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TVH now offering Smoothy90 polywheels and tires

By TVH   


TVH in the Americas (TVH) is now offering Smoothy90 polywheels and tires.

The polyurethane design provides an efficient, safe, and comfortable performance that is ideal for high-speed and high-load applications. Engineered to a precise +/- .005 Total Indicator Run Out, Smoothy90 minimizes truck vibration and reduces mast sway to provide a smoother ride from Stellana.

More information, price and availability for Smoothy90 polywheels and tires can be viewed 24/7 online at by looking up part numbers:


  • SY0L2190-SM90
  • SY0L2295-SM90
  • SY0L2380-SM90
  • SY0L2410-SM90


  • SY0T4120-SM90
  • SY0T4130-SM90
  • SY0T4215-SM90
  • SY0T4285-SM90

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