the air and losing efficiency at the same time. Val 6 heaters are not affected by wind or cold ambient temperatures the same way forced air heaters are. Not only are Val 6 heaters eco-friendly, releasing only one to two parts per million of carbon monoxide, but they are able to convert almost 100 per cent of their fuel to energy. This makes the Val 6 a very efficient form of heating. CES also offers the full line of Marley Engineered heating products. The TBX series mobile warmer comes in two sizes. The mobile warmers have a thermostat with positive “off” and “fan-only” positions with a range from 40 to 100 F. Ten-inch wheels allow for easy rolling over obstacles on a job site to the spot where heat is required.

Controlled concrete curing
Hybrid Light Solutions has launched two new products to its range: the 2.5-million and 4.5-million BTU Temporary Makeup Air Heating Systems. Hybrid’s makeup air systems deliver forced mechanical ventilation to construction sites, circulating treated air to create a more efficient and controlled environment. The advanced technology in the heating systems raises the surface temperature of curing construction materials, speeding up and optimizing the curing process without compromising on air quality. Crucially, the systems are designed to manage site humidity by providing treated air. This pressurization capability allows the system to control humidity, accelerating curing periods and limiting the risk of mould development. Hybrid’s new models are equipped with cutting-edge variable controller technology that adjusts to the ambient temperature. This feature provides consistent heat to the project while effectively reducing fuel use, striking a balance between environmental sustainability and operational efficiency. The manufacturer’s commitment to reliability is embodied in the product design. Understanding that heating equipment must be operational under all conditions, Hybrid systems are built to function even in freezing weather or other challenging scenarios. A standout feature of the new systems is the stainless burner head. This modulating component gives users complete control and is designed to respond to frequent changes in ambient temperature, ensuring a dependable response in all circumstances.


Modulating burners for better performance
Eco Power Equipment has introduced innovative modulating burner technology within the indirect-fired temporary construction heating space. By combining an application-based approach with cutting-edge technology, Eco Power is changing how temporary heating is achieved. Air movement ranges from 16,000 to 30,000 CFM. With the ability to modulate fuel consumption based on ambient conditions, Eco Power heaters offer enhanced application flexibility. Eco Power Equipment heaters deliver the precise level of heat where needed. The Alberta-based manufacturer understands the challenges of extreme weather conditions, particularly in Canada’s harsh winters. That’s why the heaters are designed to provide constant uptime. Once commissioned at the start of the season, Eco Power heaters remain lit throughout, eliminating short cycling issues and blown heat exchangers. This superior reliability translates into a significant reduction in service calls and interrupted performance. The burner modulation technology enables Eco Power to deliver the exact amount of heat necessary to maintain the desired ambient temperature inside a building. By minimizing fuel consumption and optimizing energy usage, Eco Power heaters empower users to achieve substantial savings on fuel expenditures. This efficiency benefits the bottom line and supports timely project completion and adherence to budget constraints. In an era where sustainability is paramount, Eco Power Equipment stands at the forefront of environmentally conscious solutions. Rental stores can make a tangible contribution to promoting a more sustainable future by choosing Eco Power heaters. 

Linear air flow
The IX4 is the newest indirect heater from Sure Flame. Rated at 400,000 BTU this duel-fuel model and its twin (oil-fired) ID4 represents a fresh design concept with many advantages. Utilizing patented burner technology, the burner and fan are placed at opposing ends, creating an optimized linear airflow. Moving air in straight line has many advantages in a heater, including higher efficiency, longer duct runs and increased durability as the combustion chamber stays cool. If problems do arise, these heaters are a technician’s best friend. The standard cold-rated OLED screen displays over 80 common heater warnings or issues in text, right on the screen. It’s even configurable in English or French. 

Jobsite flexible
Campo is pleased to introduce the latest addition to its complete line of makeup air heaters. The Campo DF4500 is a makeup air heater that delivers up to 4.5 million BTU with a maximum heated air output of 25,000 CFM. It boasts Campo’s unique “fan first” design which keeps the heat off critical components and  eliminates the need for drive belts, pulleys and bearings, which in turn mitigates premature failures and keeps the rental user happy. The DF4500 is fueled by liquid propane or natural gas. The burner system incorporates wide scope modulation (from 742,000 to 4.5 million BTU), which means the heater will hold the desired temperature while burning the minimum amount of fuel, saving the rental customer big fuel bucks. The DF4500 is also jobsite flexible. Standard features, such as the dual voltage selector switch (between 220 and 480V) and the dual power hookups (cam locks and 50A twist) behind a tamper-proof door give your technicians choices and makes the installation process on any jobsite a breeze. 

No boiler ticket required
The Hydro Heat Pro is targeted to provide emergency heat when a building’s boiler is down for maintenance or replacement, but it can also be used on any number of industrial fluid heating applications. One of the many advantages of the HHP unit is that it is open to atmospheric pressure, so it is not considered a boiler and does not require a ticketed operator or boiler watch. The 1.8 million-BTU Hydro Heat Pro combines the heating power of the efficient DryAir water heater and two plate heat exchangers into one ready-to-rent trailer package. Features include two plate heat exchangers, each with 2 million BTU-per-hour capacity that are capable of handling 100 percent of the output from the water heater. This allows one plate heat exchanger loop to remain dedicated to heating potable water without the risk of contamination. The two plate heat exchangers can also heat two different fluids (process and potable) at two separate temperatures simultaneously. Each plate heat exchanger has a pump to circulate the heated fluid to its respective output loop. The Hydro Heat Pro is tri-fuel capable (diesel, natural gas and propane) with the ability to switch fuels with a quick burner change-out. Convenient designated storage is provided for the burners that are not in use. The 1800 HHP starts and operates efficiently all the way down to minus 40 F thanks to DryAir’s innovative combustion environment control system that maintains fuel and combustion air at optimal temperatures for the burner, regardless of ambient conditions.

High efficiency ground thawing
Wacker Neuson offers surface heaters to keep projects on schedule and within budget with hydronic technology. Hydronic surface heaters are designed to quickly and economically thaw frozen ground, cure concrete, prevent frost and provide temporary heat during cold weather conditions. Wacker Neuson’s heaters have proven to effectively manage cold weather projects by significantly reducing project costs, delivering high quality and maintaining tight project schedules. Wacker Neuson’s most popular model is the E3000. Engineered for reliable performance and trouble-free starts, the E3000 will provide a maximum flow and ensure consistent heat delivery for thawing and curing applications. The E3000 thaws or cures up to 6,000 square feet and with accessories can manage up to 18,000 square feet  or provide 535,000 cubic feet of dry heat at 83 percent efficiency. 


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