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When a typical lawnmower is not enough

July 25, 2018 - The Rammy Flail mower 120 ATV is an agile mower for cutting hay, meadow grass and small trees.

July 25, 2018
By Rammy


With Rammy’s front cutter you can cut grass on lawns, meadows and roadsides, efficiently and effortlessly. The Flail mower has its own engine.

It is possible to move the cutter 37 cm to the left, if it is fitted with a SIDE SHIFT KIT. (optional).

Rammy is lifted with the ATV’s winch. The flail mower is attached to the ATV with two locking pins, to the centre mounting kit, like the snow plate (centre mounting kit, behind the front axle underneath the ATV).

With the adjustable frame, this Flail mower is suitable for almost all 4×4 ATV-s. If the CENTER MOUNTING KIT is on the bottom of your ATV, Rammy can be used with existing fasteners. If you need these (not included in the delivery), we have esim. Iron Baltic installation kit, Warn Finland or Warn Global.

The Flail mower can also be attached with a LOCK HOOK 16-19 mm. (optional).

To see a video of the mower in action click on YouTube video
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