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The Toro BC-25 brush chipper fits through a standard 36-inch gate to get to any project and generates fine mulch ideal for planter beds and walking paths.


Resists jamming
The Toro BC-25 brush chipper fits through a standard 36-inch gate to get to any project and generates fine mulch ideal for planter beds and walking paths. This easy-to-maintain, towable unit offers a gravity-feed system with six-inch capacity, a high-output V-Twin engine, and two single-edge cutter blades. For added productivity, the patent-pending chopper/mulch detangle system prevents jams and a replaceable cutter block allows you to maintain close tolerance to the cutter blade.


Pro power for homeowners
The Bandit Model 75XP is a seven-inch-capacity disc-style chipper that is designed for the rental market. It offers high productivity with a seven-by-12-inch chipper opening and engine options up to 44 horsepower, yet its compact, simple design makes it very easy to tow and operate. The Model 75XP can easily handle branches with many limbs, large branches and even small trees that would shut other machines down. It uses Bandit’s patented Slide Box Feed System to aggressively pull in material. The disc bearings located on the back side of the disc and the reduced space between the feed wheel and the chipping disc further enhance the feed rate and chip quality. This chipper is powerful enough to meet the demands of professional tree care workers, yet compact and simple enough not to intimidate weekend renters and homeowners.


Unrivalled safety
Split-Fire’s 3255HT, bi-directional wood splitter is marking its 30th year in the equipment rental industry. Known for its two-way splitting action using a knife that splits wood in both directions, the 3255HT wood splitter is designed specifically for the rental industry and has gained a reputation as a safe and simple to use machine with minimal maintenance requirements. Powered by a Honda GX 160 engine, the 20-ton splitter has a fast cycle time splitting logs up to 36 inches in diameter. Its primary benefit for rental companies is its unrivalled safety. The unique log stop design prevents wood blocks from flying out and striking the operator, while its narrow profile presents less surface area to pinch fingers. In addition, its steel hydraulic oil lines are less susceptible to bursting compared to rubber hose. Manufactured in Canada using North American-sourced raw materials and components, Split-Fire’s self-contained wood splitters are safe, long lasting, low maintenance and simple to use machines that allow rental companies to get a fast return on investment.


Goes anywhere
The reliable ECHO Bear Cat CH5653  wood chipper makes processing of tree limbs and prunings quick and simple. The CH5653 is ideal for jobsite clean-up, power-line clearing and easement cleaning and has a chipping capacity of up to five inches. With a towable hitch suitable for road or highway, the CH5653 has go-anywhere usability. The CH5653 chipper is built with a banded belt drive that ensures equal transfer of power from the engine to the chipper blade, increasing the disc speed which allows the operator to chip more material at a faster pace. The 653 cubic centimetre V-Twin commercial grade Subaru engine provides smooth, reliable torque throughout the RPM range and low fuel consumption. The CH5653 is designed with a range of features and options including: a flip-up jack stand that ensures machine balance during operation; a locking chipper disc pin that holds the disc in place for safe maintenance and repairs; and a rotating discharge chute that lets the operator choose the direction of the discharge materials. Four reversible, heat-treated blades reduce maintenance costs and blade replacements. The CH5653 comes with a six-month rental warranty.



Split-Fire’s 5-inch wood chippers are designed to help rental operators manage the risk of renting these machines. These compact, self-propelled chippers are designed for continuous heavy duty use pulling in untrimmed branches, green leaves and stringy wood to produce consistent ½- to ¾-inch wood chips. The low-parts-count, heavy-duty clutch, dual-belt system and powder-coated finish reduce maintenance issues as these machines do not require annual overhauls. Powered by Honda GX 390, 630, and 690 Series engines they are equipped with heavy duty torsion axels rated for 1,400 lbs, they can be towed on- and off-road. Safety features specifically for rentals include an elongated hopper to avoid accidental contact with blades and extra plate steel around the blade box which prevents blades from exiting and striking the operator if fed prohibited materials. Split-Fire wood chippers also feature an anti-plugging design, two-sided knives and an adjustable bed-blade for added performance.


Multiple hours of operation
Echo Bear Cat’s 21-ton log splitter, the LS21, features a Subaru 190 cc overhead cam vertical engine with a cast iron cylinder liner.  The liner increases engine life while cutting back on costly maintenance and repairs making it a suitable fit for the rental industry.

The LS21 comes equipped with a superior hydraulic system fill, which keeps the machine components running cool during multiple hours of operation. Storing the LS21 is easy due to its compact design and fold-up trailer tongue.

