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CES (Construction Equipment Solutions) continues to provide quality heating products as well as service parts and technical assistance to the Canadian rental industry.


Quality and dependability
CES (Construction Equipment Solutions) continues to provide quality heating products as well as service parts and technical assistance to the Canadian rental industry. CES carries a complete line of heating products for all your heating applications and fuel choices, including propane, natural gas, electric, and oil fired units. As well, it supplies units that are direct-fired, indirect-fired and infra-red as well as convection. The Val 6 heaters are designed with the highest of quality and dependability in mind. The Val 6 radiant heat is able to heat an object without heating the air and loosing efficiency at the same time. The Val 6 heaters are not affected by wind or cold ambient temperatures the same way forced air heaters are. Not only are the Val 6 heaters eco-friendly, releasing only one to two parts per million of carbon monoxide, but they are able to convert almost 100 per cent of their fuel to energy. This makes the Val 6 a very efficient form of heating.

CES also offers the full line of Marley Engineered heating products. The TBX series mobile warmer comes in two sizes. The mobile warmers have a thermostat with a positive off and fan-only positions with a range from 40 to 100 F. Ten-inch wheels allow for easy rolling over obstacles on a jobsite to the spot where heat is required. Marley offers a complete line of electrics from 1,300 Watts up to 100,000 BTU.


Saves wear and tear
The Serious Toaster ground thawing system is fast, thawing ground 1.6 inches per hour. It is easy to set up as two men can move it. The Toaster can be used in series or in such custom configurations as circles, squares or tees. There is no need to clear ice and snow before using the system. The safe design with no open flame means you can place Serious Toasters anywhere. Users can save money by exposing utilities and save wear and tear by not using equipment in frost conditions. Serious Toasters are stackable so multiple units store and transport easily. Because they have minimal moving parts, there is little maintenance required.


Uniform heat delivery
Thawzall’s THC250 uses patented HeatZone technology that delivers heat more uniformly with five separate zones at 600 feet each. It thaws more quickly, cures more evenly and saves a minimum 24 gallons of fuel per day over its competitors. The THC250 includes a rugged boiler with a top draft flow for cleaner burns and more efficient fuel usage. No annual de-sooting is required. The heater is designed to be easy to use with a newly designed control box located on the rear passenger side. The new power-in/power-out and freewheeling feature for reel operation with dynamic brake make this a strong hydronic heater offering.



Portable and flexible
Flagro Industries is pleased to introduce the new FVO-75TRFC series indirect-fired heater trailer for 2013. This oil-fired heater trailer includes a 180-gallon fuel tank, providing a continuous run time of 30 hours before re-fuelling is necessary. The fully welded steel fuel tank includes 100 per cent full fuel containment. The trailer includes a 4-inch C-channel bumper for fuel tank protection, dual 3,500 lb axles and is U.S. Department of Transportation-approved. The powerful reverse-inclined blower and Riello burners provide 130 F temperature rise at 7,000 CFM. The return air duct inlet allows for recirculation of warm inside air and/or pressurization of the building as desired. Both one- and three-phase power supply options are standard equipment. The proven Flagro heat exchanger design using 304 Series stainless steel construction ensures the FV-750 will stand up to the most brutal winters North America offers. Optional Hitex ducting and thermostat kits are also available.


Ready for anything
Whether your customer uses it in the garage or on the job-site the DeWalt DXH135HD 135,000 BTU forced air kerosene heater is up for the task. With jobsite-ready dual powder-coated steel roll-cage-style handles, front barrel supports with an added storage bin and solid rubber flat-free tires and a shell made from thick steel, it is up for any challenge. Equipped with high-output fully enclosed motors and large glove-friendly controls, it is easy to use in any situation. The DXH135HD heats up to 4,200 square feet for up to 11 hours with its 14 gallon fuel tank and is controlled by a factory-installed thermostat.

This DeWalt heater is equipped with a high limit safety switch and a photo CAD cell to shut the unit off in unsafe conditions. Customers can use this heater with no worries and focus on the task at hand. This kerosene heater has been factory tested for multiple fuel types. If customers use kerosene, diesel or even jet fuel this heater has all the versatility and safety features the job site requires.


Safe and reliable
The new IX410 indirect industrial heater by Sure Flame is safe, tough and reliable. With four safety shutdown controls, a high limit switch, an exhaust limit switch, an air switch and a flame rod the IX410 is designed for safety.

This heater is designed to operate in the most extreme conditions. The robust exoskeleton, stainless steel heat exchanger, lifting hook and fork lift pockets makes it ready to withstand even the most trying environments. An adjustable handle and 16-inch puncture proof wheels add to the durability and make for easy maneuverability. The IX410 operates on natural gas or propane with the switch of a single lever with no orifice to change.

