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WesternOne launches WEDGE remote monitoring service

By WesternOne   


September 7, 2017 - WesternOne Infrastructure Services is pleased to announce the launch of WEDGE, an app-enabled remote monitoring service for construction and industrial worksites.

Project managers, site superintendents and owners of constrution projects have always been challenged to stay informed and in control of worksites due to changing conditions that affect scheduling and quality workmanship. For example, environmental factors such as temperature and humidity influence the curing of concrete and other materials. At the same time, fuel and power supply can fluctuate having an impact on work. Knowing measurements for these inputs around a worksite can be vital to a large-scale operation.

These challenges have long been recognized by WesternOne, a company that provides specialized heat services and equipment for worksites. In the past year, the innovative team at WesternOne took matters into their own hands. Inspired by the kind of technologybeing utilized in smart home solutions, they developed a system of ultra-tough sensors and communication devices that connect into auser-friendly dashboard. The result is WEDGE, WesternOne’s proprietary remote monitoring and notification service.

With the release of WEDGE, project managers, site superintendents and owners can stay on top of worksite inputs and environmental factors with any device connected to the Internet. This means peace-of-mind, scheduling efficiency and transparency with trades and vendors. Not only can project managers see real-time and historical data with user-friendly visuals, they also get instant alerts via SMS text message when custom thresholds are reached.

“This solution enhances our offering for complex construction sites,” says Geoff Shorten, President and COO of WesternOne Infrastructure Services. “We are providing a way for project managers and owners to gain control, improve transparency and enhance quality.”


WEDGE was proven at five large construction sites last heat season and the team has ramped up production in preparation of a full scale rollout this year. “The WEDGE system all but eliminates the need for expensive callouts on overtime to check tarps and heaters during the nights and weekends,” says Garth Babcock, Site Superintendent of APG Construction, Ltd. “WEDGE is an invaluable tool for monitoring curing temperatures for concrete.”

WEDGE is now available for job sites across North America, serviced by WesternOne’s locations in Western Canada.

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