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Update: First Choice’s Adam Snook now operating in Regina

By Adam Snook   

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After leaving Regina and moving to Alberta 15 years ago, it’s come full circle. We had a great run in Alberta with First Choice when times were good. We had equipment as far north as Alaska, and as far south as Texas. We had a lot of fun, employed a lot of great people, and managed to make a bit of money. But as low oil prices, lack of pipeline capacity, and a rough business environment took hold of Alberta and the oil patch in general I knew it was time to make a change.

After selling my Edmonton-based waste management and equipment rental business Speedy Services, I headed back to where a lot my family lived. I also found a familiar opportunity. When we were looking for our next move, we knew we wanted to get back to Regina. With two kids it’s important to be close family. I was looking at any and all opportunities when we moved back.

We purchased Just Bins last summer, it was a business I’m very familiar with as I started it back in 2009. We had a friend of mine run it, and Chad did an excellent job of growing it. He bought it from First Choice in 2015 and continued to offer excellent service. We added some more bins and another truck and we continue to see growth through what is generally considered to be a down market.

I have an operations manager, Joe who does an amazing job of managing our social media advertising, driving, and dispatching. He’s a true jack of all trades.”


Even though the garbage business has been my bread and butter over the last few years, I can’t stay out of the equipment game completely. The equipment rental business is in my blood now, but I’m a lot more choosy on the opportunities I pursue. With the reduced demand, comes reduced rates. There’s still too many big and small companies willing to wear out their equipment for next to nothing.

I have a small company called Speedy Equipment Sales where I buy and sell equipment. Skid steers, light towers,heaters, lifts, etc. I work with farmers, contractors and some mining operations up North. I’ll be ready to expand the equipment side of the business once demand and rates increase.

I’ve really enjoyed the change of pace, we still have some really busy days but when there’s only a couple of people involved in the business it’s far less stressful.

If you’re in Regina and area and are needing waste management services or used equipment throughout Saskatchewan, feel free to reach out today.

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