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MK Diamond Manta III Core Drill Rigs

By MK Diamond   


November 18, 2015 - MK Diamond's Manta III Core Drill Rigs are designed to core holes up to 14 inches in diameter in all types of concrete floors, walls, and ceilings.

They are built strong, with 2-1/2-in. steel columns and Milwaukee motors, for rental or construction businesses.

Manta III Core Drill Rigs feature a rack and pinion gear-system, providing excellent operator control of the drilling pressure and cutting speed, the company says. The control box with amp meter helps the operator control the cutting load. The core drill is designed for use with five models of two-speed Milwaukee, 15 or 20 amp, motors that provide the correct cutting speed over a wide range of core bit diameters. Changing the motor speed is easy with the accessible speed shift lever. Shear pin or friction clutch configurations are available.

All Manta III rigs have positive anchoring for vertical and horizontal drilling. At the top of the column is a strong jackscrew that allows for additional bracing to overhead or opposite surfaces. For Combo Base models, a vacuum pump provides quick and reliable mounting to smooth concrete slabs and floor surfaces.

The water system is a simple hose hook-up to a ball valve that provides controllable water flow through the diamond drill bit which insures the water is supplied to the cutting end of the bit.


The lightweight, cast-aluminum base with built-in wheels provides easy maneuverability. The carriage assembly easily detaches from the column. 

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