It is also designed to allow for recirculation, increasing efficiency and reducing fuel consumption while still maintaining constant, clean dry heat. Requiring less than 12 amps to operate, the IX410 is non-polarity-sensitive indoor or outdoor. Duct size not an issue as the IX410 comes able to accept two 12-inch or one 16-inch duct with an optional transitions allowing for a one 18-inch duct scenario.


Reliable heat
The Thawzall HeatZone Model 1350, patent pending, is a diesel-powered portable heater capable of generating 1.35 million BTUs of dry, flameless heat for the petroleum industry in locations where flame-type heaters are regulated. It delivers 275 Fahrenheit temperature with 7,500 CFM circulation. The Model 1350 uses standard components familiar to tech service personnel to achieve high use and reliability in the field. The Model H1350 uses components that meet Class 1, Division 2 standards. The generator, spark-proof alternator, explosion-proof relays, spark-arresting exhaust heat exchanger and spark-free control provide more safety in regulated environments. Thawzall 1350 models feature fast and easy access to all systems for rapid serviceability. The heaters achieve a higher conversion of fuel into BTUs than other flameless devices – up to 94 per cent. Warm-up is fast due to the innovative heat chamber design. The operator-friendly design uses only three controls:  a diesel start key, a temperature set knob and an air flow set knob. All heat-producing elements operate below 400F. The Model 1350 includes an automatic over-speed diesel positive air shutoff.


Popular design
L.B. White’s Premier unit heaters are one of the most popular styles of direct-fired heaters in their class. The Premier 170-DF features dependable direct-spark ignition, remote thermostatic control, effortless extendable wheel-barrel handles, easy rolling wheels, and a corrosion-resistant Tri-Shield finish.

With 170,000 BTU/hours and the option of using ducting, the new Premier 170-DF is perfect for delivering highly efficient and flexible heat distribution for any construction heating need. The product puts out 1,200 CFM, and can run in vent mode to help move air without heat.

This dual fuel product works on both liquid propane and natural gas and easily converts with the turn of a handle. It is proven as a rugged, long-lasting product with a sleek look.
The Premier 170-DF is also equipped with an array of safety features including a totally enclosed flame, built-in temperature management, airflow safety devices, fully enclosed electronics and virtually clean air output, making it a favorite of your insurance company. Also available are the Premier 80, 170 and 350 LP and NG models, as well a 350,000 BTU dual fuel model. All Premier heaters are CSA-certified.


Thaw or cure
The Heat King Glycol Mobile heater is used for ground thawing applications during the winter months throughout Canada and the United States. It is used for concrete curing, shale gas fracturing and space heating. The Glycol Mobile uses 200,000 BTU heat exchangers for proper temperature control. Models are available in three sizes based on the coverage of ground space that will need to be thawed or cured. The HK 150 is the smallest of the Heat King family. This unit was designed with the residential contractor in mind. It is quiet, compact and fuel-efficient, yet powerful enough to thaw ground, cure concrete or provide temporary heat for up to two new home sites at the same time. The HK 300 is a midsize heater at 300,000 BTU. It is the most popular of the three Heat King models. It is designed for the residential and commercial contractor to thaw or cure large areas and still maintain fuel efficiency while being compact enough to easily transport after every project. The HK 500 is the most powerful and largest model heater of the Heat King family. It has the capacity to thaw up to 11,200 square feet, to cure concrete up to 22,400 square feet and to provide temporary space heating for up to 15,000 square feet. It is fuel efficient and quiet for large commercial applications. Heat King‘s unique double loop design provides increased reliability and more consistent heat for better control. The two-loop system refers to the heater loop and the field loop. In the heater loop, glycol is pumped from the reservoir through the two, 250,000-BTU coil heaters where it is heated and then dumped back into the reservoir. In the field loop, glycol is pumped from the reservoir through the field hoses that are laid out to do the thawing or curing process and then back to the reservoir for re-heating. This will allow for less chance of boiler shock, which is when cooled glycol from the field hose re-enters the system and can cause damage or destroy the heater. The Heat King Family of Mobile Glycol Heaters can help the residential or commercial contractor to thaw the ground or cure concrete for any project.


High-performing and portable
One of the most efficient heaters in today’s market, this two million-BTU unit is one of the largest indirect-fired heaters available in Canada. The IDF2000 heater contains a variable frequency motor to control air volume, temperature rise and start-up without in-rush.

This heater is able to run on single or three-phase power without any modification. Its fully modulating, 88 per cent-efficient burner, allows for significant cost savings in fuel. The IDF2000 is easily transported and portable as it fits through a standard doorway.


Cure for the uncommon cold
Allmand manufactures the Maxi-Heat portable heater for temporary worksite heat, concrete curing, equipment pre-heating, wellhead thawing, plant maintenance, pipeline construction, winter painting, industrial tank coating, and a host of other applications.

Indirect combustion through Maxi-Heat’s twin 505,000 BTU/hour diesel-fired heaters ensures that only clean, breathable heated air enters the work area.