The LS21 can be used in the horizontal or vertical positions for dual application options. The new wider end plate increases stability when operating the LS21 in the vertical position. Echo Bear Cat’s six-month rental warranty speaks to the solid quality of this durable workhorse. The LS21 comes available with a range of options and kits to design to customize this machine for specific uses. The Log Splitter cradle kit stablizes larger logs, increasing safety and productivity. The Quick Split kit allows the operator to set the re-tracking distance of the wedge to save time and enhance productivity.


Low maintenance
The Bandit Model 2250XP hydrostatic stump grinder delivers excellent performance without the maintenance normally associated with stump grinders. It is self-propelled and features a direct hydrostatic drive to the cutter wheel, eliminating the belts, sheaves and bearings normally associated with traditional stump grinders. This significantly reduces machine downtime and maintenance costs without sacrificing power to the cutter wheel. The Model 2250XP is compact and manoeuvrable, able to fit through narrow 36-inch gates with ease. It uses a 27-horsepower gas engine with a wide 50-inch swing arc, and it comes standard with the Bandit Revolution cutter wheel.


Intelligent load detection
The Toro STX-38 stump grinder is built for outstanding durability in the toughest conditions. Its fully hydraulic operation means there is no chance of expensive belt-breaking or slipping and no tension adjustments. The Inteli-Sweep feature automatically slows the sweep speed of the cutting head based on the load of the wheel, so heavy cutting loads won’t bog down the engine. And the easy-to-use TX-style controls, great visibility from behind the controls and tracks for manoeuvrability and stability make the STX-38 very operator-friendly. Its ground speed of 4.5 miles per hour allows the operator to spend more time grinding and less time transporting the machine for greater productivity.


Shreds eight-inch diameters
The new Bradco Series II Mulchers by Paladin Attachments attach to excavators, skid steers and forestry tractors to shred hardwood trees, brush and ground vegetation up to eight inches in diameter. Available in cutting widths of 36, 60 and 72 inches — depending on the machine and application — they feature a heavy-duty bent-axis variable displacement piston motor that offers better performance on demand, prevents stalling under heavy loads and provides a quicker recovery time. To increase versatility, return on investment and productivity, they can be switched between prime movers without changing hydraulic motors, belts or belt drive sprockets/pulleys. The drive train’s synchronous belt drive system eliminates belt and belt drive sprocket/pulley slippage to lower operating cost and maintenance needs. A patented interchangeable tooth design keeps each tooth seated in its holder with a cross bar that runs the full width of each tooth. Standard reversible carbide teeth double operation life and can be easily interchanged without needing to re-balance the rotor. The spiral cut pattern reduces the amount of cut per tooth for less drag, finer chip size and increased performance. The heavy-duty rotor construction of the Bradco Series II Mulchers features a balanced 0.75-inch wall drum that rotates at speeds up to 2,000 RPM with a 2.44-inch high-strength alloy steel shaft that passes through the entire length. Internal reinforcement rings minimize rotor flex for longer bearing life. Available exclusively on the MM36E 36-inch excavator model, the patent-pending tree stabilization guide captures a standing tree trunk between the cutting rotor and frame with an angled kick plate to help the operator maintain full control. All Bradco Series II Mulchers feature an adjustable push bar and replaceable abrasion-resistant AR400 skid shoes. An optional oil cooler is also available for both field and factory installation. Skid steer and tractor models feature an on-board pressure gauge for monitoring the system pressure with easy viewing from operating position.


Infinitely variable speeds
Little Wonder Hydro Brush Cutters can navigate through weeds, heavy brush and overgrown vegetation with ease. The welded steel frame design and engine positioning provide excellent balance regardless of the terrain. And the hydrostatic transmission offers infinitely variable, clutchless speed selection up to 4.2 miles per hour forward and 1.7 mph reverse so users can cut their own paths at their own paces. Solid rods connect the operator to the transmission, park brake, and cutter blade clutch with no cables to break or adjust. Available engine options include the durable Honda GXV390 and the 12.5 horsepower Briggs and Stratton Intek. The 0- and 12-gauge formed and welded steel engine base, cutting deck, main frame  and control handles hold up to the toughest conditions. The speed limiter dial allows the operator to retain a firm grip on the control handles right from the start and to control speeds while on the go. The Honda model features 16-inch, foam-filled, no-flat, puncture-proof, bar tread tires for excellent traction and ground clearance on rough terrain. The Briggs and Stratton model features Carlisle X-Trac tires with an aggressive tread design for excellent traction and control in any condition. Tires also feature a strong, two-ply casing designed to prevent damage from debris. The Little Wonder cuts brush, tall weeds, and saplings up to two inches thick. The adjustable 1.5-inch wide, .25-inch plate steel skid shoes offer excellent flotation over rough terrain. The one-inch diameter mower blade spindle is supported by top and bottom sealed ball bearings inside a machined steel hub with a heavy-duty welded outer steel flange and grease fitting to prevent moisture ingress. Little Wonder is suitable for clearing small areas, vacant lots and overgrown yards around barns or buildings. It can be used to clear hilly terrain, establish trails or paths and for highway guardrail maintenance.


