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CRA President’s Message: March 2012

By Ed Dwyer CRA president   

Canadian Rental Association

CRA membership carries significant advantages for you.

CRA membership carries significant advantages for you.

I am writing this message from New Orleans while attending the big ARA trade show here. This month’s issue of Canadian Rental Service happens to be the party and event issue and I would like to talk a little about our party and event members. While they are small in number (stores make up about 20 per cent of our membership) they are big on volunteering for the Canadian Rental Association and are one of our key strengths. Party and event people like Andrew Paquette, who was just awarded the ARA President’s Image Award in New Orleans, Rhonda Petersen, Blair Holtsman and many others are always ready to step up to the plate for the CRA. I thank them for that.

 If you are a party and event rental store and are not a member of the CRA (which automatically makes you a member of the American Rental Association) I would encourage you to join and become active in your provincial association. I understand that there is a quarterly party and event newsletter sent out and webinars are held throughout the year. Go to some meetings and get to know some of us tool people. We are not all that bad and we can be a great referral service for you, as well as potential clients. Maybe we can help you with some regulatory issues I have been hearing about such as permits for tent installation. You are not alone; your local rental association can help organize an event where we have the regulatory people come out and hold an information session. This can help get your regulations harmonized with your input as an organization. The B.C. CRA has had great success working with the B.C. government to reverse new regulations that would have required new registration and insurance fees for the self-propelled equipment common in rental yards.

One of the biggest benefits that I see for party and events stores in the CRA is the Certified Event Rental Professional program. This program was specifically created for those in the party and event rental industry. It was developed by rental industry experts, and is an in-depth, self-study, workbook program for individuals who seek an edge in the party and event rental industry. I see these people go up and get their certificates at the shows and I say, “Wow, these people really like their jobs and are now professionally trained.” The investment in time and money will show up on their bottom lines.


Another big benefit I see is that the ARA hosts one of the biggest party and event shows in North America. Whether you are a member of the CRA or not, if you are a party and event rental store this is the place to be. If you are not a member of the CRA and are sending people to the show, the money you will save by joining our association will be more than offset by your savings on registration costs and hotel bills for the show.

Another huge benefit of membership for our party and event members is the CRA insurance program. This program, which is an exclusive benefit to members of the CRA, offers coverage that is tailored for the rental industry through a unique protected self-insurance structure. The CRA insurance program’s structure is the envy of the world when it comes to insurance for rental companies. If you are a CRA member and are not yet insured through the program, call vice-president Justin Friesen from Western Group Insurance Solutions for more information at 1-800-665-8990 ext. 7211. This year, due to the positive claims experience, most members of the CRA insurance program will receive a return of approximately 15 per cent of their yearly premiums. If you are not a member, but are considering joining the CRA, the savings from the insurance program would likely more than offset your cost of membership. Additionally, the superior insurance coverage and ongoing opportunity for annual premium rebates is something that simply cannot be beat. This is one example of the great things that can be achieved when members of the rental industry come together to achieve a common goal.

Please call me at 1-204-489-0003 and I would be happy to talk to you about the best trade organization in Canada, the CRA.

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