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Construction heat showcase: August 2022

By Canadian Rental Staff   

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It’s still hot out, but not as hot as these top heat products. Get ready for fall!

Constant heat
With capabilities of 3,250 maximum CFM, the EB30E from Campo Equipment provides up to 300 percent more air movement than popular competitors.  The EB30 is 100 percent efficient, ductable to 50 feet and can be used in recirculation mode, cutting energy costs for your rental customer. “Wet trade” customers such as painters, drywallers and coaters will benefit from the constant-on fan and remote thermostat, which circulates the air continually at the desired temperature. The EB30E is also perfect for tents and occupied spaces. Faster air changes and three inches of static pressure will keep the inside areas fresh, pressurized and cut down on cool, permeating drafts. Guests will be comfortable with 100 percent efficient and dry heat. The EB30E incorporates two 15 kilowatt panels, which increases its versatility on the job site. It provides a full 102,450 BTU at 30 kilowatts and 51,225 BTU at 15 kilowatts. The EB30E provides a delta-T of 170 F. Other features of the EB30 include a wheelbarrow-style cart with oversized wheels and retractable handles for easy deployment on the jobsite. They are stackable, which will save storage space during the off season. The EB30E is available in three-phase, 480 or 600 volts. 

Four-pass chamber
Cantherm Distributors is the original North American distributor of Biemmedue Arcotherm heaters. For the past 30 years, they worked diligently to ensure that their heaters are designed to meet clients’ needs and expectations as a reliable source of heat across many industries. The Arcotherm indirect-fired heaters are extremely portable due to their lower weight, wheels, lifting brackets, forklift pockets and handles, making them easy for clients to pick up for rent or move from one site to the next. Cantherm carries a full supply of high-efficiency heaters from 100,000-1,000,000 BTUs in nine different indirect-fired sizes and two radiant sizes. Cantherm has developed custom one-, two- and three-way adapters for each of the Phoen and EC (100,00- 412,000 BTU) models which provide better overall performance and versatility. The ducting options, available in various diameters ranging from six to 30 inches, are more efficient and durable. These features play key roles in ensuring the unobstructed conveyance of the heaters’ very high CFM ratings, which are critical for increased air-exchange capabilities. The innovation of the Italian portable forced-air heaters lies in their four-pass chamber heating design, which captures as much heat as possible and exchanges it with the blown air to heat the environment. This, combined with low static pressure and high BTU’s, gives users  the highest efficiency and saves rental stores and clients money. These indirect-fired heaters will supply ductable, clean, heated air for any size of project. Biemmedue Arcotherm has proven itself in a multitude of industries across four continents. The units are designed to last for many years thanks to their Italian patented design.

Tailor-made for rental
 The SE410 from Sure Flame is a 400,000-BTU enclosed-flame direct heater combining  the efficiency and simplicity of a direct-fired heater with the safety of an indirect. Sure Flame’s exclusive monitoring technology keeps a constant eye on combustion quality, ensuring safe and clean discharge air. Tailor-made for the rugged demands of the rental industry, the SE410 is easy to move, stackable and extremely serviceable.  All Sure Flame-manufactured products are backed by knowledgeable customer support and a three-year limited warranty.

Ground thaw solution
Wacker Neuson offers surface heaters to keep projects on schedule and within budget with hydronic technology. Hydronic surface heaters are designed to quickly and economically thaw frozen ground, cure concrete, prevent frost and provide temporary heat during cold weather conditions. Wacker Neuson’s heaters have proven to effectively manage cold weather projects by significantly reducing project costs, delivering high quality and maintaining tight project schedules.


 Wacker Neuson’s most popular model is the E3000. Engineered for reliable performance and trouble-free starts, the E3000 will provide a maximum flow and ensure consistent heat delivery for thawing and curing applications. The E3000 thaws or cures up to 6,000 square feet and with accessories can manage up to 18,000 square feet  or provide 535,000 cubic feet of dry heat at 83 percent efficiency.

The rental store’s friend
Construction Equipment Solutions continues to provide quality heating products as well as service parts and technical assistance to the Canadian rental industry. CES carries a complete line of heating products for all heating applications and fuel choices, including propane, natural gas, electric and oil-fired units. As well, it supplies units that are direct-fired, indirect-fired and infrared as well as convection. The Val 6 heaters are designed with the highest quality and dependability in mind. The Val 6 radiant heat is able to heat an object without heating the air and losing efficiency at the same time. Val 6 heaters are not affected by wind or cold ambient temperatures the same way forced air heaters are. Not only are Val 6 heaters eco-friendly, releasing only one to two parts per million of carbon monoxide, but they are able to convert almost 100 per cent of their fuel to energy. This makes the Val 6 a very efficient form of heating. CES also offers the full line of Marley Engineered heating products. The TBX series mobile warmer comes in two sizes. The mobile warmers have a thermostat with positive “off” and “fan-only” positions with a range from 40 to 100 F. Ten-inch wheels allow for easy rolling over obstacles on a job site to the spot where heat is required.

For demanding environments
Allmand has listened to customers and incorporated many innovations into its re-designed, self-contained heating solution for demanding environmental conditions: the Maxi Heat indirect-fired heater.  Producing one million BTU with dual burners, the Maxi Heat is auto calibrated with increased efficiency, external operator controls and ease of use to provide the versatility job sites require. Applications include concrete curing, site and equipment warming, disaster-relief drying, special event HVAC and many more solutions. The new design incorporated air recirculation that returns heated air back to burner intake for less fuel consumption and increased efficiency. Fluid containment is accomplished with a 200 percent single tank or 150 percent multi-tank that meets CSA and Transport Canada regulations. The control system uses the iQ seven-inch external touchscreen eliminating the need to open the heater for operation. Both heaters may be controlled on a single screen with a clear view of operating parameters on a colour display. The iQ system calculates the proper damper setting for the most efficient air/fuel mixture based on the jobsites ambient temperature and barometric pressure. Efficiency, target and outlet temperatures are displayed. The Maxi Heat produces only 65 decibels with a 22 percent sound pressure decrease at seven meters. 

Indirect oil
The FVO-400RC60 from Flagro is a 390,000-BTU indirect-fired oil heater with a recirculating hood. It uses proven Riello burner technology including a nozzle pre-heater for cold weather start up and an upgraded low-temperature fuel pump. Features a welded, 304 stainless steel heat exchanger. The powerful backward blower provides ultra-quiet operation and low amperage. It’s ductable up to 150 feet. A smart power indicator control and volt meter verifies proper power supply to the heater. High-density flat-free wheels, a built-in 60-gallon fuel tank and forklift pockets give the unit the portability and convenience needed for rental applications.


Air-quality control
Eco Power Equipment offers high-efficient indirect heating for construction with the IAQH-1000. The heater is perfect for temporary-heat- and humidity-control applications. Controlling air quality during construction can improve your project efficiency. The IAQH-1000 offers reduced operating cost and emissions and a variable rate burner that gives you mechanical ventilation. The heater has an output of 820,000 BTU per hour, an air-volume rating of 12,000 CFM and comes in a stainless steel design. 

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