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Boxer Equipment launches new online savings tool

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Dec. 7, 2015 - Anyone with a Boxer compact utility loader knows the unit increases their crew’s productivity, allowing them to move more, dig faster, lift more and efficiently finish many other tasks. Built to reduce the costs associated with hand labor and increase the safety of crews, Boxer mini-skid steers also improve companies’ bottom lines.

Determining those savings has never been easier. Morbark, the manufacturer of Boxer, has developed an online tool to help companies begin to quantify their savings from using a Boxer unit versus hand labor. Users can simply visit the tool at and follow the three easy steps to determine their savings and how quickly their new Boxer unit and attachments will pay for themselves.

1. Enter Your Equipment Costs: If users don’t know their costs, they can use our default costs or our Build Your Boxer tool ( and have the costs automatically entered into the Labor Savings Calculator by clicking the Calculate Labor Savings button at the bottom of the page.

2. Enter Your Financing: Here also they can use default values, type in their own or click our Financing link to see our current programs. This page also will show their monthly payments!

3. Enter Your Labor Costs: Enter how many laborers or labor hours will be replaced by the Boxer unit and the wage paid.


After these three tabs are filled in, Boxer customers will see how much in labor they can save, the yearly savings of their Boxer unit and how long before their Boxer will pay for itself!

“The online Labor Savings Calculator can help our customers see just how valuable a Boxer compact utility loader can be for their business,” Jason Showers, Boxer Product Manager, said. “And it doesn’t even touch on the added safety of having a machine do the work or the versatility of the Boxer units and attachments in eliminating the need for a variety of dedicated equipment.”

To maintain ease of use, the calculator is built to be a starting point in discussions customers would have with their Boxer distributor, and doesn’t include every variable.

“We wanted to keep the calculator accessible to our customers,” Showers added. “So we didn’t include fuel and maintenance costs on the machine side or employee benefits and such on the laborers’ side. We didn’t want to make assumptions as to what those costs would be. Who better than the customer to know those costs? The customer can add those in to the machine cost or employee wages and get an even more accurate figure of savings.”

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