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Counter Talks episode #21: Stopping the Steal – Clyde Arceneaux, Arceneaux Sales Group

April 30, 2021
By Canadian Rental Service

Equipment theft has always been a big concern for the rental industry. We put big, expensive machinery out there that is purposely made so that anyone can jump in and operate it. We have no control over how well our customers secure their jobsites after hours. There’s a robust black market for the machinery, and insurance companies charge hefty premiums to cover the risk. Added to all that, the legal status of machinery that is rented and then kept past the contract is ambiguous in many jurisdictions. It’s often down to us to track and recover the equipment we rent. Clyde Arceneaux provides anti-theft technology to rental stores and joins Counter Talks to share his thoughts, experiences and expertise on how to best keep your valuable assets safe.