Each of the heater units has 16-inch diameter flanged outlets that allow up to 110 feet of flexible ducting to be connected to each unit, to ensure that combustion by-products from the heat exchangers are exhausted safely away from the heated area.

The Allmand Maxi-Heat now features a 250-gallon fuel capacity that provides over 30 hours of continuous operation without refueling. The Maxi-Heat’s heater units produce a total of 1,010,000 BTU/hour at sea level with a total output of 6,500 CFM of clean heated air.

Each of the two individual heater units may be operated independently on job sites where heating requirements are less demanding.


Small electric
Campo Equipment has introduced a new small electric heater for 2013. The Blaze 1.5E (1,500 Watts) is lightweight and portable, weighing only 13 lbs with overall dimensions of 10.88 by 8.33 by 12.27 inches. It produces 125 CFM maximum and 5,100 BTU. It comes with an adjustable ambient thermostat with a range of 32 to 150F.  Campo Equipment has also upgraded all its gas indirect-fired units (Blaze 400G, 700G, 1000G and 2000G) with easy NG/LP switchover valves, two gas pressure gauges on all trains (inlet and manifold side) and panel-mount digital voltmeters.

Campo Equipment heater designs are geared towards the portable heater rental market, for instance, the NG/LP easy switchover valve means a technician does not have to be scrambling with tedious orifice changes in extreme cold weather conditions. Seasoned rental houses know that the most common cause for problems with heaters on site are associated with improper setup, meaning incorrect gas supply or power supply. Campo’s gas pressure gauges and voltmeters eliminate the need for technicians to have to carry voltmeters or manometers on them to set
up heaters.


High temperature rise
The IHS700 GT is a 700,000 BTU indirect-fired heater with four inches of static and one of the highest temperature rises in the industry. The generator has enough capacity to run two ICE Fighter 700s for larger jobs requiring more heat.

The 190-gallon tank will provide approximately 40 hours of continuous run time before it requires re-fuelling.

The trailer is dual-axle with a hand railed work platform and a storage area for ducting.

The oil burner has a Genysis controller with an LED display, providing easy troubleshooting information and a history log.

The heater has a stainless steel high-efficiency heat exchanger and is fully insulated, providing more heat to the jobsite with greater fuel savings. There is quick-connect wiring on the burner, so the heater can be changed to a LP/NG burner quickly.

Also available is a Safety Shield Package for hazardous conditions and pipeline work.


Upgraded series
Cantherm is located in Winnipeg and specializes in indirect-fired heaters, ranging from 113,000 to 900,000 BTU. Available in four series, each is designed for specific markets from the small job site to big construction sites requiring larger BTU heaters. The Arcotherm Phoen Series is available in two versions: the 380 gas (380,000 BTU), which operates on natural gas or propane with a quick-change valve, and the 400 oil (two-stage 411,000 BTU high fire/260,000 BTU low fire) that operates on diesel or kerosene. With an onboard fuel tank of 56 gallons, run times are extended 19.5 hours on high fire and 30 hours on low fire. Standard equipment includes a heavy duty frame kit with a convenient single lifting point, pneumatic tires, a dedicated second blower for combustion air and an optional inlet adapter to recirculate heated air. Phoen offers 3,250 CFM and is ductable to a maximum of 100 feet. The Phoen 380 has been upgraded for 2013 with a completely re-designed gas train and is guaranteed to operate at -40 C. In addition a larger ignition transformer has been added to both oil and gas versions which will improve start-up ignition at lower temperatures.


Design enhancements improve efficiency
Sure Flame has announced enhancements to the IX1500, its 1,500,000 BTU-per-hour indirect fired heater. This high-efficiency, small-footprint heater operates on either propane or natural gas.
Enhancements for 2013 include a 10 horsepower motor for approximately 50 per cent more CFM, a robust cast burner head and a new stainless steel combustion chamber for increased efficiency and reliability.

This unit comes in various power configurations to meet the user’s job site requirements. Conversion between fuels is done with a simple turn of a handle.
At only 32.5 inches wide, it will fit through most openings. The small footprint means less space is required for off-season storage.
Both the inlet and outlet are ductable. The IX1500 complements the current line of Sure Flame indirect and direct-fired heaters ranging from 100,000 to 2,250,000 BTU.


HEATERS Safe for urban use
With growing concerns in large metropolitan areas about the changes in job site safety laws regarding the use of fuel- or gas-powered heaters, the challenge to provide heat to these job sites has become very expensive and difficult. New from DeWalt this season is a line of construction site electric heaters.

These units can be operated without paying your skilled labor to sit and watch the heater, and as a result, all your time and money can be spent getting the job done.

The thermostatically controlled DXH1000TS electric heater operates at either 10 or seven kilowatts depending on your power needs.

With dual-coil supports, an oversized ergonomic handle and very durable job-site construction, this heater will provide your customer’s job site with many years of reliable service.

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