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Zedcor Energy signs $3.9 million security service contract

By Zedcor Energy   

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July 18, 2018 - Zedcor Energy Inc. is pleased to announce that it has signed a Security Services Contract with a Canadian-based pipeline company to provide exclusive security and surveillance services for a pipeline replacement project. This contract is worth approximately $4 million, over an undetermined period of time, wherein Zedcor will provide; onsite security personnel, remote surveillance monitoring using the new hybrid solar powered light towers equipped with monitoring cameras, and other various pieces of rental equipment as needed.

The light towers are equipped with high resolution surveillance cameras which communicate directly with Zedcor’s new security and surveillance monitoring center that allows the Company to remotely monitor the various pipeline constructions sites and communicate with both the customer and law enforcement if required.

The lighting systems combine the latest in lithium ion battery cells with high efficiency LED lighting, which together optimize fuel consumption and power output while simultaneously reducing CO2 and particulate output by over 90% when compared to conventional diesel light towers. The light towers provide the customer with the financial benefits of lower operating costs as well as a smaller carbon footprint when compared to tradition diesel light towers. Zedcor’s security and surveillance services are provided by licensed professionals, most of whom are former police officers who bring with them many years of knowledge and experience.

Dean Swanberg, Zedcor Chairman & Interim CEO, stated “This contract for security services for a major pipeline construction project is another significant step forward in our revenue diversification strategy. While the utilization and pricing of our oilfield rental business continues to improve year over year, our ability to secure longer term rental and service contracts in the infrastructure and construction space provides the company with greater stability of revenue.”

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