Small but mighty
The small but mighty Beever M6R brush chipper is ideal for rental yards, landscapers, golf courses, pruning crews, orchard maintenance and homeowners. This compact, portable machine is designed to provide powerful chipping action.

The M6R’s powerful feed system with a 23-cubic-inch hydraulic motor generates more than 2,000 foot-pounds of materials-pulling force, while its 66 square inches of infeed throat opening allows for safer feeding and reduced labour for trimming.

The direct drive with belt power transfer eliminates clutch components and over-center belt tensioning systems, reducing problem areas and easing maintenance burdens. The exclusive hydraulic drum brake reduces rotor stop time when the engine is keyed off, bringing the chipping rotor to rest within seconds. The 180-degree silo swivel discharge puts chips right where they are needed without removing the Beever from the tow vehicle. The 66-cubic-inch infeed throat opening allows for safer feeding and reduced labour for trimming.


Smart feeding system
The Vermeer BC2100XL brush chipper is powered by a 275 HP Tier 4i (Stage IIIB) diesel engine to tackle the toughest land clearing projects. With a 21-inch capacity and the largest infeed table in its class, the BC2100XL allows for smooth material feeding. Offset horizontal feed rollers have a theoretical combined 10,000 pounds of pulling force and allow for easier feeding of material and less need for manual control of the upper feed roller when chipping large diameter material. An exclusive SmartCrush system provides increased down pressure on the material being fed and assists when feeding forked or branchy material. Operators can improve productivity with the SmartFeed system, which monitors engine RPM and senses jams, automatically stopping or reversing the rollers as needed. The BC2100XL provides operator safety with a 60.5-inch feed table for extra distance and an exclusive bottom-feed stop bar system. Rental operators can protect their investment with a three-year/3,000-hour extended limited warranty on the drum housings, cutter drums, shaft and ring-feeder hubs in addition to the one-year/1,000-hour Vermeer equipment limited warranty.


Gets hard-to-reach stumps
Aimed at modest landscapers and stump grinding contractors as well as rental stores, the Morbark G42 SP stump grinder is suitable for grinding smaller stumps. Its compact size and mobility allows it to be driven to sites that cannot be reached with larger stump grinders. Equipped with 27 or 38 HP options, it really packs a punch. With a choice of three cutting system options, users can custom fit the grinder to best fit their needs. The operator’s control station with four-up fingertip controls gives the operator complete control of machine functions from one location. The electronic clutch engagement with a cutting system brake eliminates cumbersome belt-tensioning systems and increases operator safety. The heavy-duty boom pivot is strengthened in critical areas for extended service life. Morbark’s exclusive spring-loaded Clic Duals cut dual wheel removal and installation time in half versus bolt-on dual wheel configurations, and require no tools.


Professional grade chipper
The RC1220 delivers the power and productivity the professional user demands. This high-performance 12-inch-capacity chipper is powered by Kubota Tier 4i diesel engines in 67 or 99 HP options. Standard features include Rayco’s Versa-Feed infeed control to optimize chipping performance and the X-Charge discharge system which injects high-velocity air to maximize discharge velocity. A large, 12-inch high by 20-inch wide infeed opening is three-inches wider than most competitors, allowing the chipper to handle forked material easier. The feed wheel measures 20 inches in diameter, making it easier to climb over most logs without the need to manually raise the feed wheel. Infeed power is supplied by a planetary feed wheel motor that achieves tremendous torque for pulling in stubborn material, provides long service life and requires very little maintenance. The RC1220 uses Rayco’s exclusive Touch and Go downpressure system. Touch and Go maintains continuous downpressure for 30 seconds with one pull of the downpressure lever, eliminating the need for an operator to hold the lever continuously. All these features are packed on a rugged two-by-6-inch box tube frame make the RC1220 chipper a high-performance chipper built for challenging job conditions.


Remote operation
Cut the big jobs down to size with the powerful 74 HP turbo-charged SC802 stump cutter. Between its patented AutoSweep gear-drive cutter system and an impressive 103-inch sweep arch and 60-inch tongue extension, the SC802 makes short work of even big, tough hardwood stumps. Users can collect chips as they work in the 68-cubic-foot containment area under the rear deck.

The operator can keep a safe distance when opting for the remote control, which operates the cutter up to 100 feet away from the unit.

Rental operators can protect their investment with a three-year/3,000-hour extended limited warranty on applicable gearboxes and driveline, and a one-year/1,000-hour Vermeer equipment limited warranty.

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