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Built for safety

4020 Wood Chipper
Split-Fire’s five-inch self-feeding wood chippers have been specifically designed for safety. The elongated in-feed hopper prevents accidental contact with the knives and is non-removable. The bed blade housing has an extra 5/16-inch steel plate around it, a safety feature to protect end-users from broken blades flying out if steel rods or cement items are accidently fed into the hopper. The high productivity and low maintenance features of Split-Fire wood chippers make them ideal machines for rental companies. Equipped with Honda GX series engines the machines can chip wood up to five inches in diameter. Their heavy-duty steel construction eliminates metal fatigue and the design of the hopper prohibits entry of oversized materials. The knives and bed blade can easily chop stringy material and there are no grinder style parts that swing inside.  Split-Fire wood chippers do not require annual overhauls and have straightforward maintenance and repair procedures. The low parts count, the anti-plugging mechanism, resistant powder-coated finish, heavy-duty clutch and dual belt system keep these chippers out of the shop and on the customer’s jobsite. All Split-Fire self-propelled wood chippers have heavy-duty axles rated at 1,400 lbs. Compact and portable Split-Fire wood chippers come with a flip-up stand for easy towing and access to confined work areas.

P1019278Operate at a safe distance
Built specifically for rental yards, the Quick Split Rental edition is a durable commercial-grade unit that offers very unique features like torsion axles, easy-access hydro controls and both vertical and horizontal splitting capacity. The commercial-grade hydraulic system and power options are obvious requirements for a machine like this, but the Quick Split doesn’t stop there. Built with the user in mind, the solid-station safe-access controls allow the operator to stand back and run the machine with ease. Torsion axles and oversize highway-rated tires allow for a smooth towing experience that doesn’t beat up the equipment or driver. With over 10 years’ experience manufacturing power equipment for the commercial and general tool marketplace, Kuhns Power Equipment has put together a rental-ready solution with the latest addition of the Quick Split Rental model.

12RX wChipsafeSenses operator’s hands
Morbark has added a new 12-inch chipper to its Beever vproduct line. The Morbark Beever M12RX is a great entry-level machine, lighter and more economical than the M12R, while remaining just as robust, rugged and reliable. Powerful, compact and easily transportable, this unit is suited to utility line clearing, residential tree services, rental yards and municipalities. With the same large 60-by-31-inch chute opening and 15-by-12-inch throat opening as the standard M12R, the M12RX allows for easy feeding of branches and reduces saw labour. The M12RX’s 18-inch diameter single feed wheel with a straight flow-through infeed design easily climbs over material, reduces drag and increases chipping efficiency. The TorqMax compression system with spring-assisted down pressure generates more than 3,200 foot-pounds of material pulling force. The reversing auto-feed system prolongs knife wear life by sensing the engine RPM and briefly reversing material feed to increase productivity and reduce downtime. The M12RX features a new-style discharge and a dual-sided, chambered air impeller system for efficient throwing of even the most challenging material. Like all Morbark chippers up to 18-inch capacity, the M12RX can be equipped with Morbark’s ChipSafe operator safety shield, which stops the chipper’s feeding mechanism if the operator’s ChipSafe gloves or ankle/wrist straps enter the ChipSafe sensing zone in the infeed chute, reducing the risk of injury.

3215 electric Split FirePrevents fly-outs
Split-Fire Sales has introduced a new electric powered log splitter. The model 3215HT is powered by a 120V/15A high-torque electric motor from North American manufacturer Leeson Electric. It is a 20-ton log splitter with a fast cycle time, completing a full stroke, forward and reverse, in only 16 seconds. The 3215HT is modeled after Split-Fire’s popular 3255 bi-directional log splitter first introduced to the rental market 30 years ago. Like all Split-Fire log splitters, the new 3215HT features a unique two-way splitting action from the knife which splits wood in both directions. Rated for logs between 30 and 36 inches in diameter, the model 3215HT incorporates Split-Fire’s unique log stop design that prevents dangerous “fly-outs” when splitting angle cut logs. This electric-powered two-way log splitter plugs into a regular household 120V wall outlet without the need for high amperage circuit breakers. It is a “green alternative” for customers who can now split wood indoors without the noise and emissions from a gas-powered engine.


