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bobcatMay 19, 2009 – Bobcat brings innovation to compact equipment with the introduction of the new M-Series excavators.


May 19, 2009 – Bobcat brings innovation to compact equipment with the introduction of the new M-Series excavators. The new compact excavators are re-engineered to deliver increased performance in a lighter machine. Throughout each model are enhancements that save time and labour, make operators more comfortable and provide peace of mind.

The new E32 and E35 M-Series excavators are in the popular three-to-four-ton weight class. These two machines follow the introduction of the new M-Series E80, which is in the larger six-to-eight-ton weight class. With the M-Series introduction, Bobcat is instituting a new numbering system for excavators. The new machine numbers now correspond to the excavator’s weight in metric tons. For example, the “32” in E32 is for 3.2 metric tons.

Bobcat has completely re-engineered the design of M-Series excavators, reducing the weight to create a lighter machine. A new load-sensing piston pump and closed centre-valve system deliver exceptional metering for smooth control of machine functions. With the new advanced hydraulic system, Bobcat was able to increase the arm breakout force by 10 percent over previous models.

The E32 is a Conventional Tail Swing excavator, and the re-engineered house has reduced the overhang by 45 percent from previous excavators of comparable size. The E35 is a Zero Tail Swing excavator that excels at working on space-constrained jobsites, such as next to buildings or other obstacles.

Bobcat designed the M-Series excavators to use X-frame undercarriages. This new undercarriage has increased ground clearance and enables better shedding of debris for easier cleanup when work is finished. Dirt and other debris easily pass through this undercarriage, making cleanup faster and leaving less debris on the trailers.

The new Auto-Shift travel on the E32 and E35 boost the machines’ productivity. Auto-Shift travel shifts the machine out of high range and back automatically, which provides an on-demand power boost when pushing into a pile. Operators get more tractive effort without having to manually control the throttle or drive.

The company says backfill work is completed faster with an accurate, productive angle blade. The E35 features an optional angle blade that provides simultaneous up/down and angle adjustment. Exclusive to Bobcat’s angle blade is the bolt-on replaceable cutting edge that is easy to rotate and simple to replace, providing lower operating costs.

The E32 and E35 have 33.3 horsepower engines, dig depths of 10 feet two inches and a dump height of 11 feet three inches. The E32 has a reach at ground level of 16 feet, and the E35 has a ground-level reach of 16 feet nine inches.

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