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Editorial: February 2016

Patrick Flannery   

Features Business Intelligence

It’s our first issue of another new year...but not just any new year. This year, 2016, marks Canadian Rental Service’s 40th year in print.

That’s a great run for any trade magazine, and I’m proud to say we are still going strong with tremendous support from our advertisers, the Canadian Rental Association and you, the readers. Magazines like this one cannot succeed without a strong desire in the industry for communication, education and improvement. It is your interest in your business and in the businesses of your fellow rental operators that fuels what we do here nine times per year.  Our commitment to you is that as long as that interest stays strong, we will be here doing our best to bring you the information that binds the Canadian rental community together.

As important as your interest is, it needs to be served in ways that address the needs of today’s market, or we will lose it. That’s why we are continuing to push forward with new ideas and new technology to make it easy for you to connect to us and to each other, and to get the content you want the way you want it. Online publishing and social media grows ever more important each year. With a phone or tablet in everyone’s hand, reaching for a print magazine is fast becoming the second most convenient way to access industry information, where it used to be the most convenient. That’s why we embarked on a big overhaul of our website last year to make it mobile-friendly and to reorganize it for a world where people expect to go straight to the content they want without multiple clicks and searches. Our efforts to exploit the power of digital communications to retain your interest will continue with an expanded use of video in the months and years to come. Stay tuned for some interesting new initiatives in the works in that area.

Another great example of the enthusiasm in this community for learning and networking is coming up in the form of the trade shows taking place this spring across the country. As in publishing, event management is an activity that awards constant change and novelty. We are filling that requirement at the 2016 Canadian Rental Mart by offering, for the first time, valuable free training sessions to show attendees. Rental people can take advantage of an all-day course on safe aerial lift platform operation presented by Occupational Safety Group, and a free half-day course on safe propane fuelling by Fuels Learning Centre. Just visit to register.    

Canadian Rental Service will be celebrating our big birthday in our October issue with a look back at some of our favourite profiles and news items from years gone by. If you remember particular items or stories over the years that caught your eye or stuck out as particularly important, do get in touch and let me know. Many of you have been reading this magazine a lot longer than I have!


Speaking of milestones, our friends at the Canadian Rental Association are celebrating an even bigger one of their own. The CRA turns 50 this year! Fortunately, they don’t seem embarrassed to be seen in public with us, even though we are younger and better looking. But seriously – we want to congratulate the CRA on building this industry in Canada and promoting professionalism, safety and success for half a century. This year is a great year to make sure you get out to your local trade show – and the infamous Canadian hospitality event at the ARA Rental Show – to show your support for the group that has helped us all so much.  

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