NewSPHonouring a legacy
In 1994, with the launch of the Super Prof, Eliet introduced a professional shredder which resulted in bigger work efficiency. The mobile Eliet shredders save significant time by eliminating the need to drag green waste to the shredder because the shredder can be easily moved to the location of the waste. The company is celebrating the 20th anniversary of this shredder by introducing the new Super Prof. The original DNA is maintained, but the new model is even more comfortable, efficient, environmentally friendly and smarter because of the following upgrades.

The Super Prof has a bigger capacity and can process wood with up to five inches of timber diameter. A 30 per cent larger feed opening allows insertion of more bulky clipping waste as well as multiple loose branches at the same time while also respecting the ergonomics of the operator. The most important innovation is the air-blown chip removal made possible by a 360-degree rotatable blowing pipe that blows out the chips at a height of eight feet. The new Super Prof is equipped with a microprocessor that keeps track of a lot of parameters during the operation. Based on the information gathered, the machine communicates intelligently with its operator about the machine’s operating hours (the number of actual hours of shredding). Additionally there is an integrated job timer, as well as a maintenance alarm, error diagnosis and more. The Eco Eye technology will automatically bring the engine to idle when the machine is not shredding. This results in reduction of sound levels, fuel consumption, and exhaust emission. The new Super Prof is available in three versions: self-propelled on wheels, self-propelled on tracks and on a trailer.

sw1200 bc22614 loc cgrv 11Fits through gates
This easy-to-maintain, towable BC-25 brush chipper from Toro offers a gravity-feed system with six-inch capacity, a high-output V-Twin engine and two single-edge cutter blades. For added productivity, the patented chopper/mulch detangle system prevents jams, and a replaceable cutter block allows the operator to maintain close tolerance to the cutter blade. Additionally, the heavy-duty centrifugal clutch and two double-sided cutter blades offer reinforced durability. The compact design fits through standard 36-inch gates, allowing easy access for backyard cleanup.

CR100Easy feeding
Wallenstein CR commercial brush chippers are made in Canada and include three-year warranty. They are designed as the reliable, efficient and easy-to-use choice for tree service contractors and municipalities. The line is quality built with superior productivity. Serving the need for high-capacity chipping with less interruption is Wallenstein CR’s two product series: CR70 and CR100.  The CR70 is a seven-inch chipper with an infeed opening seven inches high by 12 inches wide. It features a slab style for easy feeding of awkward branches. The larger CR100 is a 10-inch chipper with an infeed opening 10 inches high by 17 inches wide with a slab style for even greater productivity.  On board both series is Wallenstein CR’s fully programmable Intellifeed electronic control system which maximizes production by reducing the number of start-stop cycles. Dual active rollers are also featured on both series with Wallenstein CR’s exclusive new easy-start tension relief system for easy starting of flat-faced logs.

SC40TX ACTION1No chains to service
Vermeer has introduced the SC40TX stump cutter, featuring a first-of-its-kind ride-on platform providing speed, maneuverability and operator comfort. The SC40TX is the first stump cutter on the market with a stand-on platform to drive the machine. Compared with traditional self-propelled stump grinders, operators will be able to maneuver the machine from stump to stump faster. A counter-rotating track undercarriage also enhances maneuverability by making it easier to reposition when cutting a stump which greatly benefits straight-line cutting dimensions. The tracks also offer good floatation and the ability to operate in less-than-ideal ground conditions.

“The SC40TX was developed to bring innovation to the 40-to-50-horsepower stump cutter class,” said Mike Rector, tree care/rental and landscape solutions specialist for Vermeer. “The machine has applications in many markets including tree care contractors, arborists, landscape, municipality, golf courses and ground maintenance.”

The SC40TX has a hydraulic ground drive and cutter wheel, meaning there are no belts or chains to service. While other stump cutters may give operators the choice of standing at a swing-out control station on the side of the machine or using a remote control, the SC40TX features two dedicated positions from which to operate the machine. There is the traditional location on the side of the machine, while operators also can choose to stand on the platform on the back of the machine, which is ideal when space is tight and allows for easier repositioning of the machine as needed. At 36 inches wide, the SC40TX will work well in small areas and fit through standard gates. The SC40TX has a 40-horsepower Kohler diesel engine.

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