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Wehrman to retire from ARA

By American Rental Association   


Feb. 23, 2016 - Christine Wehrman, CEO and executive vice president of the American Rental Association has announced her retirement from ARA to the ARA board of directors after 15 years of service to the organization. Wehrman will continue in the position until her successor is named later in the year.

Terry Turner, CERP, owner, All Occasions Party Rentals, Knoxville, Tenn., and ARA President, extended thanks to Wehrman on behalf of the ARA board of directors for her dedicated service to the membership.

“Chris has effectively led our association to excellence. The board is very proud of the vast achievements provided to members and the industry during her service. Chris led ARA through the years of business consolidation, the 9/11 attacks, the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and the economic recession along with many critical industry and association issues,” Turner said.

“Her astute association management and leadership skill, along with her ability to work so well with volunteer leaders and staff members have really made a difference for members and the industry. As a result, ARA is well positioned for the future,” Turner said.

“We appreciate all that Chris has accomplished as CEO. The accomplishments are many. She implemented an annual strategic planning process directed by the board of directors that continues to create opportunities and notable results for ARA members. ARA membership is now at a record high. ARA developed an entire industry research program with the ARA Rental Market Monitor™ and industry performance standards with ARA Rental Market Metrics™, complimented with the ARA Rental Penetration Index™,” he said.


“ARA’s government affairs program advanced markedly with our work at the federal and state level, and ARA’s political action committee, ARAPAC, strengthened within it. The Rental Show continued to be reinvented annually to deliver a first-class industry event of education, networking and equipment. Rental Management magazine and Rental Pulse e-newsletter achieved market leader standing. Awareness of the value of ARA Insurance and the ARA/ARA Insurance safety and risk management focus was elevated. Reactivation of the ARA Foundation took place along with their valuable program work. The Young Professional Network was created to engage the next generation in the association to continue the flow of volunteer leadership,” Turner said.

“ARA also came into the age of technology, with education, programs and services delivered online to meet member demands. Volunteers are active in the state/local/provincial associations and ARA expanded our working relationship with the Canadian Rental Association and our joint membership in Canada. Collaborative working relationships have been strengthened with peer industry associations. Global awareness became integral within ARA with the establishment and administration of the Global Rental Alliance. The list of her leadership contribution is extensive and very meaningful to members and the industry,” Turner said.

“It has truly been a privilege to serve ARA’s general and associate membership in this position and work with such capable volunteer leaders and staff members throughout the association and industry,” Wehrman said. “I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and am proud of what has been achieved by ARA during these dynamic years as a result of all of us working together. I foresee a great future for the association, membership and industry in years to come.”

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