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Gehl broadens products lines with all-new articulated loaders

Patrick Flannery   


new_alFeb. 2, 2010 – Gehl Company has introduced brand-new additions to their product lines: Gehl compact articulated loader models 140, 340 and 540. 


Feb. 2, 2010 – Gehl Company has introduced brand-new additions to their product lines: Gehl compact articulated loader models 140, 340 and 540. 

“We are very excited to offer this new and innovative product line to our dealer network and customers world-wide,” said Daniel Keyes, Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Customer Support. “The new Gehl articulated loaders fill a very important niche in the compact equipment market.  With these new models and the Gehl dealer network to support them, Gehl Company is confident these new loaders will become a vital product for our customers and dealer network.”

Three all-new, uniquely different sized loaders are designed to fit both the budget and the application at hand.  Gehl articulated loaders feature tipping loads ranging from 1,900 to more than 5,100 pounds (when not articulated) and rated operating capacities from 950 to more than 2,550 pounds. These multi-talented machines can run virtually all universal-type attachments, putting tools customers already own to good use.  Compact sizes from as narrow as 41 inches on the model 140 allow easy access to extremely tight spaces. Articulated steering allows for turns up to 45 degrees, which further enables these compact loaders to navigate confined spaces while minimizing damage to sensitive surfaces and reducing tire wear.
Gehl articulated loaders come equipped with industry-proven Yanmar diesel engines.  These quiet and efficient powerhouses feature Interim Tier IV-certified emission technology with excellent performance in all applications.  Horsepowers range from 23 hp on the model 140 to 47 hp on the model 540.

Gehl articulated loaders are designed to go almost anywhere and do almost anything.  A heavy-duty oscillating joint offers 45-degree turning angles to the left and right and 10 degrees of oscillation in both directions for optimal stability and maneuverability.  The bucket and tires follow a constant turn radius, so the rear tires of the loader follow the path of the front tires.  Narrow machine widths allow access to tight, confined spaces that most skid-steer loaders with comparable operating capacities cannot access.
Superior hydraulic performance and handy time-saving features on the Gehl articulated loaders give customers the hydraulic power and precision they have come to expect from all Gehl products.  Two easily accessible auxiliary hydraulic lines with flat-face couplers power a variety of tools and make attachment changes easy.  Lift arm and bucket float features allow for “floating” of the lift arm and bucket for light scraping and rearward leveling actions.


The uniquely-designed lift arm on the Gehl articulated loaders is designed to achieve maximum strength, excellent visibility and fast cycle times.  The parallel-type linkage on the models 140 and 340, and “Z” bar-type linkage on the model 540 provide excellent bucket breakout forces from 2,433 lbf. on the model 140 to 10,749 lbf. on the model 540.  The unique linkage design allows for mechanical self-leveling action in both the up and down directions, excellent bucket dump angles at the mid- and top-ranges of the lift path, as well as outstanding forward reach.

Operators world-wide will find state-of-the-art ergonomics, unsurpassed visibility and ease of operation on Gehl articulated loaders.  A complete cab enclosure option is available on the models 340 and 540, providing enhanced comfort and safety for all-day-long operations.  Excellent 360-degree visibility is achieved by positioning the operator above the load for safe operation and excellent view of the attachment.  A multi-function joystick controls the lift arm, bucket, float, travel direction, differential lock and auxiliary hydraulic functions.  An inching pedal allows operators to vary ground speed while maintaining a fixed engine speed, to optimally run attachments while enabling precise speed control.

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